I thought since the “spooky” holiday is getting so close, I might give you a few more simple, cute, and of course cheap ideas for Halloween decorations.

The GREAT thing is that most stores have already started to mark down their Halloween decorations, so you can already receive a great discount. I obtained this great “jar” a couple of years ago, and it has been so fun using it in my home to switch out for each holiday.

For Halloween, I got a bones kit from Wal-Mart for $10.00 (ish) and stuck them in the jar. Pretty creepy to have a skeleton sitting on my kitchen table. I love it! Just think…. you could get the SAME bones for next year for pennies compared to what I purchased them for. I then tied a sparkly red ribbon around the jar, and I even cut the ribbon ends to be shredded for an extra touch.

The great thing about this jar is that you can switch out the contents for each holiday. In November I fill it full of miniature pumpkins and gords for thanksgiving. I guess this is my version of the cornucopia!

In December, I fill it full of colorful Christmas ornaments. Just think of the fun, cute, and CHEAP things you could do with a jar like this. It is about 2 feet tall, so it makes a pretty BIG statement with whatever you put inside.

If you are interested in the jar, I got it at the local Tai Pan store. However, I bet you can find similar jars in a lot of places.

To make my wreath, I got an old wreath and sprayed it black with spray paint. :) I’m sure you could find a wreath like this at the D.I. (our version of Goodwill) for CHEAP. Then, I tied a sparkly, red ribbon around it and hot glued a skull that I got from the dollar store.

Next, I turned my pot stands into pumpkin stands. Cost? For me, nothing since I already have the stands for spring/summer and we buy pumpkins every year to carve anyway. I got the skulls at Target last year when everything was 75% off.

Next, I got my giant spider from the Halloween store for 29.99 (full price). All my neighbors love it! We hung it up using heavy duty fishing line and hooking it to a screw. BUT, once again, if you went to buy this spooky arachnid, she’d be 50% off right now. AND, the new ones, have red, glowing eyes that light up in the dark to make her even creepier.

Can you tell that I’m a little bit of a FREAK about Halloween? I love it.



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