you people make me laugh.
On the last few posts Brooke and I thought nobody was looking at our blog. Then along came TODAY and what a GREAT day it has turned out to be for
All Things Thrifty.
I have to be honest I kinda like this love triangle we got goin on.
You know what I’m talkin about…

Give-away’s= Love for Kallie and Brooke
Which = Love from Kallie and Brooke to you,our awesome readers
which= more AWESOME give-away’s in the FUTURE!!

You know how to make us give you what you want.
Just show us the LOVE.

 So let’s give you some more of what you want..
Give Away # 2 revealed…
So this give-away is for the shabby chic/ vintage teal mirror
Here is another picture of it up close so you can see the black glaze and the details on the top.
So here is the drill to enter to win this…
Go to the first Give-Away and do the following..

Become a follower of All Things Thrifty and leave us a comment.
For extra entries do the following and leave a seperate comment for each one you do:

1. Add our button to your blog
2. Post about us and link back to us (on your blog)
3. Post about us on Facebook
4. Follow us on Facebook (by clicking the network blog tab to the left)
5. Add us to your blog roll

If you do all of the above, you can come back to enter once per day! Please be sure to leave a comment for EACH entry. If you do all six things you should leave 6 comments. When you have done that come back and do the drill below for this give-away.

Been there done that FOLLOWERS drill:

 ** For those who have already done the list above then leave a comment telling us your first and last name(this is so we know who’s name to shout out when they win) and a post idea you would like to see us do in the future. You can leave 5 other comments with post ideas for more entries. You can also come back once a day and comment again for this give-away too**

Once again you have until Dec 10th to enter all the contests.
On a more serious note…Brooke and I want to tell you how grateful we are for your help!! We LOVE doing this and we LOVE when we feel the LOVE. So THANKS for all your kind words and support..We will try to return the favour by sharing more ideas and making the site a fun place for you to visit.
Thanks again for stopping by.
Happy Commenting!


  1. Brian and Kisha says

    Thanks for doing this! Its reminded me to get my butt moving and tell my friends and family about ya! PS put your button up.

  2. says

    Way cute mirror. This is Andrea G. I havent ever commented before, but I like a lot of things you guys have done, anyway here is my entry, I would love to win the mirror

  3. says

    And I have now officially followed you, sorry no facebook for me. But if I ever do something of yours, someday when I live next to a craft store again, I will def give you the credit.

  4. Brian and Kisha says

    You are now a member of my blog! Thanks guys keep the great ideas coming they remind me that even moms have time to be creative!

  5. says

    My name is Mandy Adams and I LOVE that mirror! My husband and I will be getting hold of an upright piano that's been in our family for awhile. We want to keep, but it's kind of looking old and dated. Any ideas on how to refinish a big project like this?

  6. says

    Post Idea # 2: I live in a nice little town home that has a combo living/dining room. I'd like to be able to make that into "two" rooms, but am not quite sure how to arrange things. I was thinking a coffee table-like item to actually separate the two areas, but maybe you ladies have a better idea? I'd like a post on "small-ish living arrangements." Thanks!

  7. Michelle Smith says

    I love the wreath from yesterday! How about showing us all how to do that on a post so if we don't win it, we can make our own? :)

  8. says

    Too Cute. I really love the mirror. I've done some of the steps with more to follow. I really shouldn't do this while at work, but sometimes you just have to.

  9. says

    I have also added you guys to my blog roll. Oh and by the way my name is Rae Munk. I still think the mirror is to die for. My house is calling it's name.

  10. says

    Posted on FB but not sure how to follow on FB, so I think I will skip that one. What do ya think? Oh and I still love the mirror. I can just picture it, I have the perfect spot and I can tell that the mirror really wants to be in that spot. It speaks to me.

  11. says

    Staci Murray here… I love all the things you gals do, it gives me so many ideas for when I finally have a place I can call my own. We're actually planning on doing the rain-gutter bookshelves in a few weeks!!
    And Kallie, I'm sad that I haven't been able to get to know you as my neighbor and now we're moving!! I'm so sorry! :)
    If I can add one idea, it would be coming up with an organized office that includes a computer desk, sewing desk and station for scrapbooking…

  12. says

    Post Idea #3 I was also thinking that you could post some decor/organization ideas for the kitchen. My kitchen is kind of small and I don't have much counter space. Any ideas to give us more working space?

  13. says

    Post idea #4 Gift ideas! I'd like to know some mostly easy, inexpensive gift ideas. I'm always looking for ideas for Christmas or birthdays and I can NEVER think of anything. I like the jar o' stuff for a gift idea that could be used all year long, but I'd like some more of your great ideas!

  14. says

    Post idea # 5 Photos! I have an abundance of photos and other things that can be hanged. What do I do with them all? Do you have any fun ideas for pictures frames or collages? Thanks!

