I just finished this cute dump truck for my son’s room. Target has a bedding set that matches it. On Target.com I was searching for accessories for it, and I found this picture of their wall decals. So, I figured…why not make it HUGE!

For only $15.00 I bought a sheet of ply wood at Home Depot. Next, I projected the image onto the ply wood using one of those cool projectors that I hooked up to my laptop. I saved the picture onto my laptop, hooked up the projector and traced it with a pencil onto the board. (This is an EASY way of getting the pattern onto the wood). I am NOT an artist, but I sure can copy someone else’s design. You may not need to project the image if you are artistic, but I am NOT.

Here is the image that I copied.

My husband, who loves my projects…(sense the sarcasm)…helped me cut it out with his circular saw. Thanks babe.

Here is what it looks like after I cut it out.

Then, I painted the board with craft paint. This concept could be used for ANYTHING. I was talking about this with a friend the other day and we kept thinking of other things we could make. For example, for a “pirate” room you could make a HUGE skull and crossbones, or a treasure map, or a pirate ship. REALLY the possibilities are ENDLESS and for only $15.00. Honestly, it doesn’t get any more “thrifty” than that!

Here’s another ply wood project I also finished.


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