Day #4
Today’s chair is painted in my favorite color…ORANGE!! Krylon pumpkin orange is the spray paint I used and to switch it up a bit, the fabric this time came from Home Fabrics in Las Vegas NV…Home Fabrics is my favorite fabric store, and I wish I lived closer to it!

And to answer all of your multiple comments…yes I will be posting all of these chairs together at the end of the week. :)


  1. says

    I love chairs period! My husband kids (or at least I think he is kidding me) that one day we'll have seating for everyone in America in our house! :)
    I haven't redone any, but have an old wooden school one that someone has engraved the names TEDDY and something else…I plan to fill the engraved and paint it…or mod podge it! :)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the boldness of the orange!

    ~ Just Jen

  2. andrea says

    This one looks good. This color has become very popular in the last year. I wish they had a home fabrics in Washington state. It would make buying fabrics at a $1 a yard extremely easy! I'm super jealous that you can find fabric that cheap! too bad I don't live in Utah anymore!

  3. says

    Anxious to see how they all go together…I'm kinda nervous about it.

    This is my favorite because while the fabric matches the orange, it is just an accent in the fabric.

    This one is very well done.

  4. says

    I love this and was wondering… you only use 1 can of spray paint on this chair….I seem to be going through more than that.


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