Final Giveaway, 1000 Followers Giveaway #7, End Table, Mirror, Shower Curtain!

Dec 7th, 2009

When we say, “Go big, or go home” we REALLY mean it! This is our 7th giveaway in our 7 days of giveaways. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. Don’t worry, you can still enter until Dec. 10th, and the winners will be revealed on Dec. 11th.

For this giveaway we have THREE GRAND PRIZES.

#1: This bodacious black mirror:
#2: This rad red end table: (yes we listened to your “I love red” comments earlier) :)

#3: And this totally tubular shower curtain: Do you like my 80’s verbiage? :)

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Returning FOLLOWERS drill:
** For those who have already done the list above then leave a comment telling us your favorite decoration in your home and why.

For extra entries:
You can leave 5 other comments to get extra entries, tell us your favorite stores to shop at for home decor!**


  1. I'm first!!!

  2. I want it!

  3. I like it!!

  4. I will give it a good home and show much love and affection.

  5. Jedi mind trick….you will give me the prize now. {hand waving FORCE-fully at monitor}

  6. Awesome give aways! I have always wanted to win something!! Pick me!

  7. Wow- I LOVE the prizes!!!! Very COOL!! One of my favorite pieces of decor is a sofa table that I found on KSL- I had wanted one and couldn't find a cheap enough one. But.. this one worked and I painted it black- and WA-LA.

  8. More Entries… my favorite home decor stores include… Tai Pan.

  9. … Rod Works….

  10. …Roberts….

  11. Way to go out with a bang!!! What great stuff! All three things are great!

  12. ,,,, Wood Connection, Hobby Lobby….

  13. and of course… the ALL THINGS THRIFTY BLOG… because if I can see it- it gives me the idea and then I go look for the tools to recreate!!!

  14. My favorite decoration is my curtains in my kitchen. They were not a 'thrifty' find, but I LOVE them. My one and only splurge from Pier 1.

    and I love stealing ideas from Pier 1 and trying to make them cheaply.

  15. Love Tai Pan…

  16. Also love Rod Works up in Lehi…

  17. I love finding little small town boutiques and antique shops!

  18. I love all these prizes and hope to win something.

  19. I don't know if you consider this a decoration or not, but my favorite in my home is my hutch. Because it holds all of my china and beautiful crystal that I can have on display at all times.

  20. Michaels

  21. Ross

  22. Target

  23. LOVE that red end table!

    My fav decoration in my home is a set of 3 paintings of Tuscany. I love Italy and want to live there someday! I just love the colors and the feel of them :)

  24. One of my fav stores is Tai Pan

  25. I also love DownEast Home – they have killer deals!

  26. Can't forget about Ikea!

  27. Love Krumpets!

  28. And I also use Roberts.

    Oops, I forgot to put my first and last name on all my comments. But you know me, so hopefully that's ok :)

    Michelle Malie

  29. Pick me! I always have great ideas but always lack the "doing" phase… Happy to take things you've already done for me!

  30. My favorite decoration in my home is a painting that my brother in law painted of a clipper ship. It's not his usual subject…he normal paints trains (think Howard Fogg) and they are all beautiful. But the first time I saw this painting (the ship one) I fell in love with it. Begged him to put me in his will to get it. I thought that was the only way I would ever get it…if he died! LOL But when my ex-husband and I got remarried, he gave it to us for our wedding present. We love it. It was the first thing we hung on our wall when we moved in.

  31. One of my favorite places to shop for home decor is IKEA. Sadly, we just moved to Omaha and they don't have one here. :( But I can still order online! YAY!

  32. Another place I love to shop for home decor is World Market. They always have such great add-on pieces…no matter where I shopped for the other things in the room…something from World Market with work with the room.

  33. OK, I might get eyes rolling on this one, but I don't care. I like to shop at Target for home decor. I love some of the new modern decor lines they have now. Most of it gives me inspiration to decorate where none existed before.

  34. Probably my number one favorite place to shop for home decor would be West Elm. Man, I love that place. It speaks for itself.

  35. And last but not least, CB2….which is Crate and Barrels new modern decor store. I haven't ever been there but I shop online and love love love it!

  36. Local Antique Stores

  37. Roberts

  38. You might think I am crazy but I often find home decor items that I love at places like Pawn Shops, Thrift Stores, Deseret Industries.

  39. Mike, Jess, Max and Gracie! says:

    I love the red side table! Very cute. It would also look great in my room. My favorite decoration is my Steve McGinty art work that Mike had framed for me. I love the chunky black frame.

  40. Sherratt's says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! My favorite decoration in my house is my rod that has my pictures (Taken by Brooke) hanging from it. I would love to win something!! You guys are the best!!

  41. Mike, Jess, Max and Gracie! says:

    Um…I like TJ Max. I got three people to follow your blog, that I know of:)

  42. Sherratt's says:

    I like to shop at Target

  43. Sherratt's says:

    I love Tai Pan

  44. This is bad, but I get tired of things pretty quickly, so I like the things that are the newest, like the rug in my living room.

  45. Sherratt's says:

    Living in Cedar City you have to count Robert's because it is almost your only choice!!

