We are back at the craziness again.Only one more give away after this one.
I can’t believe it is almost over. I hope that you all have had fun here for the last week and that our prizes were worth the mutiple trips and comments you had to do to enter. We sure have loved you visiting and hope you will continue to stop by.
So our 1000 Followers Give Away #6 prize was kindly donated by my sister over at the Miss Priss boutique and the pictures were taken by my cute sister in law her site here...They aren’t home decor but ADORABLE all the same.I have one already that I wear all the time, but now that I have seen the different colors I think I need to buy me up some more. So CUTE! There are 4 of them so there will be 4 winners on this give away.
So here they are….dun dun ddduuunnn…
Black kufi cap with a grey and black vintage flower
(Click on pictures to enlarge)
Creme colored kufi cap
(Click on pictures to enlarge)
Red kufi cap with a grey vintage flower
(Click on pictures to enlarge)
Brown kufi cap with a creme colored vintage flower
(Click on pictures to enlarge)
So to enter this super awesome give away you will need to do the following:
1st Timers-
* Become a follower of our blog and leave us a comment.If you want more entries scroll down to the “For more entries” section of this post and follow the directions.
The Old timers: (haha I don’t really think you are but it sounded good)
* Leave us a comment telling us which kufi hat you liked the best and why.
For more entries do the following in separate comments:
*We have learned a little more about you so I thought it would be fun for you to learn a little more about Brooke and I. So for extra entries you can ask us 5 questions about ourselves. We will do a post next week answering your questions. So try and think of some good ones :)
Tuesday will be the last and final hoo-rah for this give away..and HOO freakin RAH it will be. We have some great prizes that day so make sure to stop in and check it out. Keep up the GREAT work spreading the word about ALL THINGS THRIFTY!!!


  1. says

    I would want the brown one (pic at the bottom of the 4) because I would like to give it to my sister who is going through chemo right now for breast cancer. Her hair was brown so I thought maybe she would like the brown one so she could still have brown on her head. (maybe when she glances at herself in the mirror, it will look like she has her normal hair???) Anyway, I love them all but I would choose brown. :)

  2. says

    I would pick the Black one with the grey/black flower…cause I have a lot black in my wardrobe. I just think its too cute…although I would like any one of the colors.

    Serene Kjar

  3. says

    I LOVE them all! I love hats and beanies, but especially these ones because they still look feminine. I think I'd have to go with the black and brown ones though because they go with my wardrobe more… but, red is my favorite color…

  4. kara says

    yessss…i'm the first comment :). gosh, i like them ALL! if i have to pick one though, um…i'd pick the cream w/brown flower, or brown w/cream flower :)…just bc they would match my daily wardrobe. but they are ALL stinkin' cute!

  5. KjO says

    Personally I like the red one as it would add a splash of color during the gray Oregon winters. However, as these would be worn by my wife, I think she would go for the black or the brown for ease of pairing with her wardrobe.

  6. Brian and Kisha says

    What other hobbies do you two have, besides being wives and moms? PS You look gorgeous Kallie! Are you sure its been 10 years since I've seen ya, can't tell!

  7. Wendy says

    The black one! I have blonde hair, I think that will look best on me! 😉 I do love the cream one though!!

    Wendy Jackman

  8. says

    On this model I like the cream colored one the best. I think it goes best with her coloring. I like the colors you chose in general and they look more "grown up" with the vintage flower, vs the ones I have my daughter wear….

  9. says

    I like the Creme colored kufi cap because it goes with so much, and stinking cute! But the Brown kufi cap with a creme colored vintage flower would make me buy the brown shoes and wear brown more.

  10. says

    Brooke – how did you get the gig teaching at the school? I know that's probably a long story, but I think that would be awesome! I bet you are great.

  11. says

    I hope these don't all have to be design questions!

    What are your favorite books? (I'm an English teacher so it really interests me what other people choose to read, or IF they choose to read.)

  12. says

    aaahhh i love them!!! i think my favorite is the black one with gray flower… just because i love black with gray these days :) but i would be a happy taker of any!! and yes i have your button on my blog!! i need it for quick access to your wonderful ideas :)

  13. says

    5 questions
    -Why did you start this blog?
    -Where are you from?
    -How did you get interested in design?
    -How did you learn to decorate?
    -What other hobbies do you have?

  14. says

    oohhh! I would have to say the cream with the brown flower would be my pick#1 cause it would go with alot of my clothes, but again, I'm always a sucker for a red so either would be great!

