Dress up your media cabinet for only $3.00

Feb 3rd, 2010

This week has been one of those “rough” Mom weeks for me. My kids have successfully broken several things around the house. I don’t know what it is about this week, but they have broken more things than they have broken ever before. They shattered my large glass jar that I showed you in THIS post, they destroyed a lamp, they obliterated a large glass liquid measuring cup, AND Londyn (my two year old) pulled off one of the tufted buttons on my OTTOMAN that I showed you in THIS post. AAAAAHHHH.

So, I figured that I’d better change the glass out of this media cabinet. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it was broken by tomorrow. I had thought that my house was pretty “kid proof” until now. I was wrong. I like the glass, and I’ll be saving it in case I need it in the future. But, the cabinet also houses our sub woofer so, whenever we want to hear the speaker, we have to open the cabinet doors. So, we’ve been on the lookout for a THRIFTY alternative. :)
I was at Ross the other day, and I found one of those cool doormats…yep…my thrifty brain couldn’t resist. She was only $3.00. We chopped her up. That sounds a little morbid. We used it for a better cause….that sounds better.

I think it looks rather high end. :) AND my kids cannot shatter it. We have created a WIN WIN situation. We can also hear the sub woofer without opening the doors.
What do you think?

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