  46. Sherratt's says:

    TJ Maxx is good

  47. Stores I like are any stores that I can get to! I live in a small town and with 4 kids, it's hard to get to the big city and shop:( But anywhere I go, it's straight to the clearance section to score some great deals!

  48. Sherratt's says:

    Pottery Barn has cute ideas I like to copy but I don't shop there very often and I like IKEA for some stuff too!!

  49. Well you finally did it. You finally broke me down. I have fought hard and long but I can no longer keep up the resistance. I didn't want to beg…but you drove me to it. So here we are…me in an abject and abased state crying that the kiss of lady luck might land gently upon me and grant me the red side table.

    Kristian Olsen
    Though to be fair, I am not sure how you are going to ship it up to my abode. That might cost a pretty penny.

    As for favorite decor in the home…I would have to say they family photos. We had a friend who is a wonderful photographer take these great photos of us…we have them dotted around the home. Love 'em.

  50. I love Cost Plus/World Market. I really like their furniture and sense of style.

    Kristian j Olsen

  51. We have an IKEA here in Portland. While some of their stuff is crap occasionally you can find these great little gems at a thrifty price.

    Kristian j Olsen

  52. In Portland there is this great store called the ReBuilding Center. Basically it is like the D.I. of the construction world. People come and sell all their old stuff like sinks, toilets, wood, furniture, frames, etc. A great place to find hidden treasures. You can see their website here

    Kristian j Olsen

  53. While it is out of my price range I do like West Elm.

    Kristian j Olsen

  54. My favorite home decor piece is a sofa table my grandma gave me. it was bright blue and I painted it black and distressed it- I love it. Okay, and I am dying. I seriously NEED to have that red end table- I am in love!!! You guys are so amazing, you have done such a great job. I tell everyone about you and I am a religious follower and check your site daily. You inspire me- thanks for everything!! I hope I win somethin!! Sarah Collette

  55. new follower. pretty cool site

  56. One of my favorite pieces is a painting I found at SuperSmith's in Lehi (when we lived there). It said "Display only" but I wanted it so bad, I hefted it right off the display and paid for it and no one said anything! I love it!

  57. Super Cute! Love it all, but especially the red end table

  58. My favorite decoration in my home right now is a full size vintage sled, that is up above my cuboards.

  59. Tai Pan Trading Company is a fav

  60. I of course love pottery barn, but usually can't afford it!

  61. I love for unique ideas!

  62. Then ovbiously Tai Pan…

  63. And we can't forget about South Fork (DCR) hahahahaha… thats just for you Brooke :)

  64. Antique stores are always fun!

  65. Annnd…Pier One has some good stuff sometimes. And dollar stores!

  66. My favorite decoration in my home are three huge coordinating oil paintings I got from a model home sale for $50!
    {Suzanne Plant}

  67. I love to shop for things for my home on KSL Classifieds. You can find amazing deals on there!

  68. TJ Max has great pices on home decor as well. I love it, I get clothes and decorations for my home all in one store!
    {Suzanne Plant}

  69. I love looking for area rugs at target. They actually have really cute ones!
    {Suzanne Plant}

  70. I get most of my fabrics for home decor at Home Fabrics on State and 7200 South. If it's fabrics for clothes for my little girls, I go to Pine Needles in Gardner Village.

  71. Last entry – When all else fails, I go garage sale-ing and find great stuff I can paint and fix up for my home.
    {Suzanne Plant}

  72. I love that RED side table! It's gorgeous! As for my favorite decoration…I love my painting that I got from a college roommate. She is an extremely talented artist. It's very bold and it represents communication and talking. I LOVE originals!

  73. I LOVE Etsy! They have so many different things available and a lot of talented people.

  74. I also really like Big Lots! I know, crazy, right? They have a lot of affordable items in the way of home decor.

  75. It's been said…Tai Pan!

  76. If I have friends that are crafty and artsy and they have decor available for my house, I take it! Friends are definitely a good place for home decor. Another one of my favorite pieces is a framed, sepia-toned photo of the Golden Gate Bridge that my friend from high school took. Gorgeous!

  77. I really do enjoy Target and Wal-mart as well. They often have affordable, decent stuff for the home too!

  78. Way to go out with a bang ladies!! So I think my favorite decoration is my spiral votive candle holder that's from…. Pottery Barn. There I said it. Please don't judge me! :)

  79. I love to shop at Krumpets, Tai Pan, Rod Works, wherever really. I'm easy! :)

  80. I am a follower of your blog, it is awesome!

  81. My fav store is taipan

  82. I am a facebook follower.

  83. Favorite decoration in my house is my Family Wall. It's the biggest wall in my house and I am building it everyday. As I get pictures or find something that I really like I add it to the wall. Eventually it will go above the window and who knows when it will stop. I just look at my Family Wall and I feel love.

  84. my current favorite decoration is a fireplace I made for the Christmas season. We put our Fall leaves with lights in it for the "fire". It just makes everything more cozy.

  85. My favorite decorating item is in my kitchen…its a wooden sign that says 'I Only Have a Kitchen Because It Came With the House'.

