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GIVE- AWAY #3 Prize is……..

  3 piece Canvas Wall Art
So here is the deets on what you will need to do to enter Give Away #3
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To enter Give Away 3# you need to :
 * leave a comment telling us your favorite color and why

For extra entries you can leave seperate comments answering the following ?’s:
* what have you decorated with using your favorite color?
* what colors are “in” right now in home decor and do you like them?
* what is you favorite color combination?
* what colors do you dislike and why?
* How do you like to bring color into your home?

Once again if you answer all 6 questions you may come back once each day and comment until the give away is over.

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  1. says

    The colors that I'm noticing more are browns and steel colors with light lime or light blue accents. Not sure if those color combinations are what's 'in' right now but I do like them.

  2. says

    I like to use small amounts of color in area's that have neutral colors…but I have to admit watching you ladies blog is inspiring me to be more bold…and I like it! So keep up the good work!!

  3. says

    I'm not sure what color combos are in right now but it seems that Brown is an "in" color. I've painted my son's room using brown and I've painted a hallway brown.

  4. says

    My favorite color is yellow. I have no idea why I ever picked this color, way back in 1st grade, because I do not wear yellow, I do not decorate with yellow, and I have never had yellow any where in my life. So go figure, maybe it's because it's so bright and happy, just the way I like to be.

  5. says

    That would be a good post for you guys. Because I have no idea except for curtains, and I can't seem to find any throw pillows that give me goose bumps. So yup, help from you guys would be awesome. You know like the mirror yesterday, that my wall is still calling to, and today's prize. You guys rock.

  6. says

    I painted an accent wall in my front room with a beautiful taracotta orange color and then did a slightly darker paint brush glaze over the top…turned out so good…looks like a sunset in my front room!:)

  7. says

    My favorite color is purple, mostly because it was as a kid and it has stuck. I have decided though that I like it more in variations from the traditional royal purple. I prefer a deep dark purple or a lighter dusty color.

  8. says

    I am terrible at home decor so haven't really decorated much in my favorite color. I did do a set of blocks that I plan to put my daughter's name on in a dusty colored purple and hope to decorate her room around that…if I can ever get to it. I also thought it would be fun to do a bathroom with taupe and dark colored purple to go with some towels I have….

  9. says

    Perhaps I think that brown and blue are in because that is one of my favorite color combinations, especially for decorating :) I also LOVE red and black or taupe.

  10. says

    I don't really like bright or pastel colors, at least for decorating. I prefer deep or dusty versions of colors. Otherwise, I like most colors just fine.

  11. says

    I wnat to decorate my room with HOT pink – now trying to get my husband to agree with that color is another story. In the market for a super cute black and white bed spread that I can throw HOT pink throw pillows on it – and give it the splash of HOT pink I need and to make my hubby not feel like he is living in a girls room. He doens't understand the accent color part of decorating.

  12. says

    The "in colors" are warm colors I guess – reds, browns, blues. So many people are in the market for houses that these seem "easy" colors to go with. I love the reds. My kitchen and living room are done with reds. I just finished painting my chairs a brick red color to go with my black table. I LOVE IT!!!! Brings a little spice to my kitchen.

  13. says

    Favorite color combo: black and white and pink – thats my I want my bed room in it!! I love it!! Black and white is so easy and can go with ANYTHING. If I ever get sick of the pink or can't get an agreement with my husband just replace it with a nice red – or teal – or purple – the possibilities are endless!!

  14. says

    I love to bring color into my home with the Accents around my house. I want to paint my walls but I have a hard time deciding what color to go where – maybe I should hire you two!!!! My furniture is colorful – if not I paint to make them colorful (like my kitchen chairs).

  15. says

    I am in the process of making pillows of a red Japanese-ish fabric for my living room. My MIL made a cross-stitch Japanese lady and framed it nicely in a black/red frame… looks awesome.

  16. says

    #6 I'd love to bring color in through pillows and blankets. I'm huge into making quilts, so I love experimenting with color that way. I also love lots of fresh flowers when we can afford them!

  17. says

    My favorite color is yellow! Because its bright and sunny, it makes me happy.

