I know a lot of you have already had your New Moon parties, but I know of a few that are scheduled for Saturday, so I thought I’d share a few more fun New Moon ideas that we did at ours last night. My friend Jo, went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. She gets the Party planner of the month award. Great job Jo!

Remember the windowkin instructions? We used the same method to make Jacob (in wolf form, obviously) howling at the moon. FUN HUH! I had a fun time helping her with her planning, and I thought you would like to see.
We gathered drift wood….yes we are THAT crazy…and it was AWESOME. It was worth the splinters, the back aches, and the effort. You can also see the fog in these pictures…she filled her garage full of smoke with a machine to make it look foggy. It added just the right touch! We even used the drift wood to sit on throughout the night.

The tables were adorned with DARLING New Moon quotes in frames and on easels. She also lit white candles and spread some sand on the tables, such a cute idea.

She made us each some treats to take to the movie. Red vines wrapped in labels that said blood types on them.
She made us “puppy chow” since Jacob is a dog.

Look how awesome these labels are. She had the idea, and I helped her design them on photoshop then she just glued them on with a glue dot on the back of IBC root beer bottles.
Our other friend Bri made these AWESOME Jacob cupcakes.

She bought us all twilight lotion and adorned them with a darling moon.
Here we are at our La Push party in her garage. Perfect location for the fog (this way the fire alarms didn’t go off!) She even hung up blue plastic to make it feel like the ocean…..what a superstar.
Do you want to share a link with your parties? We would love to see them!


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