    I'm going to order another one that says 'Every Pan is a No-Stick Pan if You No-Cook In It'.

  86. Without traveling outside of Cedar, my favorite place to shop is Roberts, especially with their 50% off coupon.

  87. I love yard selling for others unfinished projects. That is where most my Christmas projects came from. Can't beat yard sell prices

  88. Erin Downs
    I have a favorite wall in my home! It has two really cute metal shelves on it from Hobby Lobby and an awesome rod with pictures and a wreath hanging off of it! I love this wall it is so cute!

  89. Ok OK I LOVE all three of these things! I really really cant WAIT until the 11th! I have my fingers and toes crossed :)

  90. I love shopping at Hobby Lobby! They have the cutest things for really good prices.

  91. Tai Pan is also amazing! I get so overwhelmed though when I am in their store because I tend to want one of everything! I love going there during Christmas because their trees are amazing!

  92. Love Rod Works! I havnt been there for a while but they have darling things :)

  93. I am now facebook follower. This is so much fun, I hope I win something.

  94. Pottery Barn is also a good one! I really love their bedding, but I dont like the prices :( I like to get good ideas for cute quilts and then make them myself :)

  95. Interior Elements is also one of my favs althought they tend to be on the expensive end as well. I only shop there when I get to splurge and spoil myself :)

  96. Love the mirror and the and the end table :)

  97. I love looking through home decore magazines to get decorating ideas. I also like the blog…..more for furniture arranging. Fun stuff

  98. One of my favorite decorations in my home is a large black self I have, I love to decorate it for the different seasons and such…..

  99. I LOVE Tai Pan….sometimes I go in there when I know I can't buy anything, I just love to look at all the cool displays.

  100. Target, they have trendy, cool and reasonably priced things.

  101. Michaels, it inspires me…lol

  102. I like a place here in St George called Krumpets. Super cute little knick knacks in there.

  103. I like to scan through DI every once in while, sometimes I don't find a thing and others I come out with lots. So it always fun to go in there and look to see what you can find.

  104. My favorite decor item is my wreath. It's so pretty.

  105. Sadly enough, I really like Walmart.

  106. The Quilt Shoppe at Gardner Village.

  107. Home Depot

  108. Pottery Barn, but I'd never actually buy anything from them!

  109. Serena and Lily. Same thing. I love them, but I'd never actually buy from them.

  110. Thanks Jess for saying your favorite is Steve McGinty's art work. I love all you stuff and give-aways. I haven't had time to enter everyday, life's been crazy. I'm loving the mirror and especially the red dresser! love, love, love.

  111. My fav is Steve McGinty art too. Others can become fans by going to his website and click on his Facebook link.

  112. Love Ross and TJ Maxx. Fun finds for home decor.
    Also, my daughter works at Antigua Furniture on about 9800 South and 700 East in Sandy. They have very unique and one of a kind things.

  113. I love to shop at TJ Maxx for home decor.

  114. I am all about the red side table!!! Love it! Great blog!

  115. Pottery Barn is my favorite home decor place.

  116. And the rug in my son's room from pottery barn is my favorite home decor peice!

  117. In my home one of my favorite decor items are a set of candlesticks I got at Costco a few years ago. I just know that in the right setting on a side table ( havent figured out how to stage it yet) that they would make a great statement.

  118. I love the unique things to be found at the DI and at Ross

  119. My next fav decor is a huge picture of a white flower that my sister in law traded me for some accent pillows I made her when she changed her room theme.

  120. Oh my gosh…love the mirror and the end table! My favorite decor piece in my home would have to be my coffee table that i stripped, sanded, beat to death with a chain (for that antique look)painted, and glazed! Alot of work, but totally FREE, and looks great!

  121. I am a Newbie to this blog. I found it and I love it! You guys are so awesome for giving such generous gifts away. Merry Christmas!

  122. I am a follower on your blog. Thought I was before but am officially now. My email is I check your blog daily for the great ideas thanks so much.

  123. I also posted a link on my blog. Daisies and Dahlias

  124. I also have a link in my rolling blog list.

  125. I am a new follower!!

  126. I have your button on my blog:)

  127. You are on my blog roll!!

  128. I am following you on Facebook!!

  129. I posted about you on Facebook!

  130. I posted on Facebook

  131. I added you to my bloglist on my blog.

  132. My favorite decoration in our apartment right now is a red and black sign. It has Bednar's famous words "Tender Mercies" on it!

  133. WOW! What an amazing site! I'm so glad my dear friend Suzanne (lookieloophotography) passed your site along to me!! You are great!

  134. Hey Dana,
    I want to know more about this auction.Can anybody go?

  135. my favorite decoration is my big, comfy modern chair (easily fits two people) from RC Willey…it is so cute and it was a steal cause it was on clearance!! Love it!

  136. I like Micheals, Ross, Home Goods, Pier 1 and love to look at clearance sections in stores sometimes you can find so very cute stuff at discount prices!!!