  15. says

    I should have 6 comments, right? This'll be the sixth comment…Pick me! Pick me! Actually, I have another idea for a post…ways to organize! I'm not ashamed to admit that organization is not my strong point. I don't necessarily like plain ol' baskets and things like that. Any fun ways to make things look good and stay organized?

  16. says

    My name is Melissa Powell. This may not warrant an entire post, but I'm new to decorating and I don't even know where to start in painting. What type of paint do I use? I have this yucky eggshell paint in my house that is really flat and wipes off if I try to clean it. It's a neutral tan, but YUCK! But I don't know where to start in painting. That would help me. Thanks!

  17. says

    And my post for today is… my name is Linda Oxborrow- I love to look at your blog… because let's face it… I have to be cheap, but who wants to look cheap, so… thanks for the great ideas!!

  18. Kathy says

    I have already done them all. My name is Kathy Gubler. I have an old china cabinet that I am dying to refinish, but it has a lot of glass so it has stayed put. Any suggestions? Brooke, if you want to help me sometime, you can use it for your blog. Because I know you have tons of free time. :)

  19. Stacee Maree says


  20. ** Adrian ** says

    I LOOOVE that mirror!! I know just where it would go in my house!!! Oh, this is Adrian Johnson. I hope I win!!

  21. says

    I would love if you could walk us through how you shop for your awesome finds. Like a day in the life…with pictures and stuff…so we can pretend we are going with you. :)

  22. Wendy says

    I have really enjoyed the painting designs on the walls and making designs, like the black one in someone's bedroom on the wall. Those are my favorite! Also the tables, well it all is!! What I would like to see more of, is maybe ideas for decorating, just what you guys do around the house that is different and unique and of course cheap! 😉

    Wendy Jackman

  23. The Ruesch Fam says

    My first post idea is anything to help the mess from my kids toys. Any tips on organizing that is inexpensive that works? I am tired of choas.

  24. Justin and Kenzee says

    I'm Kenzee Petersen. I'd love to see a post full of neat painting ideas for family rooms. We're finishing our basement and I want something fun (but not too hard)!

  25. Dave and Natasha says

    First of all, I just have to say, YAY! My comment actually worked today… stupid computer!

    Anyway, how about showing us some creative ways to display pictures?

  26. Dave and Natasha says

    How about a post taking us through your thrifty shopping experience? Like show us what kinds of things you bought in one shopping trip and what you might have passed up.

  27. Dave and Natasha says

    I need ideas on cute plant self decorating! I don't love just a bunch of plants, so what other "thrifty" things could I make or buy that would be cute? I love bold/big things! I need more ideas for larger items!

  28. says

    I am a fan on face book looks really fun I'm adding you to my favorites on my web browser. So that my wife can check it out on here daily blog rounds.

  29. says

    Kimber Gray
    I am the least crafty person ever but I am slowing working on being better. For this reason I might not have the best ideas. However, making, painting and hanging pictures is something I want to do soon. Maybe you will have a good idea for me!

  30. Kendra says

    Kendra Garding!

    An idea: I live in a basement apt that was built in the 60s or 70s it looks like. There is nasty wood paneling everywhere! Maybe discuss some ways people like me can cover it up or work with it. It's the first thing you see when you walk into our living room. My husband and I rent this apartment so painting isn't an option for us. I've read about ways to cover a wall with fabric. It's a very large wall though, so that would be extremely expensive!

  31. Kelly says

    Oh man, I am getting the itch to paint things in my house blue now! I am Kelly Nordfelt, and I love your inspiration!

  32. Kelly says

    #3 I would love to see another way to do the kitchen cabinets-A way that you could re-stain without stripping the old off. Would glaze look good over that?

  33. Anonymous says

    What a great blog you have here. I never really thought too much about refinishing furniture. Thanks for the great ideas. I'm following your blog now so I can see updates. Bytheway, I LOVE the mirror. So cute!

    ~Jessica Womble

  34. Mike, Jess, Max and Gracie! says

    Jessica Ulrich, already did all of the above out of love, but of course I would like free stuff too:) I don't know if you've done this, but what about old dressers. I'm doing one soon, another for Gracie's room.

  35. says

    Mindy Sumens… Here are my suggestions:
    I would LOVE to see ideas for organizing or displaying pictures… Recommendations on how to arrange, mixing of frames etc.
    And I am in Desperate need of how to fit multi-function into one small space… living room, dining room, computer desk… ideas?

  36. says

    Kristy DeGraaf….would love to see if you have any ideas on inexpensive backsplashes for kitchens….is the small tile a good way to go or do you just prefer paint?

  37. Paige says

    I would also love to see a post on how to make a picture like the one above (you know… just in case I don't win it!) : )

  38. Paige says

    I would also like to see a post on other bloggers favorite places to thrift in their region… I think it would be so neat to visit other thrifters stomping ground to see if I can find the same treasures they do!

