Kallie and I have spent a lot of time reflecting on our blog lately, and we wanted to give our readers a little SHOUT OUT! You have no idea how fun it is to run into a reader and hear how much you love the blog.

I had an experience the other day, and I have to share it. I teach as an adjunct professor, and one of my students found out that I was one of the bloggers of All Things Thrifty. She had been in my class for several months before she made the connection, and when she did, she was soooo nice about how much she likes the blog. She also told me how she planned to paint her wall with our “leaf” idea and we spent several minutes talking about her color choices. It made my day, ok let’s be honest…It made my WEEK. It served as a reward for our efforts.

We put our hearts and souls into this blog. We love what we do. We have fun coming up with ideas to share with you. We think about you. We think about your styles, your needs, and your wants.

We do however, understand that you may not like EVERYTHING that we post about. Decorating is subjective, which means that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and we understand that. Don’t worry if you don’t like a post, we know what we do and don’t like, and believe me, we don’t like everything either. So, we WANT to know your opinions. We have our style that we choose to share and by doing so, we put ourselves out there for judgment.

THANK YOU for spending part of your day with us and supporting our obsession by reading our blog. Kallie and I both get like GIDDY school girls when we find something sweet to transform. We have several projects “in the works” so stay tuned for lots of fun things to come!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



  1. Stephanie says

    Love this blog! You're doing a great job. By the way, check out kids.woot.com for red AND blue beanbags! They have a clearance deal each day and this is the one for today. It made me think of your Dr. Seuss room. I'll FB you too, so hopefully you can grab some!

  2. says

    You guys are genius's. I am incredibly jealous of your craftyness. I am desperate need of some color in my boring house but of coarse have no money to do much. I'm wondering if you have any tips for buying/making curtains in a "thrifty" way. I don't sew but can get some help. What's the cheapest way to get window coverings? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work! I love it! jjbowcutt@yahoo.com

  3. says

    I think you guys are great! I love seeing how you guys take normal things and make them fabulous. I think we all need a little more fabulous in our lives! I can't wait to see more Christmas ideas – for decorating and/or making cute gifts.

  4. The Jensen's says

    I got my mom addicted to your blog and now it is always the topic of conversation. I am moving soon and we have been discussing different ideas from your blog to use for my new house. Thanks so much! Keep it up!

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