    I wanna win!!! You guys out did yourselves with the final prize!!!!! :) Love your blog

  137. Oh my Name is Serene Kjar!! when you announce it

  138. #1: My favorite home decoration is my clock. It sticks out from the wall, like a street lamp. I got it from Taipan and love it! (Justi Lundeberg)

  139. #2: Taipan Trading Company (can be pricey at times but they have some great deals as well). (Justi Lundeberg)

  140. #3: I have always found good deals at TJ Maxx and Ross. I have to keep an open mind when looking there though. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to work with what they have. (Justi Lundeberg)

  141. I'm a follower. I LOVE that mirror and end table! Wow! Good job ladies!

  142. My favorie deco item is a huge picture of the Salt Lake LDS temple my husband gave to me last Christmas. I have decorated my whole living room by this picture. I love it!

  143. #4: Gargage Sales are a great place to find home decor items. They are always cheap and you can add your own personality to the furniture pieces. (Justi Lundeberg)

  144. #5: and are two of my faves! I bought a coffee table from someone off KSL once and absolutely love it! (Justi Lundeberg)

  145. I love Target. They don't have a bunch but they do have a few things that I have my eye on, like a big black oval mirror.

  146. #6: Pawn Shops…sometimes you have to search but there are often great little items at these places as well. (Justi Lundeberg)

  147. I Love pottery barn but alas, cannot afford it. I bought one smaller item from there and now recive their catalogues every so often. I love looking through it and choosing items for my "dream home" (that i'll never have but it's so fun). :)

  148. Another place to look is craft stores like Roberts and Michaels.

  149. I am a new follower!

  150. I am a follower!

  151. I posted you on my facebook!

  152. I've also been to pier 1. Also expensive, but again a great place to go look for ideas.

  153. You are on my blog roll!

  154. I now follow you on facebook! :)

  155. I have your blog button on my blog. Though my blog is private, I promise it's on there!

  156. I posted about you on facebook! :) yehaaww

  157. I have your button on my blog!

  158. You're on my blog roll

  159. One of my favorite places to shop for home decor is the Busy Biddy in Orem, UT. It is the cutest store I have yet to go into. I've been in stores everywhere, Utah, NV, California and this one has yet to be beat!

  160. I love the mirror! I have the perfect wall for that one :) Love your blog!

  161. The Ramirez Family says:

    My favorite piece I have is a Hope Chest I found at DI. I repainted it black and red and it turned out so nice.

  162. Right now my favorite decor item is my christmas tree. I would love your take on decorating it the thrifty way. I went to a tree decorating class and walked away feeling like I needed to spend a fortune. Beautiful trees, but I have too many other things this time of year to be buying!

  163. The Ramirez Family says:

    I love to buy used and refurbish. is one of my favorite places to buy things for my home.

  164. The Ramirez Family says:

    Another place I go often is the swap meets off 3500 south in West Valley.

  165. The Ramirez Family says:

    I enjoy going to second hand stores Like Savers and DI too look for hidden treasures.

  166. The Ramirez Family says:

    I LOVE yard sales. Every year my family and I go up on the east beck to and the "rich" home yard sale. AWESOME deals can be found.

  167. The Ramirez Family says:

    I love to go to Pottery Barn, Taipan Trading, and all the other expensive trendy stores to get ideas for me to try and do on my own with pieces I have found at the places listed above!!!

  168. As I have mentioned shopping isn't something I do too much right now. However, stores I would choose if I were to go shopping…

    Hobby Lobby

  169. Ikea

  170. Tia Pan

  171. I love my red chairs. THey were a pain to sand and paint but I love them with my kitchen!! Such a nice HOT color and its so inviting.

    Love the mirror and nightstand!!


  172. I love Tai Pan

  173. There is this cute little store in Phoenix that I fell in love with called "In the Pink" It had such cool stuff – and I loved the name so I had to enter, glad I did!

  174. Hobby Lobby

  175. OHh gotta love Rod Works

  176. I also love going to boutiques, if anything it gives me great ideas on how to decorate with things I already have!

  177. I became a follower on Google!!

  178. I became a follower on facebook!!

  179. I added your button to my blog, but my blog's private, so you won't be able to check. You will just have to trust me:)

  180. Stacee Maree says:

    My favorite dec pieces are two black framed poppie pictures. They are hard to describe but I love looking at them and they are red so that end table and mirror would be a perfect pair for them. Please Please

  181. posted about you on facebook!

  182. added you to my blog roll!!

  183. Stacee Maree says:

    I like consignment shops there is an adorable one on 8th south in SLC called… oh crud I forgot the name it's something with emmile in it. Love it though very cool stuff

  184. Stacee Maree says:

    I used to like Tia pan but now everyone and their dog has the same stuff cuz they all got it at Tia Pan.

  185. Stacee Maree says:

    I love K and R bedspreads, have not actually purchased there too $$$$ but one day

  186. Stacee Maree says:

    Roberts had some amazing tree decs yesterday that I wanted, too bad my husband wants a red tree next year and they were very blue

  187. Stacee Maree says:

    One day I will trust my instincts when I find something on KSL and just get it and finish it, but I don't trust myself yet.

