I bought these oversize egg decoration accessories at a yard sale for $13.00. I thought they had potential, but I was unsure of what to do with them. I figured for $13.00, I’d buy them and if they didn’t work out, I’d throw them away.

So, for a few weeks, the large, black-brown eggs sat in my home. I originally wanted to cut a hole in the top to make them vases, but come to find out…they were made out of an EXTREMELY thick material. So, cutting holes out of the top was out of the question. Well, Kallie (again, the inspiration well) called and said, “Why don’t you flip your eggs upside down?” TA-DA.

I flipped them over, and they had a small piece of felt covering an existing hole. So, I cut the felt.

The next task was to find something to hold them. It took a few weeks to find what I was looking for, but voila the eggs are a success. I filled them with some grass and they are now GINORMOUS vases. I found the holders and grass at Tai Pan.

Sometimes you just have to think upside down! :) The other moral of the story is to buy something when you find it, especially if you think it has potential. It was only a $13.00 risk that ended in success.

It worked out well to put them in this corner because my husband insists on having surround-sound speakers throughout the family room. I wish it was wired into the walls, but it’s not. So, the vases help to hide the ugly speakers. (Sorry babe, but you know wires are a girls nightmare when it comes to decorating!)


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