I found these lamps at the D.I. (Utah’s version of Goodwill) for only $8.00 each. I wish I would have taken a picture of them with their huge lamp shade from the 70’s so you could get the full effect of how ugly they were before their transformation, but it slipped my mind. I found this image online, and it is pretty darn close to what the lamp shade looked like. Doesn’t it look dashing?

 The lamps were covered in dust, but otherwise were in GREAT shape! Tip: before you purchase anything like this from a thrift store, make sure you plug them in to see if they work.

I sprayed them an oil rubbed bronze color to update the look. (I did not prime them). I chose Rustoleum’s hammered spray with the color called “dark bronze.” If you look on the back of the can near the UPC it says the color. :)

I love the dark grayish bronze result! They look brand new!

I found the shades at D.I. too. They were $3.00 each and they still had the plastic on them. Brand new shades cost anywhere from $12.00 to $35.00 depending on the style. I was super lucky finding these.

Here they are in the room (yes, I am aware that the shades in the picture below are different than the ones above…I ended up taking these shades back to target when I found the cheaper ones at D.I.) These squared shades were $12.99 each and I had only bought them the day before. So…I returned them. I knew one of you observant readers would notice, so I thought I’d better explain!

I am thrilled with the lamps in my master bedroom. I am ALMOST done with decorating that room! The only thing I have left is to do some window treatments.

Remember, don’t get overwhelmed with where to start decorating in your home. Take it one room, one wall, or one project at a time. Slowly and surely you’ll be surprised how your home will transform!

Total cost for each lamp: $11.00!


  1. says

    Love it. We used that Rustoleum hammer spray for our ouside lights…changed from brass (ick!) to oil-rubbed bronzed (hammer!). I thought I hated them, and after my hubby painted them, I loved them!

    Your lamps look amazing…great job!

  2. says

    Awesome lamps! Good thing you pointed out the shades, because that was the first thing I noticed. I actually enlarged the picture to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. :) Great job!

  3. says

    Love the lamps and you totally lucked out with the shades!

    We are planning on doing our master in gray and yellow (in the process of buying our fist house). Love it even more after seeing your room.

  4. The Williams Family says

    I LOVE IT! I just found some $5.00 lamps at DI too and found a couple shades at TJ MaXX to spruce up my living room!!! I LOVE the gray color you did! Your bedroom ROCKS!

  5. Fabiola says

    They look beautiful…but I will recommend that if you buy an old lamp, for safety reason….rewire it. That way you go the safe way. You can find the kit in any hardware store.

  6. says

    I love everything about this room. I also love that you encompass all of the things I am passionate about-modern style made by spending little money. I highly approve. Well done!

  7. Nicole Kingsbury says

    I'm so jealous of your room. I WANT it! Lucky!
    haha..i"m done with my tantrum now :)
    Love the lamps and the whole room for that matter! Your blog is BY FAR my fav! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Carol says

    Love the round white shades, you lucked out finding them. When I saw your pin I decided to makeover the brass lamps that were my mom’s . Wow I am thrilled with the results. When I got to the store I was skeptical about the color looking to bronzey, I really wanted a more gunmetal look, but went with the Hammered Dark bronze anyway.
    I just dusted off the lamps and use the paint with the primer in it. I only did one coat and I’m happy with the look. Now I’m looking around the house for anything thats brass. Love, love the results, thanks for you posts!

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