    But my favorite color for decorating is brown, because it has so many shades and goes with EVERYthing.

  18. says

    I have been decorating with paint! I got permission from the landlords to paint the dining room, so it is now a truffle shade of brown, very rich, with cream colored trim. So pretty!

  19. says

    The in colors seem to be taupes and browns, muted colors- which is great, because I love those colors. I could be accused of having the House of Blah though, because every room in my house is a shade of gray or brown. Accents are everything!

  20. says

    Favorite color combination is currently taupe, cream, and navy blue. I'm hoping that we'll be moving in a few months, and I'm visualizing that for a future living room!

  21. says

    I hate hot pink and lime green. Especially with animal print. Those colors have been way overdone for the women-over-fifty crowd, and although they were once a cool combo, I would now consider them the eccentric lady palette.

  22. says

    My color choices do not include the walls (unless I get special permission, which is often more trouble than its worth) so I try to bring in colors via accents. I'm big on accent pillows and throws in the bedrooms and living room, and I'm branching out into unique wall hangings for the dining room and kitchen, things that can stand out against the neutral backgrounds.

  23. says

    #2: I painted a wall in my living room using red (well, a shade of red). It turned out being more wine-colored than red but I love it. (Justi Lundeberg)

  24. says

    #3: I think the use of turquoise and brown is really popular right now in home decor and yes, I like both of those colors. I have used brown before and really love the richness it brings to a wall or decoration but I am a bit nervous about using turquoise for more than just an accent color. I usually like it when I see people using it but I guess I just haven't gotten up the courage to use it much myself. (Justi Lundeberg)

  25. says

    #4: My favorite color combination is probably brown and cream. Maybe that is kind of boring but I guess its just a safe choice for me. I'm not as adventurous as I'd like to be. (Justi Lundeberg)

  26. says

    #5: I don't use a lot of black or gray when decorating. I love to wear these colors but I guess I feel like they are too dark and dreary to use in home decor. (Justi Lundeberg)

  27. says

    I am probably out of the loop with what is in with home decor right now because we don't have any extra money for me to be looking at this stuff. (This is why I am wanting to win something new).

    I am still pretty sure red is popular.

  28. says

    I don't have strong dislikes for any colors because I have seen some cool things done with colors I didn't think I liked. I like navy blue and forest green but I wouldn't prefer to use these in my home.

  29. says

    I would love to use paint to bring color into my home. One day when we are no longer living in an apartment I will paint. For now I bring color into my home by using signs, wall hangings, etc.

  30. says

    My favorite colors right now are orange and green. I'm a big fan of the retro-modern look.

    (I'm a follower, but not on Google-reader. DO you know about That's how I follow you!)

  31. says

    my favorite color in decorating is red (otherwise its dark pink/fuschia but wear it, not decorate in it).

    i love red for decorating because it goes with everything and its got a nice warm feeling to it.

  32. says

    I decorated my kitchen in red! For example, I have a wreath made out of red holly looking berries up on the wall. My scentsy burner is red. I also have red potpourri in a dish above the microwave. In my living room I've got a large canvas printed photograph of the Salt Lake, Utah temple with red leaves across the front of the photograph. It has a large black frame and I love those colors together!

  33. says

    I decorated a little mini-table and chairs for my 2 year old. I just bought a cheap Ikea table and then painted the table brown, one chair a dark, burnt orange and the other chair a mossy green. It turned out cute!

  34. says

    I'm not a fan of clutter or over decorating, so I bring color in with a few things on the walls and then accents like pillows. I'm working on getting my husband to let me paint!

  35. Stacee Maree says

    my favorite color is Blue. My bedroom is a calm dusty blue, my bathroom is navy blue and my little boys room is a bright sky blue. I love blue!!!

  36. Stacee Maree says

    What I see that's "in" right now are bright sutle colors on the wall and bright colors for accents. And yes I love it.

  37. Michelle says

    I finished a project yesterday based on this sites wall art using embrodery hoops. I have 3 boys, so the only room I can "feminize" is my laundry room. Instead of painting large tourquise and lime green polka dots on the wall, I got a 5 foot piece of puzzle board from the Home Depot cut rack, painted it white, then painted a random polka dot pattern in my colors. I didn't use the hoops, but the look came out the same, and now I have some attitude in my laundry room!