  15. says

    #1: I absolutely love hats and these ones are adorable! I guess my favorites are the brown and black ones because they go with everything. (Justi Lundeberg)

  16. says

    I love the brown one with the cream flower. Maybe cause Kallie looks so cute in it:) I don't know. I'm sorry I don't have any questions for you people!

  17. Natasha Ireland says

    Oh my gosh I love these..have ever since I saw something like em' at the Mapleton boutique. I would love the Cream one (So it would go w/ more things and I could wear it more often :) )

  18. says

    Do you ever find that when you havent done something artsy or crafting for a while that you get kind of depressed… you just need a creative outlet… you have to do frequent projects in order to keep your life in order?

  19. The Curleys says

    I liked the black had with grey vintage flower as I think they are classy and dressy. My little girl won one and wore it to church yesterday and got all the comments in the world and need one to match her so I can get comments. LOL. Thanks!

  20. Dave and Natasha says

    #3 What do your husbands think of all your projects? Do you ask them to help, and if so, are they willing?

  21. Sherratt's says

    I would love the cream one with the brown flower because I think it would go with a lot of things but the red one is super cute too and I LOVE RED!! Oh I don't care I just want to win one!!

  22. gina @ TheTicklePinkThrift and BMB says

    Cream one plz! Becuase it looks so darn cute on my beautiful cuz. Fantastic 'give aways' you guys!

  23. The Christensen Family says

    I really like the black with the gray flower. I think it would go with my wardrobe the best! (PS. Kallie you are beautiful!)

  24. Sarah Bogh says

    Whit-Whoo miss Kallie Ann!!!! Dont you make a beautiful little model!! How do you like that? :) I like them all, but probably black or brown the best. You guys have done so well at all this!!

  25. The Christensen Family says

    Question 4: So we all know you can decorate on a dime, but do you bargain shop when it comes to clothes? Any tips to share on that?

  26. Sarah Bogh says

    Questions…..Hmmmmm…..Kallie I already know so much about you so maybe I should think of Q's about Brooke…… What is it that you teach at the college? Kallie told me once but i forgot.

  27. Nikki says

    I love the brown, and black hat. And I have the same question for you that Sarah above me asked. I am camera shopping and would love to know your opinions.

  28. Kelly says

    Kelly Nordfelt would prefer either the brown or creme! Black would work too. Heck, they are free, I won't care which color you send me!

  29. Kelly says

    Kelly Nordfelt #4 – This is for Brooke: How in the heck do you have time to do everything? You have three kids, You teach college classes, have a photography business, decorate, re-finish, and probably do several other things I don't know about.

  30. Chrystal says

    I am a follower….Funny, I was just thinking today that I needed a cute knit hat for this cold weather…I love the creme colored one!

  31. Michelle says

    I told my father in-law that I was going to 2-tone my family room walls, and he said to me: "Don't waste your time doing things to your house that do not increase the value on resale." I wanted to punch him in the face. What would you have done? (or how do you react when people question your plans or vision?)

  32. Mike, Jess, Max and Gracie! says

    Oops, that last comment was me, Cassie wasn't logged out. Let's pretend it was her though! Once again, I like the brown, but I am also a fan of red. It has been known to be my favorite color!

  33. Lori says

    #5- If you found a piece of furniture sitting by the side of the road waiting for the garbage collector, would you stop and pick it up and take it home just to see what you could do with it???

  34. Cindy says

    kallie my only ? is will you come help me decorate my NEW place to call home when I finally decide what to buy?! It would be so much fun and I miss your face ALOT!!!

  35. Katie says

    I love the cream and brown, just because I already have lots of black and grey and I'd like to switch it up a bit. so cute.

  36. Ruth says

    I like them all, but I think the black one would go with most of my stuff. I definitely wouldn't look as good as she does in them!

  37. Sarah says

    Do I really have to choose one as my favorite? Okay, I guess it'd be the brown hat with cream flower- love them!!! Sarah Collette

  38. says

    I wouldn't mind if you didn't do a drawing for this one at all and just gave it to the girl that wants to give the hat to her sister going through chemo. What an amazing thing to do.

  39. says

    The red one is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the bright color! I also really really like the brown one, it's definitely my favorite color to wear.

  40. Ty and Whitty says

    I love the creme hat because it would go with more things so I could wear it more often I love these. Pick me :)

  41. JEN says

    I'm not good at questions. This might be my last one:) Do you suggest color in a bathroom… or neutrals/ white… like Oprah?

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