The Heritage Hotties!

Hey everyone, remember that AWESOME house that I told you about? Well I just got off the phone with the gals over at Heritage Home and Garden. I had to find out who decorated that home, and I want you all to know who it was too!

It was a combined effort of these four FABULOUS ladies:
Joni Christensen
Chris Hafer
Lorna Larsen
Joelle Nelson

If you live in the area you CANNOT miss house #11. I’m serious. Kallie and I both love it. I have been inside twice, and I can’t stop thinking about it. The St. George Parade of Homes (in Southern Utah for those that don’t know where we are located) goes through Sunday, so you have a few days to get over there.

The gal I spoke to said that their shop has a bunch of stuff that we would love. So I’ll have to get over there sometime soon. But, if you are in the area, I think you should stop by.

Here is their information:
Heritage Home & Garden,
770 E 700 South,
St George, UT 84770
Phone: 435-673-5555

Thanks ladies for your fantastic inspiration, my brain cannot stop!

UPDATE: HOOPES CONSTRUCTION was the builder. (Click on their name to go to their website!)


  1. 1

    Don't forget Hoopes Contruction who built the great home and made all the light and 12 foot ceilings so there was an awesome space to decorate. :D

  2. 2

    Lindsey is building her house in that development and Dan Hoopes is the one building it. He's a family friend and has built a bunch of my parent's homes. I think Joni is helping Lindsey decorate the house she's building and she said that house was amazing, too!

  3. 3
    Chris and Morgan says:

    I absolutely love it!!! I found a house similar to this…not the same obviously and much smaller, I really do love this one!! But this was a little closer, in Saratoga Springs (right on the water behind Talons Cove) the kitchen=white cabinets/black granite, dark wood foors, even an exposed brick wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. You might love it! I do!

  4. 4
    Megi Jones says:

    Love the house…also LOVE the dining room table…any chance you know where I could find that???

  5. 5

    I'm wondering where I can get the bedding from the master bedroom. Love it so much!

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