Natasha is our Feature Friday this week! She has done so many of our projects, and it makes me giddy inside to see all of her renditions of them. Honestly, her stuff is AWESOME. (In fact, a lot of her stuff is even cuter than our original ideas in my opinion). This girl’s got TALENT with a capital T. So, hold onto your hats, and take a look at all this stuff she’s done!

Here is Natasha’s version of a PAINTABLE WALL PAPER ART. And of course, being a sucker for turquoise like I am….I was instantly in love.
Remember our post about how to make a stencil out of painter’s tape? Here is Natasha’s version…once again. LOVE it.

Then she made these for her little girl’s room with the same technique. Aren’t they DARLING!?!?

Yes, you’re looking at FABRIC on the wall. Remember when Kallie created a High Impact Wall by using Fabric and starch? I love how she put molding around it. Natasha is similar to many of you who are renting. I remember it all too well, when you cannot paint walls, and you feel like you are stuck in a WHITE cave. For all you renters out there, using fabric with starch is a GREAT way to add color and it will come right off. :)
And check out her little girl’s room. Those flowers on the walls are also fabric that she has attached with starch.

Are you dizzy yet? She might kill me for using this picture, because her art is not quite done yet. But, I loved her version of DECORATIVE WALL ART.
And of course her version of our LIMA BEEN WREATH, made with nuts instead of beans.
Look at her ottoman that she is making! She is not quite done yet, but I thought it was sweet to show anyway. She says she is going to TUFT the top and GLAZE the dresser.
And another sweet turquoise dresser. She got this for $15.00 at the D.I. (Utah’s version of Goodwill). She’ll be glazing this one too. (AND yes, she made that darling window and wreath).

And last but not least, Natasha made this awesome sparkly BOO. Remember our post about THRIFTY HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS?

She is superwoman. Did I mention that she is the mother of 3 kids (1 little girl, and TWINS (boy/girl)!!!!!!!! Holy cow.

Now I feel like I deserve a nap just writing about all her energy! Great job Tasha!

UPDATE 1/29/2010:

Natasha is a gal of many talents. You can go check out her stuff at the links below.

Here is Natasha’s personal blog address:

Her Jewelry Website:

AND her Photography Website:
 Photography a la Mode


  1. Dave and Natasha says

    Thanks Brooke! You are too nice!!! See, you can tell that I LOVE everything that you come up with, that's why I've tried just about everything! I think now I just need to try some upholstering!

  2. destiny says

    Hi girls! I just checked out your site and love it! You have both always been great with decorating! If you're ever up for a BIG challenge, I have just the job for you! I started teaching this year and over the holiday we moved into a brand new school! It's great except I havent had the time to "warm it up" and make it look great for the kids (and me too!)I would love to have you on my side! Email me if you think you've got the "smarts" for this job! :)

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