We would like you to tell us which post is your favorite here at All Things Thrifty. Leave us a comment. :) We are asking for a specific reason, but we can’t tell you. It is a SURPRISE! Don’t you LOVE surprises?


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    I love the post where you announce you are visiting one of your bloggers to help them do a furniture makeover. Ooops. You haven't done a post like that? Sorry. I must have been dreaming.

    I LOVE the double wing back chair.

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    I love your post on refinishing a hutch. You inspired me to do my own! I love being able to see all your great transformations, it gives me confidence that I can do it too! Thanks!

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    Are you kidding? How can I choose?!! I really loved the rain gutter bookshelves, everything that is reupholstered and i really thought the big black and white wall art was AWESOME. Haha this didn't narrow down things too much (I still have a bunch more running around in my mind!). Thanks for being so talented you two. You are great 😀

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    January 1st – the Turquoise sofa table with the glaze – love the step by step pictures that takes the fear out of that dark glaze over my precious turquoise!!

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    I love everything that you've done with fabric. Especially the double wing back chair. And I hold a special place in my heart for all your pillows. I am a pillow making machine – my husband is utterly annoyed at how many pillows we have in the house. But I just can't get enough of them, and the ones you have done are on my to-do list!

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    I just became a fan about a week ago and it is hard to pick just one favorite. The first thing that cought my eye was the mustard tables, then I loved the double wing back chair, but mostly I love that you share how you do it with all of us. Thanks.

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    The west elm pintuck pillow caught my eye as something I'd like to try. I'm currently looking for new fabric to redo my family room window treatments, & I'll need to make some new pillows once I do that.

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    I only discovered you a couple of weeks ago but now I check your blog EVERYDAY! I love furniture redos. You guys would be my most inspiring friends if I lived closer! 😉

    I must say that the yellow glazed end tables really caught my eye. Why? Because I've passed up "ugly" tables like that a MILLION times and you showed me the potential they had to be AWESOME!

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    definitely the flipping furniture – I know thats general, but its what I do for business out of my home and you have given me so many other ideas which are SO useful.:)

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    I love all the furniture transformations, they are my favorite. I love the yellow furniture post and the turquoise sofa table redo, i still dream about it, it's my fav.

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    Definitely the yellow furniture!! I even got the paint and glaze today and painted a lamp. I am in love with it.

    Also, the dresser/hutch you painted cream and glazed that you used for an entertainment center.

    Well and most everything else too!!

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    I would definitely say the white hutch! I don't know how I missed that post, but I was confused when the other comments kept referring to it. So I searched your blog and found it. WOW! It's amazing and I love it.

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    I have 2 favorites. I really liked the Post called, "Swimming in Projects" where you made the big decorative wall art. I want to make those for my kitchen. I also really loved the Creative Embroidery hoops. I loved how you used them in the Emry's room make over. I am thinking about using that in my daughter's room.

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    Painting Furniture 101, I have an ugly kitchen table that needs some serious help! I cant wait to get my hands on that horrible pine colored bad boy! I am in LOVE with the white table you refinished a while ago :)

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    I just started looking at your great blog, and so far I love it all!! Thank you for showing how to do all these great things. I just tried out some glaze on my big yellow frame, love it!! -Lynzi

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    THANKS for the vote over on my photo blog. It's so fun to see new people. Although, you aren't new. I've popped on to your site for ideas a few times. I LOVE the pin-tucked pillows.

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    OK, so this is a hard one. I'm actually a new follower (like only about month), but there's so many to choose from. I LOVE the turquoise console table, the pillows for the SYTYCD, and the St. George parade home, and I love all the reupholster posts. I love that you guys are so willing to share what you do and love. Thank you for your inspiration.

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    I like the tutorial on how to make a stencil. I liked watching the sequence and especially seeing the hubs work. I like it when the men help in our projects. Then they have ownership.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the furniture redos – especially the yellow nightstands and the cream hutch. They are BEAUTIFUL! I have a lineup of furniture that I'm going to redo now (a whole bedroom set, kitchen table, end tables – I'll send you pics when they are finally done) and I am SO excited! I even have my sister doing the same thing. In fact – just on SATURDAY I went to DI and picked up the said two end tables that I can't WAIT to redo! They were only $10 each – what a steal! Thanks ladies for inspiring me! :o) I check the DI now at every chance I get!

