I’d like to introduce you to Carrie over at Yellow Lovebirds! She has a lot of cute things, and I’m LOVING her thrifty prices. Head over to her site and check out how DARLING her stuff is.

Hey there fellow shoppers!!
My name is Carrie Hancock and Yellow Lovebirds is my clothing store! I am proud to be from the crooked letter state, also known as Mississippi, and I now live in Charleston, South Carolina.  I fancy anything retro, thrift stores, fixing up old furniture, and a good sale!

I’m sure you are all wondering how the name Yellow Lovebirds came about. To me, lovebirds are classic. They can signify whatever you want them to: friendship, love, contentment, peace, loyalty, and happiness. I love the color yellow and always have… so Yellow Lovebirds came to be.

Yellow Lovebirds is all about individuality. We know that every woman desires to have a unique style, and we embrace this. We handpick each item to give you pieces meant to jazz up whatever look you are hoping to achieve. Whether it’s taking something old in your closet and pairing it with a fresh find from our store, or discovering a whole new style as you shop with us, Yellow Lovebirds wants you to be creative and in control of your idea of fashion. Our clothing is meant to be as versatile and creative as the woman who wears it.

You will clearly see that all of our products are reasonably priced. Yellow Lovebirds believes that a woman should be able to be fashionable and confident without emptying her bank account. When you visit yellowlovebirds.com, we want you to love your experience every single time, and keep shopping with us for every occasion. Fresh items are added all the time to keep you up to date and in the know.

Yellow Lovebirds is solely an online-based boutique based out of Charleston, SC, but we ship anywhere in the good ole’ US of A.

I hopped over to check out her darling site, and I immediately found these shoes that I think are absolutely DARLING!

Carrie’s price?? ONLY $26.00!!

Go check out her stuff! She’s got amazing taste. All Things Thrifty is thrilled to have her here as a sponsor!


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