Make your own headboard for less than $80.00

Mar 28th, 2010

Fabric and decorating go hand in hand. Fabric is a great way to introduce color and texture into almost any room.

Our master bedroom has been a work in progress for several months. The first decision we made was the color pallet, and we decided on gray, yellow, white, and black. After that decision was made, I searched for the perfect fabric for our headboard. I was REALLY excited to find this fabric at Home Fabrics and Rugs for only $5.99 a yard. Sidenote: Home Fabrics is by far my favorite fabric store, and I have bought fabric there at $1.00 a yard multiple times. I get butterflies thinking about it!

The total cost of the headboard was right around $80.00.

The headboard consists of 17 upholstered blocks. Believe me, this project has been tedious. With the help of my husband, we configured the measurements to make sure that each block was precisely the same size and pattern. The image below shows more of the process, but detailed instructions can be found HERE.
To balance out the room, I chose an array of pillows in differing sizes and textures. One of the biggest myths in decorating is that you must MATCH your fabrics throughout your space. I do not like “matchy matchy,” so I tend to choose fabrics that complement each other but are very different. As you can see in the image below, the pillows carry on the color scheme and are all different textures and styles.
The yellow bedside tables were $15.00 each a the local thrift store, and I painted and glazed them to create the look I was going for. To see the YELLOW furniture transformation and instructions goHERE.

The lamps were also a real find at $8.00 each at the local thrift store. I sprayed them an oil rubbed bronze color to also match the color scheme.

I decided to add another punch of color by folding up some yellow fabric across the base of the bed to introduce more yellow into the room. I think it adds a good balance to the room.

The headboard was designed to be the focal point of the room, and it is extremely big. It takes up the whole wall! I LOVE IT! I hope you like it too.
All in all, I’m thrilled with how this bright and cheery room turned out!

This project is part of a decorating contest over at SYTYCD. Head on over to see the great projects, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite two! ?

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  1. This is gorgeous! I can't believe it only cost $80! It looks uber-expensive!

  2. This is an amazing entry and so unexpected! The fabric panels you've chosen are just so interesting to look at!

    Great project!


  3. I am so impressed with how perfect those all look! Mine would be all wonky and what not!

  4. Wow! Great entry! Looks fantastic!

  5. Great room, you put a lot of thought into it and it shows.

  6. Your colors are stunning!!!! Great job!

  7. Oh wow! I'm in love with your bed- I could makeout with it! (don't be creeped out!) Its just so lovely. Great job!

  8. OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS This is SOOOO fabulous! Right now our bedroom is so blah and I want to come up with ideas for a headboard. If you have any Mexican style ideas, I would love to hear them!

  9. the words WOW and AMAZING don't even come close to expressing what I think about this!!

  10. Looks great! What color of paint did you use for you walls? Love it all!

  11. Excellent job! I love it, it looks great. Way to go. :)

  12. This.Is.FABULOUS!!! Yellow is fast becoming my new favorite!

  13. Dave and Natasha says:

    Wow, Brooke, this is AWESOME! I LOVE it! Before I even looked at SYTYCD I knew you already would win this week…

  14. Its amazing.. You did a fabulous job on that headboard. Now everyone is going to want one.
    well done, indeed~!


  15. This is goRR-geous! Love it! Looks awesome. You definitely have an eye. I love the gray, white, yellow, black combo.

  16. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my fav. is the HEADBOARD FOR SURE! I am so ready for a cool headboard idea! ALSO love the yellow damask fabric you put at the foot of your bed. That is exactly what it needed to add the right balance of yellow. GOOD JOB, I so LOVE YOUR ROOM AND COLORS!

  17. Kristina Carter says:

    hi, my friend told me about this blog. I am a designer and currently working on my kitchen / living room. I am also doing gray, white, yellow, and black and found great fabric at home fabric as well. Sounds like we have some things in common.

  18. Dan and Sara says:

    I LOVE the color scheme and the headboard is FANTASTIC! Way to go!!

  19. The Yoder's Four says:

    I can't believe how awesome this turned out! You are SO ambitious, Brooke. I've never even seen that headboard idea before but it is absolutely fabulous. I'm going to go vote for you.

  20. These are the colors I have been thinking about ever since I saw Traditional Home magazine last month. What paint color do you have on the wall? I love it.

  21. Work at Home Dad says:

    Wow nice creation. I love it. So perfect.

  22. Wow. I don't even know what to say about that headboard except "wow". I love the pattern in the fabric and all of the different pillows you used. The whole effect is just stunning.

  23. Holy Cow! You are so talented! I love this! I agree with some of the others, mine would turn out all weird! I would have to use a solid, or a pattern that you couldn't tell if it was crooked!!! You guys inspire me!

  24. Wow! I am pretty much speechless, this turned out so so so so amazing!

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    Meet Virginia Crafts
    Meet Virginia's Etsy Shop

  25. Your room looks great!!

    I wanted to find out about the lamp spray paint, you called it an "oil rubbed bronze" color. I have been looking all over (Ace, Home Depot, Wal-mart) for an oil rubbed bronze color for a new-to-me light fixture for my kitchen. Where did you find your paint and what brand is it??

    Thanks so much for the help!!

  26. It just amazing and only 80$!!!!
    I am thinking maybe I can use different color to try it

  27. Gorgeous!!! And love this fabric! Found you guys through reinvented tonight; so nice to meet you! -shaunna :)

  28. i love this! it's very well coordinated and i'm smitten with your take on the upholstered headboard!

  29. This is ridiculous! In the best way possible, of course!

  30. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous room! I love the color scheme, and the headboard is fabulous!! Thanks for linking up!

  31. That room looks amazing! You're so creative! I love the yellow on the bed. Please share where you got it? Is it a coverlet or did you buy that yellow fabric from home fabrics as well?

    I love your blog! I don't have a lot of time lately to check my usual blogs but I find time to check you guys out everyday! I'd say you've probably inspired about 90% of my living room. THANKS!

  32. Holy Cow~ that is awesome. I love it!

  33. I love this, LOVE it…
    We have a friday fun finds party- we'd love it if you'd link up!

  34. This is amazing and beautiful and creative and wonderful and I love LOVE it!

  35. Jenn Calling Home says:

    It's beautiful! I love what you did.

  36. Great headboard….I wish our Home Good Store carried fabrics =(
    Your room looks fabulous.

  37. This looks fabulous! Love the gray and yellow trend right now and you totally pulled it off in this room!

  38. Girls, you are so good. I absolutely loved this and you deserved to win the week. I just visited Home Fabrics in Orlando when I was visiting my parents due to you! It was like heaven on earth…although, I must catch one of their $1/yard sales.

  39. Modern Catholic Mom says:

    Hi! Just found your site. LOVE LOVE this bedroom!!! You guys are amazing!! Thanks!

  40. Love the black and yellow! Great tutorial. I am featuring this as part of the Spring has Sprung Party at Fun to Craft. Come by and snag a featured button. Thanks for sharing it!!

  41. It's beautiful! Great job! I'm featuring a link in the DIY Project Parade. Feel free to grab an "I'm Featured" button. ;) Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!


  42. love it you did a wonderful job

  43. Looks beautiful! Where did you find the fabric at the foot of the bed? The yellow and white damask.


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