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    hey girls!! i loved your post on the amazing house with parade of homes. i live in vegas, and it gave me the chance to see that house full of awesomeness!! i loved how it is different! that is also why i like your styles! different and bold..beautiful, and sassy! your post on the yellow side table stands out to me too! i love how you have shared inspiration to do things inexpensive, and fun!

  21. kim says

    I LOVE the yellow furniture makeover…i have been on the lookout for old furniture ever since…it just turned out SO cute!

  22. Sherratt's says

    I am having a hard time deciding on just one!! I loved your pillow post for the SYTYCD. It made me want to make tons of pillows and try all the different styles!! You are SO TALENTED!

  23. SarahC says

    Ummm, everything? Seriously I love everything that you guys do! But if I was absolutely forced to choose just one, I would have to say the pin-tuck pillow. Love it!

  24. JoEllen says

    I have to agree with some previous commenters and say that the yellow furniture post was my favorite. The transformation was just amazing. It's a post that I have referred back to and think about frequently.

  25. Emma says

    I just found you girls about a month ago and I keep coming back to see all your creative projects. You're so inspiring!!

    I think my fav. project would have to be the hutch. It was so creative of you to have the vision to take two pieces of furniture and make just what you needed!

    I've also used your spray-painting tutorials to paint my own stools!

  26. Ty and Whitty says

    I love your post of refinishing your night stands in yellow and with glaze. I like your tutorials on painting furniture and using glaze I hope I am brave enough to try it with the baby dresser. eeeek

  27. says

    I love the black and white striped pillows, but my absolute favorite (which I will hopefully do myself soon) is the big black and white art made out of wood with black velvet or felt behind it. I love that piece and appreciate the tutorial!

  28. amity says

    i love the sytycd 2 post. your kitchen is inspiring!! i totally want your dining loveseat!! love that fabric. even had to go buy some myself. thanks for your wonderful ideas!!

  29. Michelle says

    My favorite has been the first one I saw when I started following this site. It was a photo shop kitchen makeover. I have since made over my kitchen, and used digital photos to ease my husbands concerns about painting the walls. I also used the hanging circles wall art post to make my own art and decorate my laundry room. It turned out really cute! :) I check the DI every time I'm there for canvas so I can make the geographic art you did with the painters tape and squares.

  30. Art Simple says

    My favorite is the yellow furniture. It has made me look at thrift store furniture in a TOTALLY different way . I can see the potential in almost anything I see now. Before, if it didn't look new I wouldn't even consider it!

  31. Dana Marchant says

    I've been lusting over the red hutch with black & white houndstooth fabric. I am so on the hunt for a hutch! I was initially drawn into your lovely talents by the original dining room table that you painted white & distressed and recovered the chairs. I was amazed at the before & after on that one!

  32. says

    really, Really, REALLY difficult to just pick one. But since you insist……….I really loved your black/white wall stencil project for the bedroom!

  33. says

    I found your blog yesterday and just finished reading every single post! Hours well spent. :)

    I can't even begin to pick a favorite post. You two do so many good things with tutorials and how tos and advice! Some of the best information I've read yet!

  34. says

    One of my favs is the double wing back chair refinish because I have a wing back chair I am dying to redo but I am scared. I love all the detailed pictures & advice. Both of you are great at explaining!

  35. says

    I LOVE all of your painting furniture and glazing posts! My favorites are the red end table you did with the black glaze or your hutch that you did cream with glaze as well!! So amazing!!

  36. says

    Oh my, I have to pick just one? Well… being as it's most recent, I'd have to say your mis-matched kitchen. I love how bold the colors are… you are so brave! One day…. one day.

  37. says

    I am new to All Things Thrifty, but I just recently spent an entire evening reading every last post!! There were so many that I loved but my favorite was the one where you gave detailed instructions on how to refinish furniture. Your instructions were great–I am ready to tackle my first project! I have a request though–you asked a long time ago whether anyone would be interested in a post about the different finishes to put on kitchen cabinets. My vote is YES, PLEASE!!! I really need to paint/refinish my cabinets and I am terrified to start! Is this in the works or did you nix the idea?

  38. says

    I really liked your post on how to spray paint your furniture correctly. I have redone many pieces of furniture and I enjoy learning better ways to do something. I also love how you teach about glazing.

  39. says

    I am new to the blog and feel so inspired when I take a look around! My two very favorite projects are 1)the large damask wall art pieces and 2) the wall stencil. I plan to incorporate the wall art in my office–and the stencil when we buy our first home. You gals are amazing!

