The GREAT thing about having a spare bathroom is that you can hang up your towels as decoration because they won’t be used every morning. (Really you could do this in other bathrooms too, if you had two sets of towels, a decoration set and a usable set). Crazy people like me like to have EVERY bathroom decorated at all times…so you can decide which bathrooms to implement this simple idea.

First, I got a cute new shower curtain for cheap at TJMaxx (one of my favorite places). To top that off, the shower curtain was on clearance! YES! Only $5.00. Look at how sweet it is. I loved the funky, bright colors.

Next I found some coordinating towels to hang in there. In my case, I decided on turquoise. I then layered a bright white hand towel on top of the turquoise towels and finished it off with a another coordinating color of fabric to wrap around the towels. Before I wrapped the towels with the fabric, I ironed it and folded down the edges a bit to make the lines crisp. Next, I secured the back of the fabric with safety pins for easy removal.

All for under $25.00! What a funky, fun spare bathroom, don’t ya think?


  1. JaKe and NaT* says

    i would have never though of that! thanks so much for the advie.. you guys never seem to amaze me with the amazing things you come up with! can't wait to try it!!

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