  38. Michelle says

    When we moved into our house 7 years ago, a few walls were accented in maroon. We hated it, and planned to paint over it. We ended up leaving it and it grew on us, and now everyone seems to have some sort of red accent wall in their house.

  39. Michelle says

    I recently brought color into my living room by painting my white walls tan. It looks really classy, and only took 2 gallons of paint to do!

  40. The Curleys says

    Kristen Curley..just moved into a new home our first and have lots to decorate but started with a wall picture frame set and just put photos in it and need to put them on the wall now. 13 piece set.

  41. Wendy says

    Mine seem to always be turquois, green or pink! This year for Christmas the plan was to spray paint all my stars on the Christmas tree pink, I try to use those any way I can!

    Wendy Jackman

  42. Wendy says

    "IN" my home right now, I have a ton of turquois and brown, probably way too much, but I love it! I also have a burnt red, creme, and brown… I do love them, but I am way interested in going to black and white, with an accent color or red, pink or blue and switching it up every few months!

    Wendy Jackman

  43. Wendy says

    I am really thinking I need a room with HOT pink, black and white, one reason to have a little girl right? Which I dont, maybe my bedroom will have to be these colors, do you think my husband will approve??? haha

    Wendy Jackman

  44. Wendy says

    Colors I dislike? Well for starters I really have a hard time with all the 80's ugly colors, like the mauve and blue, no no no! 😉 I will stick with black! hehe

    Wendy Jackman

  45. Wendy says

    I am a big fan of painting to bring color into my home, walls or decor! My husband is like… a new project huh? I also took a chunky black daybed and made a cover and pillows for it to be my couch and I love love love it!

    Wendy Jackman

  46. Kelly says

    #2 My favorite color to decorate with is black. I love the accent that black gives to other colors. Within the last year I painted all my bedroom furniture black and made it vintage looking by roughing it up. Then I painted three walls a light tan and the accent wall a beautiful sea blue. It looks awesome! AND I did it on a thrifty budget!

  47. Natasha Ireland says

    My favorite colors are red and pink…haven't really decorated w/ them, but I also lately have LOVED Chocolate and I used that ALLLL over my new living room (rug, curtains, rod iron decorations) and Robins Egg blue but a lil' brighter and I did my new baby girls room in That blue, black and cream. LOVE IT

  48. Natasha Ireland says

    Oops I should have made my comment in two seperate ones. I answered 2 ?'s in one. so here is my 2nd comment :)

  49. Natasha Ireland says

    I think that Robins Egg Blue is "IN" right now as well as "Rusty red colors"…. but thats just opinion :)

  50. The Pangans says

    My favorite color is red, a dark, deep red. I just love the richness of it, and it goes with so many other colors! Great wall art, by the way!

  51. Natasha Ireland says

    My fave color combos are the browns w/ anything …. w/ pink, blue (of many shades) and I LOVE Black and White.

  52. Natasha Ireland says

    Colors I DISLIKE? Hmm I'm not that hard to please and I really think I've seen MOST colors used well…I'm not REALLLY into yellow or Green at ALL (Unless it's a sage green, I LOVE THAT green) but Forest Green is like ultimate Yuck for me. not sure why…just not my style. I'm sure it can be used well, I just wouldn't do it.

  53. Ruth says

    I love pink! Why because it is so girly and pretty. Do I have a lot of pink in my house? No way my husband would let me!

  54. Ty and Whitty says

    My very favorite color is yellow because it is bright and happy but i dont have much yellow in my home my favorite color in my house is red! Pick me

  55. Ty and Whitty says

    I haven't decorated anything yet with yellow maybe in the babies room. Oh wait I have made one thing yellow I have a glass frame calendar that i put yellow paper behind it and embellished it and used red ribbon to hang it.

  56. Dave and Natasha says

    My favorite color is turquoise! Always has been. I remember picking out color swatches in stores when I was little and they were all turquoise, aqua, robin's egg colors… My favorite was a color called box wood, I'm not sure why they would have named it that though… weird.

