The REAL deal…. Room completed!!

Oct 27th, 2009

So just last night we got an e-mail from Natasha saying she had finished her room already…Brooke and I were shocked…it took her 2 weeks to do it all and did we mention that she is due with baby #2 in 7 weeks..
You go girl!!
Natasha was one of the 5 free consults winner. Click here to see the post where we showed you what we thought she should do.
So here is Natasha’s room now…
the real deal
I love it more in real life and wanted to show you just how AWESOME it looked done… GOOD job Natasha..I couldn’t be more proud!!


  1. Natasha Ireland says:

    So glad I could excell expectations. i could NOT HAVE done it w/o YOUR INSPIRATION to the T and my hubbies hard work :)

  2. Joanna Taylor says:

    Looks amazing! Makes me all the more excited to see what you guys draw up for me!!

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