  188. The Curleys says:

    My favorite decorations are my Willow Tree Collections

  189. My favorite decoration in my home is…. hmmm.. Can my comfy down feather red couch count as a decoration or is that furniture? It is my fav. But I also love my vinyl word art on my walls.

  190. Five favorite places to shop:
    #1 Rod WOrks in Lehi love, love, love!

  191. My fave piece of home decor right now is probably an antique desk that I painted red. I use it as a sideboard in my dining room, but it hides art supplies for my children.

  192. Hobby Lobby

  193. Target

  194. Craig's List

  195. Pottery Barn. :)

  196. My favorite decoration is my tree. I have it done in ice blue, and silver, and the wrapping paper matches the tree. I could stare at it all night. It is beautiful! I love the red side table! It is beautiful! You girls are fabulous!

  197. #2 Krumpets, great prices cute stuff :)

  198. #3 local thrift stores

  199. #4 yard sales

  200. #5 TJ Maxx

  201. My favorite holiday decoration is my nativity scene. I absolutely love it. It reminds me of why we celebrate this holiday season.

  202. #1- I LOVE Tai Pan for home decor. Not too expensive and super cute!

  203. #2- Target also has some great deals and cute stuff!

  204. #3- Michaels (the craft store) sometimes has some awesome deals on home decor stuff. I snoop there from time to time.

  205. #4- DI and other thrift stores are great for a good find now and again :)

  206. #5- Pier One is another favorite of mine for home decor.

  207. Stephanie says:

    My favorite decoration is my curtains in my kitchen. They were a thrifty find and I spruced them up.

  208. Stephanie says:

    I love going to Tai Pan!

  209. Stephanie says:

    Rod Works is a fun place too.

  210. Stephanie says:

    Kohls can have some good finds every now and then.

  211. Auburn Soul Photography says:

    Wow, Thats a huge giveaway. Pick me Please!!!

  212. The Christensen Family says:

    My favorite decoration in my home is my big mirror hanging above my couch.

  213. The Pangans says:

    My favorite decoration in my home? Hmmm… Well, not to be cheesy, but my new fav is a big picture of Christ that my mom bought me for Christmas. It's beautiful!!!

  214. The Pangans says:

    Favorite stores. Roberts, because that's the only place here in Cedar. I haven't yet discovered the joys of the DI.

  215. The Pangans says:

    When in St. George, I go to Michaels a lot.

  216. The Pangans says:

    I LOVE Tai Pan. I could get lost in that store!!!

  217. The Christensen Family says:

    My top 3 stores to shop at are Ross, TJ Maxx and Burlington for cool things for my house. They are very inexpensive and I can usually always find what I am looking for there.

  218. The Pangans says:

    I can find cute stuff at Joann's sometimes.

  219. The Christensen Family says:

    I love to go to Roberts and Michaels to get ideas.

  220. The Christensen Family says:

    Target is another good source.

  221. The Pangans says:

    I also like to look at Target for seasonal items. They have cute bedding also.

  222. The Christensen Family says:

    Believe it or not, I sometimes find cool things at the Dollar Store if it's a good day!

  223. The Christensen Family says:

    I LOVE to look for ideas in a Pottery Barn magazine, however, they are WAY over priced so I can usually copy an idea for a lot less somewhere else. I love to find cool things in thrift stores as well.

  224. Anonymous says:

    I'm a follower on FB! :)

  225. All I have to say is wow Kallie and Brooke! This site is doing awesome! I do wish I could win something! So pick me! I like to shop at my sisters house (Kallie) and take all of her old stuff! He He love ya sis!

  226. My favorite decor in my house is the fireplace mantel I just finished. I sanded it, restained it, and tore off brick and retiled it. It looks amazing!!! Especially with my new two toned walls! (stupid father-in-law) :D

  227. #2 I love the red dresser, how do you dare go so bold in your colors?

  228. #3 I LOVE THIS SITE!!! "It's my own personal brand of Heroine"

  229. #4 "You complete me"

  230. #5 How is that circular table refinish coming along?

  231. #6 ummmmmmm…………..It's cold outside. :(
    This is hard to leave comments when there is no outline of what to say! HA HA

  232. Wow, you guys did go big!
    Brooke Taylor
    St George Ut

  233. My favorite decorating in my house is probably my kids pictures. Sounds lame, but I love them! I do a lot of pictures of family throughout my house because they mean so much to me!

  234. fav home decor places to shop…
    tjmaxx home goods
    thanks! hope i win!!!!!!!

  235. Dave and Natasha says:

    Hmm, my favorite decoration… right now I am really loving having all my Christmas stuff up, I especially love this big (3 ft tall) Santa thing I made (cut out of wood and painted), but out of my normal decorations my new favorite is my newly painted white dresser, thanks to your site for making me brave enough to do it!

  236. Dave and Natasha says:


  237. Dave and Natasha says:

    Tai Pan

  238. Dave and Natasha says:

    TJ Maxx

  239. Dave and Natasha says:


  240. my favorite decoration in my house is a wreath made out of tons of red berries. i remember seeing one on a front door driving down the street years ago and i wanted one. but everytime i priced them they were $55-$75!

    however, last christmas i went shopping THE DAY AFTER and got one for $15!!