  57. Dave and Natasha says

    Most of my house has turquoise in it. My bedroom and bathroom are both brown and turquoise, along with my front room. My kitchen has a few turquoise things in it too. Turquoise pillows, wall squares like your giveaway, turquoise throw blanket, turquoise bird cage…

  58. Dave and Natasha says

    I've been noticing a lot more rich purple and red color combo together. I love it! I would have to start over with new stuff though.

  59. Dave and Natasha says

    My favorite color combo is turquoise and brown. I love the turquoise/antique brown hutch Brooke had on here!!!

  60. Dave and Natasha says

    What colors I don't like? I like just about every color, but I'm not a big red person for decorating. It's just not me. I'm also not that big of a fan of pale yellows, I prefer more rich colors and pale yellow is more country, also not me. I do like golden yellows that are more modern or retro though.

  61. Dave and Natasha says

    How do I bring colors into my home… little accents, the big things in my house are neutral, brown, black, or white, but I have lots of colorful pillows, throw blankets, vases, wall hangings, shower curtain, towels, cute old turquoise book sitting under a vase for decoration, bird cage, bowls… Ya know, the usual, but you've inspired me to try something new and I might have to try something more bold, like a colorful piece of furniture or something.

  62. TheReadFam says

    Favorite color right now is blue, I think yellow seems like the in color, I like black & white and yellow together, I like to incorporate lots of colors in my decorating, i pretty much have every color in my home

  63. Kelly says

    #5- I do not like the 80's colors that my mom's house used to have, you know when the ducks and bear decor was popular. They were the mauve's and navy blue. Also was the combo of true blue and yellow. Green and yellow was pretty bad together too. We had an ugly house in the 80's…

  64. Kelly says

    #6- I brought color into my family room through the large picture I have hanging on the wall. I was stuck with what to do and a friend to told me to pull out the colors of the picture. So I added copper curtains and valance. It really turned out beautiful and it makes the picture stand out too. Be Brave and it will work out!

  65. The Ramirez Family says

    My favorite color changes depending on my life at the time, but right now it is sage. It is so calming during the hectic times.

  66. The Ramirez Family says

    My favorite color combos are browns with a brighter color. I think the brown mellows out the color but at the same time makes it pop.

  67. The Ramirez Family says

    Colors I'm not crazy about together are the mustard greens, yellows and oranges. They just don't appeal to me. Alone with others colors they can actually look nice.

  68. The Ramirez Family says

    Bringing a lot of color into my home has been hard for me, but I have tried to use paint and different accents to do that. I actually got brave and splatter painted my youngest son's room. It turned out really cute.

  69. says

    My favorite color is all shades of blue. It can be calming, or energizing. Although I havent really used it in any decor in my home except a beach themed bathroom.

  70. says

    I think the colors that are in right now are more seventies with the bright oranges and greens. I love them,I just need to learn ways to incorporate them that isnt too college dorm looking.

  71. says

    I like to bring color to my house with accessories. Start with a more neutral color scheme for the backdrop. I just need to find more cute ideas.

  72. says

    I think that red is pretty common for decorating right now and I love it. But I also think orange is kind of in and I don't go for it. I don't love orange, but I don't really know why.

  73. says

    I don't like the colors orange and brown together for MY house. I think they work, but they remind me of this hideous sweater my mom had when I was young and I hated it. So I just can't bring myself to use it.

  74. says

    Im not really sure what colors are in right now I think it depends on where you live? Maybe? If I had to guess I would say bright colors and I do like them! I love accenting rooms with bright colors, it makes it so much fun!

  75. says

    I would have to say that I dislike PINK. I am a mommy of two boys so I am surrounded by boys and have grown to dislike pink???? I know its kinda wierd but hmmmm just dont really like it anymore?

  76. Kathy says

    Orange seems to be very in right now. I like it in other people's houses, but would only use it as an accent in mine.

  77. The Pangans says

    I've used red in my home in my living room, kitchen and master bedroom mainly with accessories. At some point I am going to paint with it! When I own my own home

  78. The Pangans says

    The colors that seem to be in right now are maybe browns, greens, blues and pinks. :) My daughter is helping me because I never watch TV, so I'm not sure what's in. That's where I need your help! :)

  79. The Pangans says

    No offense to your beautiful kitchen wall, Brooke, but I've never really like orange. I think it's because it reminds me of the 70's. But I DO like your wall!

