I love Pottery Barn’s Dr. Seuss themed bedrooms and playrooms for kids. I think they are so fun, and my kids are at the age that they love to read books, and my oldest is currently learning to read. So, I decided to theme my reading room for my kids around Dr. Seuss because I thought that having a fun place for them to read might encourage them to pick up a book. The room color scheme went along with the classic Cat in the Hat book cover which includes blue, red, and white.

I’ve had a lot of fun deciding what to do in the room. After searching for fun rooms, I decided to start with some vinyl decals. I contemplated painting the characters onto the wall, but I didn’t trust myself and my artistic abilities, so I searched for an affordable decal. Pottery barn sells their Cat in the Hat decal set for $100.00 yes $100.00. So, the thrifty gal that I am, I went on the hunt. I found the set for about $14.00 on ebay. Just to prove it, go to THIS link and it will take you to the item. So, I pose the question…why would you buy the decals from Pottery Barn, when you can buy similar items for 1/7th of the price?

Here is PB’s version:

Here is the version of what I bought. The Cat in the Hat stands over 32″ tall.
Here are a few pictures of the decals on my walls.

Isn’t he cute!?!?
Excuse the quality of the picture, the lighting was off so it was hard to get a good picture.
The rain gutter bookshelves that a previous post explained were also for this reading room. Go HERE for that post.
I keep the Dr. Seuss books in the front, just to keep the theme of the room….ok, for about 2 seconds before my kids move them!

I have a friend who has a vinyl machine, and I wanted to pick the “perfect” quote to go on the wall. I loved this one.

I made a white and red striped pillow to go on the couch.

The only thing that I want to get that I haven’t gotten yet are a few accessories and some red and blue bean bags for them to relax and read in.

Picking a theme for kids’ rooms is so fun. We’ve been working on a few for some consults and in my opinion, kid’s rooms are my favorite to decorate. Let us know if you need any ideas of a certain theme, we’d love to help you!


  1. says

    Hey! I saw your blog through Mike and Jess's Blog and I love it! I'm doing a dr seuss birthday party for my little girl. Are those decals reusable, I want them for the party but want to be able to reuse them. Thanks

  2. Laura says

    The Utah Idaho Map Supply Store sells Dr. Suess 5×7 cards you can frame also. They come as a set, I can't remember how many, maybe 10-20 or so, for $15-$20 bucks. And they are super cute. I am thinking of doing this in the playroom, love your decals!

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