ARE YOU EXCITED!?!?!?!?!? Here we gooooooo!!!

If you are a winner:
E-mail us with your address within 1 week or we will select another winner. Our e-mail address is

Kallie and I used to generate the winning numbers.

Giveaway #1 (Wreath Trio) goes to comment # 217 Lori @
Giveaway #2 (Turquoise Mirror) goes to comment # 183 Erin Downs please contact us to claim your prize and arrange delivery.
Giveaway #3 (Canvas Art) goes to comment # 110 Justi Lundberg
Giveaway #4 (Christmas Letters) goes to comment # 11 Nikki Brown
Giveaway #5 (Decorative pillows) goes to comment #190 Brooke Taylor
Giveaway # 6 (Black hat) goes to comment #187 Jessica Cox
(Cream hat) goes to comment # 141 Auburn Soul
(Brown hat) goes to comment # 67 Laura Warner
(Red hat) goes to comment # 70 Steven and Kimberly

Giveaway # 7
(Black Mirror) goes to comment # 72 Stacee Maree Young
(Red dresser) goes to comment # 373 Eli and Mandy Adams
(Shower Curtain) goes to comment # 221 Kelly Nordfelt


  1. Stacee Maree says

    You have made my day!! I just asked my hubby for a mirror like that for Christmas yesterday, you just saved him the big bucks. LOVE IT!

  2. Lori says

    WOOT, WOOT! I seriously never win! I am so SUPER DEE DUPER excited!!!! I just about bought a Christmas wreath that was on sale today. So glad that I didn't!!! 😀

    My friend Brooke that I got to join won the pillows. She is out of town right now, but will email you when she gets back.

    Thanks for all the fun and for the GREAT ideas on your blog!!!

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