  80. The Pangans says

    I like to bring color into my home with fabrics and creative pieces that I've made. I would like to eventually use paint on my walls, but right now white is our only option. (You have my sympathy Kallie!)

  81. Paige says

    My favorite color is turquoise! I love to use it as an accent color with reds, oranges and browns! Thanks for the chance.

  82. Lara says

    My favorite color is red. I love it because it is warm and inviting and bold. It really fits my personality well, and it is surprisingly versatile.

  83. Lara says

    Actually, there is probably not a room in my house that doesn't have its shot of red, but since I have only lived in this house a few months, I'm still working on it.

    My kitchen is painted Cornelian red. Kind of a burnt orangey red color. LOVE it.

    I just painted my bathroom a deep red/tan/black. Also used old opera posters from the 1800's that have a ton of red in them.

  84. Lara says

    I see a lot of turquoise lately. Which is not my favorite, but I really love it as an accent color. Coupled with brown, black or red, it's pretty stunning.

  85. Lara says

    My favorite color combination? I think I have a lot. Red and black, definitely.

    Maroon, sky blue and white is gorgeous.

    Pink and brown.

  86. Lara says

    The blues are the hardest palette for me to enjoy. They just make a room feel cold and uninviting to me. When I moved in to this house, the kitchen was painted a really pretty blue, but I hated it. I never wanted to go in there. I like blue as an accent, as long as it stays in the sky blue or turquoise shades, but never anything royal blue or navy.

  87. Lara says

    I bring color into my house by painting, first of all. But that's hard work, and I've only done 4 rooms so far since moving in. Several more to go!

    Window treatments, wall hangings, chairs, rugs…the choices are endless!

  88. Paige says

    I am not really sure about the "in" colors but I am seeing a lot of orange, red and browns in decorating magazines. They must be in!

  89. Paige says

    My favorite color combination is black and white! It is so classic and you can use any color you want for an accent.

  90. Paige says

    Green is a color that does not appeal to me. I am not really sure why, but I am not fond of rooms that are based on greens.

  91. Sarah says

    Sheesh Kallie, this is a tough one! I dont really have a fav color but for decorating lately i have been wanting to do a lot with either chocolate brown or black. and lime green also…. does that count? The why part…hmmm…maybe it is because i can switch out a lot of accent colors with either brown and black and it helps out my problem with commitment. :)

  92. Sarah says

    ok next, I haven't really decorated with these colors yet unless you count that half of my daughter's walls are chocolate brown with pink. that is cute. but as you know i have big plans!!!

  93. Sarah says

    what colors are in??? I dont really know, it seems like Color is in. people are painting their houses with a lot of color and not white anymore. I think that i see a lot of chocolate brown though. which, yes i like. I also just love all the colors being used.

  94. Sarah says

    Favorite color combo….two really, I am dreaming of doing my master bedroom in dark dark brown with the sky blue in my bathroom as an accent with white also. but i am also way excited to do the downstairs with the brown and lime green and burnt orange fabrics we got.

  95. Sarah says

    pastels!!! I can't stand the pastel purples and mint greens! really it doesn't bother me for other people, but it would never be found in my house!!! Why? I dont know, it just bugs. It reminds me of chalk…that probably doesn't make sense though. :)

  96. Sarah says

    I would bring color into my home in any form really, I like doing things a little differently, like having a random colored chair would be fun. I dont really have a preferred method, I just think keeping it a little different from one room to another is a good way to go. like having an accent color in one room but then in the next room having that a more dominant presence. does that make sense?

  97. Cindy says

    Well I have not used pink to decorate my place but today at work me and my friend were trying to figure out how to pain one wall of hers black and the rest pink without making it to flashy…plus tie in some skulls and cross bones for her girls rooms. Do you have any ideas for us? We would love it if you have any!

  98. Cindy says

    My favorite combinations are red, orange and sage green. I have dreamed of having a brown couch with those colors splashed all around the room!

