Emry is a spunky, 13-year-old whose mom asked me to help her in her room. I have been so excited for this for a few weeks to decorate a teenage girls room, and I got to execute it yesterday. I can’t wait for her to see it!! She is gone for the weekend, which for me was preferred so that she can see the entire room at once.

Here is the blank slate. :) They had already painted the room before I consulted with them, and I thought the color was great for what I had in mind.

Like a lot of people, this particular family had bought new bedding approximately a year ago with the intention of redecorating the room; however, the room kept getting put on the “back-burner.” The bedding was DARLING. It was a combination of pink, black, white, and a ting of tan stripes. They just hadn’t had time to execute the room with all the hustle and bustle of having teenagers at home, and the bedding had stayed in its original packaging.

After I saw the bedding, I had a million ideas, and over the last couple of weeks, we’ve made a lot of decisions together on what was and was not to be in this room.

Girls room decor is so fun! With a mosquito net, a few art pieces, accessories, and them painting their own furniture black, the room looks hip and new.

Here is a collage of the accessories that made the room look complete. Without accessorizing, any space it will never have the “finished” feel. We installed glass pink knobs on the dressers to girly-up the space a little. With the help of my carpenter (my cute hubby), we made an embroidery hoop wall art piece (click HERE for instructions from a previous post), and he also helped make the bench that you’ve seen a few posts ago (click HERE for that post). I made hand-made custom pillows, and drew some art pieces to go above the closet doors. With a few pictures, lighting pieces, and a few flowers, the space is complete.

What do YOU think??


  1. Susie and Cody says

    I love this room! Where did you get the pink knobs on the dresser? and is that cork board in that long mirror frame?

  2. Susie and Cody says

    Thank you! I've had many projects in my head that need cute knobs and pulls (including an art deco desk that has had lame knobs on it since we refinished it 2 years ago. This site looks great!

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