Feature Friday!

Mar 12th, 2010

This last week at All Things Thrifty has been so much fun! We asked you the other day what your favorite project was on the site, and to read all your comments has honestly been soooo much fun! What a fun reward to hear your fun comments. We love to share our knowledge with you all so THANK YOU for showing us some love with those thoughtful comments!

We are gearing up for a massive GIVE-AWAY, and we wanted to know what you would like the best! (**Side note: if you are a vendor who would like to participate in this give-away, please contact us ASAP at allthingsthrifty@gmail.com**).

We got a fun surprise from Jenn over at Compulsively Creative this week. Do you remember the Decorative Wall art we did a few months ago?

Well Jenn and her husband did a FANTASTIC job at recreating it. Here is her empty wall before.
Doesn’t it look amazing!?!? I love the green.

She even made those DARLING pillows!
AND….you are going to DIE when I tell you that she reupholstered this COUCH!!!! You have to go check out the couch before at THIS link.
I know how much work that was! GREAT JOB Jenn (and hubby). Nothing makes us more happy than to see our projects completed elsewhere!!!! Nice work on your decorative wall art, it makes a HUGE statement and creates a focal point with your SAWEET couch. As my 6 year old daughter would say, BOO YAA! :)


  1. Beautiful! I just recommended the two of you to Ana at Knock Off Wood (http://knockoffwood.blogspot.com). She is interested in guest posts and lots of people want finishes. You guys do such beautiful work with your found items!

  2. WOW-wee!!! So pretty!!! I love how it pops out at you.


  3. I love that wall art! If only Dh would let me use the jigsaw. :)

  4. Wow! I'm envious of so much talent.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Your tutorial was AWESOME!

  6. I am in love with that couch! Such good bones. :)

    I am going to start my looking a couch to transform like this one. I'm inspired.

  7. I stumbled upon your site and am in love–you do such amazing things! I'm in awe. I love this wall art and want to make one of my own—any chance you would be willing to share your photoshop file of the image?? Pretty please?


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