I am DYING right now with excitement. All Things Thrifty won the first week of SYTYCD.

Thank you for all your votes! If you missed week 1, you can go HERE to see all the posts about accessories.

Week 2 will be posted tomorrow at 7:00 Utah time, so don’t forget to go check it out.

WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE!!!!! I’m on cloud 9.



  1. says

    I was looking at your refinishing project and you said that you used Glaze over the paint. What kind of glaze and where would I be able to find it. Thanks:)

  2. ** Adrian ** says

    WA-HOO!! I am THRILLED for you & Kallie!! You two deserved to win HANDS DOWN!!! I LOVED your pillow post!! Actually, let's be honest… I love EVERYTHING you post on here!! You two are SOO talented & AMAZING!!! Good Luck with the rest of the contest!!!

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