  99. Cindy says

    Living in a place where I can't paint my walls makes bringing in color a little hard. I have made some great curtains for a splash of color and I have this wreath stand in my entry that I hand different ribbon wreaths on for different color time to time.

  100. says

    No, I haven't decorated with Pink because I don't have a little girl yet :( But I'm hoping #2 is a girl so I can made a cute little pink nursery!

  101. Crazy Conley Clan says

    I got to decorate with my favorite color when my first came along! huge Blue stripes in all shades all around his room! I also love my bathroom-baby blue and white with a tint of lime green!

  102. Crazy Conley Clan says

    I just moved out of my COLORFUl home and into a different state into a rental, so I am working on the "colors" right now, drab….

  103. says

    Question #3: I've seen a lot of the browns mixed with other bright colors right now. I love brown! I used to work at a bookstore and saw this beautiful brown journal that had blue, red, yellow,orange, blue, and white flowers on it. I fell in love with that scheme. My sister paired brown with a bright pink and bright blue for her wedding last November. It looked great!

  104. says

    I have two favorite combos: Red, white, and black and brown with orange, yellow, green, red, and blue. I love the red/white/black combo because I think they're really classy together. I like the second combo because the brown really makes the other colors pop without being a harsh background color.

  105. says

    Question #5: I don't really dislike any colors. I think there are instances where some colors make things looks weird (in my opinion, I think blue counters with white and gray flecks looks weird in a kitchen with dark oak cabinets). I don't like wearing yellow, because it makes me look green. I think most colors can be used in some fun way though!

  106. says

    Question #6: Like I mentioned, I love red, black, and white. I have red canisters in my kitchen, I have a red couch cover, I have black frames and bookshelves. I used to have some nice black and red pillows for my living room until my dogs ate them. And those colors revolve around a painting that a roommate of mine did that has black, red, orange, and a teal-ish color as the main colors. LOVE it! Original artwork is the best!

  107. says

    My favorite color is, hands down, GREEN! I love it! To the point where I have to make a conscious to branch out when buying clothes. Why? There are so many fabulous shades of green, how can I not love it? :)

  108. The Christensen Family says

    I think browns and pretty much any bright colors with it are in right now! I LOVE bright colors with brown.

  109. The Christensen Family says

    My favorite color combo is brown with a steele blue. I think it is very masculine and warm and inviting at the same time.

  110. The Christensen Family says

    I dislike a lot of red like when it is used to paint a whole room. Instead, I would prefer to have a red and white room with Red being used as accent peices instead of the whole focus going towards red because it is such a bold color.

  111. The Christensen Family says

    We are renting so it is hard to bring a lot of color so I prefer art peices. However, I would LOVE to paint the white walls. I think white walls are BORING!

  112. says

    I don't know if there is anything that comes to mind immediately that I hate, but I guess my answer would be anything that is used too much. Like if you were to walk in to an all red room, or mustard yellow!

  113. says

    My favorite color right now is olive green. It seems to be easy to find these days whether I am looking for home decor, fabric or clothing. Even painted using that color in my house.

  114. says

    I think the dark espresso brown and bright a lime green are really popular in home decor right now. I really love it, too. I want to do our master bedroom in those colors. But our bedroom set it like a light maple or birch color…so maybe I need to start painting my bedroom set espresso brown….

  115. says

    One of my favorite color combinations right now is light blue and brown. I am doing my master bathroom in it right now. We just moved into our house and the bathroom was already painted chocolate brown so I am using light blue accent colors with it.

  116. says

    The colors I "dislike" right now (for home decor) is mauve or pink… out of date. The kitchen of the house we just moved into used to be mauve and black. Can you imagine? ICK!

  117. says

    I'm not really someone who goes into a new house and starts painting it right away. I like to live in the home for a while and figure out what colors to make each room after living in it and deciding how I use the space. So, until I paint the walls, I like to bring color in with accent pillows like in the bedroom or living room. Or with curtains over the windows. That way, if I decide those colors aren't working for me or for the room, they are easy to change.

  118. Sarah says

    I LOVE red and black. I know, a little boring, but that's why I love your ideas! I'm learning SO much about decorating! Pick me!! Sarah Collette

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