We have had several inquiries on the details of when the new week of SYTYCD begins and the other weeks end. So, I thought I’d quickly explain it.

How often do you submit a project? Every week, Kallie and I have to have our project submitted to Stephanie by Friday at midnight(ish) for the following week.

When are the winners announced? Saturday afternoon.

When can you vote? You can vote up until Friday nights at 10pm Utah time. So if you haven’t voted yet, go HERE and check out the AMAZING entries of the “white” category.

How does it work? Each week, we have a new category, and each week one of the decorators goes home. The competition is 10 weeks long, but we are submitting our 5th week’s project tonight. The project with the least amount of public votes, goes home.

When can you see the new week’s projects? Sunday nights at 7:00pm Utah time over at SYTYCD.

You have until 10pm tonight to vote for your favorite 2 projects. It’s worth your time to go over there and see these amazing ladies’ stuff!

By the way, we forgot to announce to all our viewers that last week, All Things Thrifty took 3rd place with our Hutch. We were really excited.

So, as a recap:
Week 1 was Accessories…we did PILLOWS.
Week 2 was Catalog Hack…and we did a MISMATCHED DINING ROOM
Week 3 was Old…and we did the HUTCH
Week 4 was White (until 10 pm Utah time)…and we did the VINTAGE BABY NURSERY.

Stay tuned for WEEK 5!


  1. says

    Congratulations!!! 3rd is great.. Your design was great, i loved it.. Love the wood in the background.. Good For you, to have such ackowledgment of your work in that format..

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