Sorry “Feature Friday” is a bit late today. I got a migraine headache the size of Texas last night, and I still feel very groggy and gross. I haven’t had a headache this bad in ten years and of course it had to happen while my husband is out of town. :( I am feeling better, but I can still feel the headache especially when I turn my head. So, just ignore me if I sound a little out of it today, my brain feels jumbled when I get headaches this bad…so forgive me.

I was going through a few of my emails to pick a Feature Friday post for today, and I went to the same blog twice! That made up my mind….both the projects were great so I decided she deserved a little recognition here at All Things Thrifty!

The feature post today goes to Sarah at A little of this, a little of that.

The first project that got my attention a while back (and I was just reminded while sorting through e-mails) was her curtain rods made out of PVC pipes. She also got her fabric at Home Fabrics my FAVORITE fabric store. :)

I was blown away with her practical solution to creating affordable curtain rods. Here at All Things Thrifty awhile back I talked about using dowels for cheap curtain rods, but I think her solution is fantastic!

Check out her rod post HERE.

Next, Sarah refinished her patio furniture and turned it into an orange masterpiece. As you seasoned readers know, I LOVE ORANGE. So, I couldn’t resist showing you her transformations. Here is what her patio set looked like before:

And with a little bit of spray paint and reupholstering, check out the AFTER photos!

Can you say FABULOUS!?!?!  Hop on over and give her some love ?. Check out her patio post HERE.

Great job Sarah, keep up the good work!


  1. says

    Oh how I am totally obsessed with your
    blog now. You love turquoise AND orange! I think I am supposed to kinda know you some how, atleast Haven made it sound like I should:) so now that I am rambling… I totally took your tips for using turquoise and antuiquing glaze and redid my entertainment center, and to add a litt extra something I am using the quatrefoil stencil on top in brown:) next will be my kitchen chairs… Red turquoise yellow and green!

  2. says

    I think it is very FAB! I love the orange color too against that black patio furniture. Awesome!

    And speaking of awesomeness, the PVC curtain is another awesome idea. So inexpensive and u can't even tell now that it is sprayed with black paint. :) Another FAB!

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