  39. Paige says

    OK… Last one.. for today anyway! I would love to see a post on redoing a piece of furniture you already have but want to make look like new! I have a bedroom suite that I want to do this to. Thanks! See you tomorrow!

  40. says

    Hi :) It's Stephanie Tueller here! I would love to see more ideas for things to hang on the wall that aren't pictures… I have way to many, i need to mix it up!!

  41. Rach says

    My name is Rachael Hawkins. (I feel like I am like an acoholic annonymous person) Only decorators annonymous! Haha. Ok I need help with FINDING a house… that I can decorate… and live in. How about that Brooke!!!

  42. Dana Marchant says

    It's Dana Marchant:

    I would LOVE to see a post on 'Brooke & Kalie VS. The Dollar Store'. Challenge yourself to $5 a piece & see what fabulous ideas you find or what objects you find you can put together to do a project.

  43. Natasha Ireland says

    I left my comments that were supposed to be on YESTERDAYS post today. Hope that's ok. So now I"m doing my comments for TODAY here too. My name is Natasha Ireland :) shout out my name :)

  44. Natasha Ireland says

    An idea for the future: how can I redo my cupboards color…I don't have the budget to buy new ones so whats the best way to STAIN a new color… ?

  45. Natasha Ireland says

    This isn't really decorating but maybe you know..what is the best way to clean blinds…the big thick ones that run horizontal…mine dont slide out and I love how they look in the house but MAN the cleaning is ridiculous.

  46. Kelly says

    #4- What is the best way to finish up a coffee table and end tables so they wouldn't get scratched with my kids putting their toys on them

  47. Kelly says

    #5- I would love to see ways you could decorate a room that is shared with a boy and a girl – It's way too girly right now.

  48. says

    Jen Worthen again. What to do when you can't afford new flooring (kitchen, bathroom, and carpets) and yet you DESPERATELY need it.

  49. Shanna says

    Hi, my name is Shanna Cox. I love your ideas. One thing I'd like to see more of is your creative process. Like how do you decide to put certain things together? How do you decide what you want to create? That kind of thing.

  50. Natasha Ireland says

    These are really great give aways . Thanks girls…here's to me just checkin' in for the day on this post.

  51. says

    Ideas to make a room that is shared by a two year old and an eleven year old that works for both without being too one sided for either.

  52. Lara says

    What I'm really stumped with is my home office. I'd love some great organizational tips that are also pretty. But still functional.

  53. Sarah says

    Hey! I love love love this mirror! You did good Kallie!! I am thinking that would look way good in my master bedroom!!! and I think you know me but since it only says Sarah i'll give you the Bogh part too. :)

  54. Sarah says

    I NEED storage ideas!! My Las Vegas home has NO storage!! ways that can look good and be useful at the same time. Is that possible in my house?

  55. Sarah says

    hmmm…I want more ideas for windows. You made some cute curtains once that were roman shade style?? I think??? A tutorial on how to do those would be good. Didn't you do those with a shower curtain? They were way cute!

  56. Sarah says

    another idea…How about wall arrangements. Like how to decorate a very big wall. Like above Joe's speakers and the couch in my house, that is the dumbest long skinny space and i dont know what to do with it. And can you do big arrangements or pictures on more than just one wall in the same room??? That kind of stuff would be helpful. :)

  57. Sarah says

    ok, here is #6!! how about ideas for revamping hardware like my ungly gold light fixtures on the front of my house and in my house and like the door knobs and handles. can't you paint those to look cool???
    whoosh! that is a lot of work but i think i am finally caught up!! Whoo hoo!

  58. Paige says

    Woo-hoo! Here is my extra entry for today since I completed all your requirements on the first post! Thanks again for the chance.

  59. Auburn Soul Photography says

    I'm following on Facebook now also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. please please please pic me. pleeeeease!

  60. says

    Also any cute kid room ideas. I.E. My little boys room is a sports theme with blue, red, yellow, and green as main colors. My little girls room is pink, green, yellow, with butterflies, bunnies, and flowers…… wall hangings, things to put on plant shelfs, etc :)

  61. says

    OH stink I L.O.V.E the teal…I have your botton on my blog! (Its private and I think I have your email so I will send an invite:)

  62. Dan, Lisa, & Jaxon says

    I love everything you have posted on this blog. My name is Lisa Garner, I am a follower on blogspot and facebook! I have posted your button on blogspot, posted about you guys, and added you to my favoriet link roll. I really hope you guys continue to have success! I hope I am elegible for the giveaway – I would love ANYTHING that is on there!

  63. Dan, Lisa, & Jaxon says

    What a fun color to decorate with! I need to incorporate more color into my decorating! This blue would be a perfect place to start!

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