Do you think I’m kidding? NOPE. It all started when I moved into my new house. Our couches were great, comfortable, and we didn’t plan on getting rid of them. That is until we moved them into the house. To my horror….da da da daaaaa….they were the SAME color as the carpet….and the walls….AAAAHHHHHHH! I was surrounded by TANS…way too much tan. So, I decided to start searching for an alternative.

Be prepared to be patient when you start your “hunt.” I looked for several weeks (on, craigslist SLC, St. George, Las Vegas, and yard sales) before I found a deal that was worth trying for. I found “the one” at a “yard sale.” YES…I am ONE of THOSE people who LOVE LOVE LOVE yard sales. BUT, it was $800.00. DARN. BUT, a light went on in my head. If I sold my couches for $600, then it would only cost me $200.00 out of pocket for this freakin’ sweet couch.

I fell in love with the couch from the beginning. It seemed brand new, not a speck of “evidence” of previous wear and tear. The owners claimed to have paid $2500.00 for it approx. 2 years ago. I got the owners phone number and told them I would “hopefully” call them.

SO, I immediately listed my couches on craigslist. I had an immediate flow of responses. My couches were nice, but a little worn since they were 6 1/2 years old. BUT….after a few weeks they sold for $600.00. I prayed that my dream couch was still available…and YEP…it was. When we started moving it, we found out it was Lazy Boy brand (tags on the bottom).

And that was how you get a like new “Lazy Boy” leather sectional for only $200.00 out of pocket. Isn’t she a beauty?


  1. Court, Ty & Lynley Ann says

    Hi!! I wanna know how you got it leather..? maybe i'm missing something. does lazyboy do it for 200 bucks? haha Thanks! I have a prospective couch that i would love to do this to!!


  2. says

    U got a great deal out of that sweet lazy boy… we also bought a really nice leather sectional couch from a second hand store for $600. It was still in good condition since the previous owner took great care of it, but had to get rid of it for their new couch. Great find!

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