Update (Friday afternoon): I have had a few readers ask about the colors used in these projects. :) I tend to gravitate to turquoise a lot. 

These two ladies below have outdone themselves! The first one is Andrea. She transformed her entertainment center and I am in LOVE with the end result. Holy cow…it looks sooooo good! She also glazed it to make all the details pop.

And don’t you just LOVE her collages to showcase her projects? How cute is that!?!?
Andrea’s blog is private, so leave her some fun comments here about her projects!

And look at this lamp! How cute is that!?! Way to go Andrea.

The next feature goes to Kelly who painted a bunch of projects and transformed her entire room! I am especially in LOVE with her turquoise mirror! Sorry girlies Kelly’s bloggy is private, but leave her some sweet comments here to tell her how stinkin’ cute her projects are!


  1. says

    SO cute! I love the color of the furniture… wish I had the guts to do that, I always end up going with browns and blacks! I'm working on reforming my way of thinking though… =D

  2. says

    Thanks for the feature Brooke! I'll add a button to one of my posts. I went and changed my post into 2 different ones so they all dont have to see Daniels golf tourny, lol. I should have made 2 different posts in the first place, oh well. Anyways, thanks. And great job kelly!

  3. says

    Really fabulous job! Would you mind sharing the name of the turquoise paint? I would like to try this on one of my bookcases and the shade you chose is so pretty.

  4. says

    Super Awesome! I love them all. I will send you pictures of my bedroom set that I am working on. Patiently waiting for the smell to subside before I bring them inside.

  5. Kelly Nordfelt says

    Thanks for featuring me(again)! I really do love this color and I love that lamp Andrea did! This color really makes a room pop.

  6. says

    I'm a huge blue fan too, trying to talk my husband into redoing our living room in brown blue and white, maybe these pics will help my cause. :) Thanks!

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