This weeks Feature Friday post comes from none other then my very best friend from like the 7th grade. I LOVE this girl like my sister!!! So let me introduce you to Lindsay and give you a little background on all that I am going to show you. Lindsay bought a house a little over a year ago. This house was in need of some serious TLC. I know this first hand cause I went house shopping with Lindsay. When we first got to the house we noticed a note posted on the garage of this house that said “BEWARE: Money Pit” in HUGE letters. When we walked into this house I immediately saw the “vision” and Lindsay and the realtor opened the door and wanted to walk right back out. {side note: I still get made fun of for having a” vision”}That night Lindsay and I stayed up talking till the wee hours of the morning. I was trying to convince her of the potential and she was trying to see what I saw. The more she thought about it the more she warmed up to the idea. Before we left Vegas she had put in an offer on this little gem. After a total over haul and a year later her house in AWESOME!! So let’s give you a little tour

{The Outside}

Don’t you love the peach? If you do this house was for you. It was full of that beautiful peach color.


{The Kitchen}

{The Family Room}
Notice that big fat black frame.. it was made by me. I gave it to Lindsay cause she deserved it for all her hard work.

{Preschool/ Photography studio}
A preschool by day and a photography studio by night. Lindsay’s husband is Justin the photographer I always tell you about. If you live in Las Vegas you should have him take your pictures 😉 You won’t be disappointed!
{ Big Brown “Kallie Wall”}
Yes, yours truly painted this wall. This picture doesn’t even show you how huge this wall really is. My poor little arms were ready to fall off by the time I was done. Worth the pain when I was done. Aren’t her Kiddos adorable??
{Kids Rooms}

Her little boy loves penguins and wanted a Surfin’ Penguin room. She found surfboard wallpaper and glued on penguins to go with her theme. So cute!

The headborad is made out of an old door wrapped in a crib bumper pad. Isn’t it so stinkin’ cute?? All the furniture in there was once upon a time creme and gold. Now it is creme with a dark brown glaze. They look awesome!!
Lindsay got this little beauty at her Goodwill for $75 dollars. With a new coat of paint and a little glaze 75 bucks never looked so good.
So after looking at all these projects are you as tired as I am just looking?? Lindsay’s been one busy girl…but her house looks like a million bucks. I look at her house and can’t wait to get one of my own..she inspires me. Thanks Linds for sharing your pictures with all of us. Love your guts.
Do you have a project inspired by us?? Send your pictures to
Happy Friday!! Don’t forget to check back on Sunday for our big reveal of SYTYCD week 4. You won’t be disappointed you did.. I promise!!


  1. says

    Fantastic before and afters! She was brave to tackle a huge project like that but I imagine the deal she got on the house it was affordable to put that kind of TLC onto it! I applaud you both for your braveness and creativeness!


  2. says

    Um, yeah- this post makes me beyond happy!

    Awesome house.
    Before and after photos.
    Black and white enlarged photos.
    Home childcare.

    I seriously LOVED reading this and seeing the "vision". Great job ladies!

  3. says

    I am also the friend who frequently has a "vision". I just see what it could be where some of my friends can only see what "IS". And they are a courageous bunch because they follow the vision and love the results. So cheers to those of us who have the vision. And I love Lindsay's home, it is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    Choice between Peach and Grey? mmmmmmm…let me think grey of course…infact the choice between Peach and any colour…I'd choose any colour!lol

    Sorry, all you peach lovers but that's one colour that doesn't do anything for me!

    I cannot believe the transformation of this house, especially the facade! Amazing!!!

    LL Nat :~)

  5. Sarah says

    Love Love Love it! and so happy to be friend with such inspiring gals like Kallie and Lindsay! Good Job Lindsay, these pics only show a tiny tiny part of all the work you put in!!

  6. JoLeen says

    Love, Love, Love!!
    We just bought a "fixer-upper" and have a lot of work head of us, but it's so exciting.
    What an inspiration… Thanks.

  7. says

    I am curious what paint she used for the outside. I too want to pain my exterior it is wood so I will have to use a stain I am trying to go with the park city cabin theme of the olive antique stained wood it looks fabulous. I just hope I can pull it off without making it look green or forest green (that owould be horrifying) Anyway I really want ideas on how to paint the garage door. Please can you explain the info. on the paint? Thanks

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