  241. favorite home decor store #1: downeast outfitters

  242. favorite home decor store #2: roberts crafts

  243. favorite home decor store #3: Deseret Industries! Go DI!

  244. favorite home decor store #4: pier 1

  245. favorite home decor store #5: ikea

  246. Dave and Natasha says:

    Wal-Mart, I can always find the things I need to create something else.

  247. My favorite decoration in my house is my two shower curtains. I have a weird love for shower curtains!

  248. gail wilson loves to get good deals on Craig's List
    new follower

  249. gail wilson would love to shop at pottery barn (if she could afford it)

  250. Hi Brooke! So I was thinkin'if you let me win you can come see yalls precious creations anytime ya want! I promise to take great care of it! I will take that black mirror or that red nightstand anyday…heck…I will take anything yall do! Your awesome!!!

  251. STores I love:
    1. TAI PAN. I drive to Utah just for this little decor store on crack!

  252. I have a HUGE mirror in my fron room, I get so many compliments on it, the nice thing is I didnt have to do anything but buy it! It is in a BIG black CHUNKY frame, gorgeous! You guys give me the best ideas, thanks so much for your blog!

    Wendy Jackman

  253. I have been loving DI lately! Redoing projects! My husband has been trying to get me to go for years, I finally did this year and it is great!

    Wendy Jackman

  254. I love Tai Pan, things are hit and miss there though, with price. Some are soooo expensive, and some a steals!

    Wendy Jackman

  255. I also love Hobby Lobby!

    Wendy Jackman

  256. Antique shops are fun to go in (I love the Mill), mainly for ideas, it is so spendy sometimes!

    Wendy Jackman

  257. Also Rod Works is fun! Thanks for all the entries!

    Wendy Jackman

  258. I love all 3 but you are right that red end table is to die for, love love love it!!!

  259. Tai Pan and Krumpets are my 2 fav's especially when they are having their big sales! Lately I have gotten all crafty and like to sew things and refinish good finds. We have a couple good stores in St George, like Urban renewal that are great for that as well.

  260. Thanks to my wonderful friend Andrea I found you lovely ladies. Loving all the great new tips! I'm pretty sure the red end table and I are destinted to be! Fingers crossed!

  261. I added you to my blog roll :)

  262. I posted a link on my blog :)

  263. Dana Marchant says:

    Great GRAND prizes ladies! My favorite place for bargain hunting / decorating is the Las Vegas Auction that takes place every other weekend. Check out their site at I've found desks, chairs, dressers, tables…you name your price & quality!

  264. My favorite decorations in my house are my beach bathroom decorations and my vintage star kitchen!!! That end table would match perfectly!! and The mirror is fab too

  265. Dana Marchant says:

    My other favorite place to bargain hunt is our wide variety of thrift stores here in Sin City – Goodwill, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, D.I.

  266. Dana Marchant says:

    Some of my favorite home decor has come from bargain hunting – From Goodwill: Dining Table with 6 chairs [$75], sofa table that just needed a good sand & coat of paint [$15] & even some great old sport memorabilia that decorates my 3-year old little boy's room.

  267. Dana Marchant says:

    Consignment stores also can have some great bargains — Found an piece of furniture that was orignially a desk [one of those with sliding drawers, place for your keyboard, etc.] and made it armoire for our TV in our living room. Colleen's Classic Consignment is one of my favorites in Las Vegas.

  268. I know it isn't the most creative, but my favorite place is my wall collage of pictures of my darling kids. I have a sign above them that says "All Because Two People Fell in Love" and then a collage of pictures of them. I love pictures. I have TONS of them. Too bad great frames are so expensive.

  269. 2. Savers. It's like DI with nicer stuff.

  270. I like to shop at Hobby Lobby. They seem to have a little of everything random there.

  271. I mostly don't shop for decor, but I like to look at ideas and then copy them. So most of my shopping is done at craft stores.

  272. I think Pottery Barn has some super cute things that are usually pretty simple. I like simple.

  273. 3. YARD SALES

  274. Nice prizes! I am excited! My favorite decoration in my house is this big mirror I got at Tai Pan. It makes the room more elegant.

  275. ( I swear Justi and I are always commenting at the same time. Too funny. )

    Anyway, #2- I love to shop at Down East Home. Especially when they have their white tent sale and everything is dirt cheap!

  276. 4. Pottery Barn. Tho I can't afford 99% of it!

  277. #3 – I love to shop garage sales for home decor.
    -Kelly NOrdfelt

  278. #4 – I love Ross! Good stuff there. (I got a huge black. chunky mirror their for $40!)

  279. 5. Craigs List is AMAZING.

  280. #5 – I love Goodwill and D.I. There are a lot of hidden treasures there!
    (Kelly Nordfelt

  281. #5 – classifieds and craigslist. Always a better deal then a store.
    (Kelly NOrdfelt)

  282. #6 – I love Roberts and Michaels, especially with the 40% off coupon!

  283. Sarah Bogh says:

    Kallie!!!! You did SO SO SO Good! Yet another amazing mirror redo and that end table is AWESOME!!! As always you amaze me!! Like everyone else – I would love to win this one!!

