Studio 5 Video

Jun 8th, 2010

I know that a lot of you readers do not live in Utah, so here is the video of me on Studio Five from yesterday. :)

Overall I was happy with the segment. I can tell that it takes a lot of practice for these guys to be on TV all the time. One of the main things they told me was to not look at the camera, so I wasn’t sure where to look! :)


  1. Fun stuff! Thanks, Brooke.

  2. Super Cute!

  3. Wow- great job! You looked very natural and not nervous at all! I would've been way nervous!

  4. Wow – on TV! You have alot of talent and thankfully you are sharing it.

  5. you did a great job!!!!

  6. You looked so natural! Great job :)

  7. Brooke what a great segment! It was so long! The host were so funny…

  8. Woot Woot! You did great!

  9. Brookie! It was sooo good! You were like a pro. I probably would have giggled my way through it! Great job! I love how far your little hobby has taken you! Way to go!

  10. You did great Brooke! A total natural!

  11. congrats! great job!

  12. You have such great ideas, Brooke! You're amazing!!!

    You did so fabulously!

  13. Great job! You go girl!!

  14. Very cool! Yay for you.

  15. YAY! I got to see it. You did awesome. Like an old pro:)

  16. Meladie says:

    Wow, I feel a little star-strucked :) I know a celebrity! You did an awesome job, way to go Brooke!

  17. BLJ Graves Studio says:

    Great job!!! :-)

  18. Bri or Aaron says:

    Good job!

  19. Great job!

  20. fabulosa says:

    You look very calm and informative. They give you so much time, that you have the time to explain your projects and inspiration. Good Luck, I hope somebody is watching and give you a spot on Tv.

  21. You did a great job! It is so fun to put a face and a voice with your blog entries. :)

  22. Those are the two wall pieces I absolutely loved from your blog. I'm working on my hoop painting right now:)

  23. That was amazing! You're a natural! Good job!

  24. Brett And Tiffani says:

    Way to Go!!! you were great! I don't watch any daytime TV, so I'm glad you posted that. That's so awesome!

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