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    I love the furniture painting 101! Its really opened up my world to fixing up some old things to look new and stylish rather then spending a fortune getting all new furniture. I find myself craigslist & thrift store shopping for good pieces to fix up. I am working on repaining a dresser for my room. It was my husbands growing up & just repainting the dresser to match what we want is saving us around $250 bucks. Boy oh boy is new furniture expensive.

    Thank you times a million for helping teach me how to do something new and creative! I'm so grateful for this blog! <3 You!

  41. Anonymous says

    I love your pillows, but then again, your whole blog is filled with things that I love! I think the glazing technique is really great!

  42. says

    i love all your posts, but I love the hutch you refinished white and the king size head board. I have been in need of a headboard and now i know what to do, thanks

  43. says

    I just happend upon your site about three days ago and fell totally in love with the mismatched kitchen chairs and double wingback chair post! Thank you both for all your great thrifty diy projects. I am soooo excited and empowered to get to work on projects of my own.

  44. Anonymous says

    I'm pretty sure anything your husband Dan has done is the best. He sure is a handy guy!!! What would ATT be without him!?! Love ya babe…

  45. says

    I love the posts about how to shop at thrift stores and how to paint furniture and use glaze. They have inspired me to find some thrifty furniture pieces to redo!

  46. says

    My favorite post is the one where you made your own stencil for the wall behind your tv. It's my favorite because it got my brain thinking about something cool I could do…but mine involves metal. I'll have to show you when I finish. Thanks!!

  47. says

    I love all of the no sew pillows posts! I just found some awesome fabric and the heat and bond and I am going to make them this weekend. I am so excited! Thank you for this website! I love it! :)

  48. says

    My favorite has to be the Double Wingback Chair! I have a Wingback chair that is in serious need of a new face. I just haven't had the courage to do this myself. I love how your chair turned out, I absolutely love the fabric! And your tip to ask your grandparents for help is a great reminder. My gramps knows how to do everything, I'm sure he would love to help me out. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas and inspiration!

  49. The Felix Family says

    I love the black and white scrolly thing you made for your bedroom…you know the one you hung on the grey wall. I really want to try that…actually I really want to talk my husband into helping me do it!!

  50. says

    I thnk my favorite was the wall hangings that you use stretced canvas and paintable wallpaper. I want to try that one out,just haven't had a chance…yet! Thanks for all of your inspirations! I love looking for new ideas on your blog!

  51. Dan & Sara says

    Boy oh boy… since we're talking favorites here – I must say this is my most favorite blog of all time – I check it every day, and love the tips and inspiration you girls give to us. So thank you!

    As for my favorite project – definitely the yellow furniture. But right behind it are the wall stencil, pin tuck & tea dyed lace pillows, and the turquoise glazed end table. You are both AMAZING!

  52. Lindsey says

    My favorite post was the wall art: The one your husband cut the damask pattern with the scroll saw in the MDF, and you placed the black felt behind peeking through. I'm still looking for the perfect place in my house to do the same thing!

  53. Sheffer's says

    I've been debating whether or not to refinish our dining room table, so your posts about furniture transformations are my favorites right now. You've given me courage to just paint the darn thing! 😀

  54. The Yoder's Four says

    Well, you introduced me to spray painting old furniture, and we've already done Madelyn's bed and have some more things in the works. Kalli's painting how-to post was really helpful.

    And of course I love Brooke's new hutch, orange stencils, wall art in her bedroom, pillows, chairs, basically everything!

  55. says

    Hi! I have never commented before- but I LOVE your guys blog. You do such great things! I would have to say I like the reupholstering chair post and the tufted ottoman post.

  56. says

    That's hard to pick, but I will say that I currently have the felt flower pillow and the pin tucked pillow bookmarked to try on my own.

  57. Sarah says

    Well, there are too many to choose from! But without going through your entire previous posts, the ones that stick out to me are the black and white wall art and also the turquoise table. LOVE!

  58. says

    That is a super hard decision. I love EVERYTHING you do! I have to say I have attempted the painting/glazing and also the pillows so I will go with those posts (since I actually tried them for myself).

  59. Angie & Neal says

    Hard to choose just one…Love love love everything you create or "re-create" :) I am loving the furniture, pillows, and lima bean wreath! So cute!

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