    My Favorite decoration in my home is…..Oh! I know, the stuff I did in my Master Bathroom that you helped me hang up and arrange! :)

  284. 6. I also love finding decor at craft stores like Michaels!

  285. Sarah Bogh says:

    My favorite places to shop would be….(if kallie is with me) the thrift/consignment stores down here. If you are not with me I get lost in a daze. :)

  286. Sarah Bogh says:

    I like Ross

  287. Sarah Bogh says:

    and Marshalls

  288. Sarah Bogh says:


  289. Sarah Bogh says:

    I liked walking around The Great Indoors when it was open here, I could never buy anything cuz its too expensive but fun to wander through.

  290. I am a follower…..I like rod works, the red barn, swiss days and even the quilted bear!

  291. Addedd your button to my blog! I am a blog stalker…..I can picture a spot in my house for the mirror and dresser….hope I win.

  292. I'm not huge Twilight fan, but I was looking at your older posts and was really impressed by what you did. Looks like it was fun! -The Wife of Colby

  293. This comment has been removed by the author.

  294. first entry, i'm a follower!

  295. facebook follower.

  296. and i added your button! LOVE the red table.

  297. Brian and Kisha says:

    Mickisha Glenn. My fav decoration right now is my christmas tree, I LOVE the holidays!

  298. Brian and Kisha says:

    My favorite store for unreal deals (just ignore the smell) is Deseret Industries. One mans trash is another mans treasure:)

  299. Brian and Kisha says:

    So the next best to DI and Savers are consignment stores like The Finer Consigner. Find some crazy deals sometimes!

  300. Brian and Kisha says:

    I love searching for treasures at Ross and TJMaxx as well.

  301. Brian and Kisha says:

    If I want to find something special or great seasonal decorations I head in to The Busy Biddy. Janet's store is gorgeous and caters to a range of tastes and pocket books:)

  302. Brian and Kisha says:

    The other way I like to "shop" is by catalog. Not really buying but scoping out the rooms for ideas and then going out and creating my own version. Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Ikea, etc.

  303. I LOVE that red end table!! I mentioned a Japanese lady my MIL cross-stitched for me earlier… that along with this deep red "Believe" plaque are my fav decor items. I just love the colors… please pick me!!!

  304. I love Target!

  305. Im a new follower.I love love the red table. I love Pier 1 and Tj Maxx, and Ikea.Of course this fabulous amazing blog here.My fingers and toes are crossed,lol.

  306. IKEA is super fun!!

  307. And who doesn't LOVE Pottery Barn?!

  308. Kathryn e. says:

    You have been added to my blog roll…now roll me some free stuff, please!

  309. Love it!! That would be awesome to win any of it!!

  310. My favorite Decor item is my to huge round silver mirrors! I spent a fortune on them but oh how I love them and how much they open up my studio apartment!!!!

  311. I love to get ideas at the BYU craft shop…I know lame but I work right by it and fall in love with how they do stuff!

  312. I also love shopping in my parents basement. They have all this old stuff from my grandparents that I can't wait to refinish and decorate with.

  313. My favorite store though is Roberts!

  314. Cami Kidd says:

    Awesome blog! We need more like this!

  315. My favorite decor piece I have is a simple white shelf above my TV In the den. I change out the decor on it each season.

  316. T.J. Maxx

  317. Home Goods

  318. Pier One Imports

  319. Crate and Barrel

  320. Kirkland's

  321. I'm a new follower, red is my favorite color & I love the end table!

  322. Just added your link!

  323. Ty and Whitty says:

    I love all of those especially the red end table i love that! My favorite decoration in my home is my clock wall. I got this idea from my mom because we both love clocks I have a group of different sized clocks and different styles on the same wall.

  324. Ty and Whitty says:

    Tai Pan

  325. Ty and Whitty says:

    hobby lobby

  326. Ty and Whitty says:

    DI/craigs list/ksl

  327. Ty and Whitty says:


  328. Ty and Whitty says:


  329. Anonymous says:

    Red…red…red…that's what I want!

  330. Here is my extra entry for today since I completed all six tasks on the first post. Yay!

    Have a great day!

  331. This is my comment for today, the 9th… I want that end table! It looks you've had a lot of luck with wrangling up some followers. Now that many more people know about your wonderful work!

  332. Yay ! I am a follower , and I LOVE this blog !

  333. Still loving this stuff!

  334. I cant wait until tomorrow! So So excited!

  335. I love your blog! I have become and addict :)

  336. I hope I win something ;)

  337. My fav decoration in my house is my black mirror from Ikea

  338. I like shopping at Ikea for decorations

  339. I also like Target

  340. and planted earth

  341. and tae pan trading

  342. and craft fairs! I hope I win these prizes are FABULOUS!

