How to find cheap home accessories

Aug 14th, 2009

When you are trying to put the “finishing touches” on a room, it can get expensive, and finding cheap home accessories can be hard sometimes. So, I thought I’d show you a few ideas or TIPS if you will to add some character to your room.

1. As I’ve mentioned before, using ply wood is a fantastic and cheap way to take up an entire wall. In this case, I got the scroll idea from a favorite HGTV show, and WA-LA the entire wall is simple, yet elegant. Remember ply wood is only $15.00. So, that is CHEAP to finish an entire wall! It’s hard to tell but that scroll is about 5 1/2 feet wide. Go big or go home. :)

2. This one is going to surprise you. I ALWAYS shop the clearance section. OK, I’m sure you aren’t surprised at that. BUT, you will be surprised to find out that my curtain in this room was bought at Pottery Barn for $7.00. YES…$7.00.

3. Along with shopping in the clearance section, remember that fabric is fabric. What I mean here is that the Pottery Barn fabric that I bought was actually a table runner. Do I care that it’s suppose to be a table runner? NO. I decided to buy two runners (one to make the curtain, and one to lay at the end of the bed). If there would have been more, I would have bought more to make pillows. I have also bought flat sheets (usually on clearance) to make pillows, curtains…etc out of.

4. Search your OWN house. You might laugh at this, but I have honestly re-used and recyled SOOOOO many decorations. Sometimes I get sick of a decoration, but if I move it to another room and put another color candle on it, it seems new again.

5. Do one room at a time. If you look at the entire house, you might get overwhelmed and think, “How am I EVER going to afford to decorate all the rooms in here.” The best way is to concentrate on ONE wall at a time.

6. OR, you could hire us to do it for you. :)

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