  343. I'm a follower!

  344. I'm a follower

  345. I have your button

  346. My favorites are Tai Pan and Target.

  347. I love Rodworks!

  348. Natasha Ireland says:

    My favorite decoration piece is my home is…. well I dunno if you consider it DECORATION but my bedroom set. We looked for years and compared prices and finally when we found our set , we found it at a KILLER deal and it's gorgeous. Poster bed that is heavier than ANYTHING, solid dark wood dressers, big pretty mirror. I just love how solid and delicious it is :)

  349. Natasha Ireland says:

    Pier 1 imports

  350. Natasha Ireland says:

    Rod Works

  351. Natasha Ireland says:

    Used to love Kirklands..but they closed down, I still shop there in Arizona though.

  352. Natasha Ireland says:

    YARD SALES…great finds

  353. Natasha Ireland says:

    Finds at Savers or TJ Max

  354. The Pangans says:

    Here's my entry for today. Again, I want to say how beautiful all of these prizes are. Thank you both so much for doing this!

  355. I am SO following you! (Hee-hee, that sounds a little stalker-ish)


  356. Hi! Im new to your blog and just became a Follower!!!

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the red end table!!!!! Its to die for!!!

  357. would be so fun to win!!

  358. ME! Me!! Pick me!! I have the PERFECT place for the black mirror and red night stand!! I check out your blog daily, but didn't become a follower till today 9only because I didn't know how and had to have my hubby help…hee hee.)

  359. These are all so pretty.

  360. I am a follower! YEAH!

  361. Home Fabrics and Rugs!

  362. DI!! :) for those thrifty pieces of furniture!!

  363. TJ MAXX

  364. I love to shop at Tai Pan

  365. I don't know what I'm doing yet, but I will get there. I'm new to this, but I am now a follower and a facebook follower!

  366. I'm in love with this site! Awesome!

  367. I like Home Goods and Garage sales :)

  368. Stacia Smith
    Las Vegas NV

  369. Dan, Lisa, & Jaxon says:

    LOVE THESE! So cute!

  370. I am really going crazy waiting! I cant wait I cant wait :)

  371. Here is my extra entry for today for doing all the requirement on the first day giveaway! Thanks!

  372. Kelly Nordfelt – Checking back in. I am loving that black mirror.


  374. Here's my comment for the day! I want to decorate my house!

  375. Chelsey – button on my blog

  376. Chelsey – Blog Roll

  377. I'm a follower

  378. Facebook follower

  379. Post on my blog

  380. just submitting an extra entry! :)

  381. My favorite decoration is 3 latte bowls from Anthropologie.

  382. I have your button on my blog!!
    chelsy bowcut

  383. I Follow you on Facebook
    Chelsy Bowcut

  384. More Entries… my favorite home decor stores include… Tai Pan.

  385. Target

  386. The Quilted Bear

  387. And I do like KSL Classified you can find most anything there for great deals!!!
    Chelsy Bowcut

  388. My favorite home decoration in my home right now is my black entertanment center, it's a copy of pottery barns but for alott less!!!!

  389. Love these giveaways. Hope I win.

  390. FB FAN! LALALOVE the black mirror!

  391. Follower =)

  392. The Pangans says:

    This is my last and final entry into your amazing giveaway! Tyann Pangan here, and thanks again for such a fun ten days! :)

  393. My last try to win!! Have fun tomorrow drawing and announcing the winners!!

  394. Dan, Lisa, & Jaxon says:

    Tai Pan trading is one of my favorite stores! Our budget right now doesn't allow me to buy, but it is still fun to go look! :)

  395. Im so excited… I just cant hide it! I really hope I win something :) Cant wait!

  396. Justin and Kenzee says:

    Love the prizes!!!

  397. Justin and Kenzee says:

    I like shopping at Tai Pan… I know it's not very clever of me, but I love it anyway.

  398. oh yay! i'm so excited! Brooke, you have some GREAT things on this blog! i'm for sure adding a button to my blog, and being a of yours on facebook!!! enter me!!

  399. blog follower
    annemolino athotmail dot com

  400. FB follower

  401. You are on my blogroll

  402. My favorite home decor store, Tai Pan

  403. My favorite home decor store, Pottery Barn

  404. My favorite home decor store, Target!

  405. My favorite home decor store, Collective Journey (scrapbooking store that happens to carry home decor)

  406. My favorite home decor store, ikea

  407. i would love to win!

    p.s. i am a follower on facebook

    p.s.s. your button is on my blog!

  408. I love my big chunky family picture frame that my Dad and I made last year for my husbands Christmas present. Also I am in love with my two month olds crib bedding.
    black and white damask with pale yellow accents.
    love it.

  409. Crazy Conley Clan says:

    I absolutely LOVE to shop at yard sales and thrift stores!

  410. Crazy Conley Clan says:

    I also love to shop at Real Deals home decor

  411. Crazy Conley Clan says:

    TJ MAXX!!!

  412. Crazy Conley Clan says:

    I have your button!!

  413. This is my Thursday daily post.

  414. Here is my extra entry for today for completing the six tasks you required on the very first giveaway post! Woo-hoo!

  415. I love that awesome black mirror!

  416. TJ Maxx is perfect for home decor. So inexpensive & always a new variety.

  417. Jared, Marla, Jayden, Cailey, Rylee, Lexi says:

    I live for good deals!!!

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