Have you ever wondered how to make money from home?
 Do you have something that is perfect for you?
Lindsey at GreatAtHomeJob.com is just a regular gal like the rest of us. She lives in Oregon with her husband and she is expecting her first baby in January. They love to spend time in the outdoors and love to camp, hike, and rock climb. 

Here’s a note from Lindsey about what she does:

I work from home with an awesome company that has been in business for 25 years, they made almost a billion dollars last year.  My husband and I are expecting our first child in January and I will be able to stay at home and make a great income.
I get to work with an awesome team of thousands of enthusiastic women who all come together to help others work from home!  Very simple, no pressure, no start up fees, 100% guaranteed, so there is no risk!  If someone is looking to work from home with a great team, they can visit my site GreatAtHomeJob.com to learn a lot more information and leave their contact info so that I can call them and share all the information with them.

 Work From Home
Lindsey is just trying to spread the word about her company to anyone who might be interested, nothing more. Click HERE if you are interested in reading more.

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  1. says

    A little googling shows that Internet CEO Moms is part of Melaleuca. So it's definitely a multi-level-marketing thing, as pretty much all work-at-home opportunities are (especially the ones which don't talk about the actual business). Whether you think it's a "scam" depends on your definition — personally, I'm not a fan of MLMs at all, but they're different from phishing and whatnot.

  2. says

    Anyone ever see the movie "Boiler Room"? That's what this reminds me of. I used to do office work for one and while they're technically not scams, they do fall into a very gray area. I hate to knock a sponsor, but the website just looks like a lead generator – you enter your info and some one calls you and sets up this dream scenario and then asks you to pay a few thousand dollars for a few coaching sessions and a cheap-o website and sets you off to make your big bucks.

  3. says

    If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Once we grow up, we realize that there are no shortcuts, there are no EASY ways. This is probably a multi marketing scam, like Amway. Not even worth looking up.

  4. The Harrisons says

    Melaleuca can be a good company…but just like every other company they have their downside. I personally did not like working their, but I was on the phones. I def wouldn't like to be the one to sign people up and do that whole pushy marketing stuff. Ugh. No thanks!

  5. Jacque says

    I worked for Melaleuca too (on the phones) and love the company! It put me through college and everyone I know that uses their products have loved them. Technically it's called consumer direct marketing, but I wouldn't be able to convince you if you already have that opinion. Most people have a bad taste in their mouth about MLMs and they have no idea why.
    Anyhow, thought I'd just put in a good plug for Lindsey since I know it's not a scam. And also, with the rise of social marketing, there is no pushy marketing. Did you feel like this was pushed on you? It's actually the best way to find people genuinely interested because they come to you…not the other way around.
    I joined Melaleuca and all that means is that I now shop for my cleaning and hairstyling products from Melaleuca and NOT wal-mart. I didn't have to spend any more money. Just sayin!
    (PS…i have paid nothing for coaching and she has spent many hours helping me)

  6. Jacque says

    ps, the reason that Internet CEO Moms doesn't "talk about the business" on their page is because Melaleuca has guidelines about how their reps are to use the internet so that one guy can't just purchase a website and be the only to gather people who are interested. They do that to make the marketing field equal to everyone. It's not because they are trying to hide something.
    It really would be worth your while to at least hear what they had to say. What's the worst that could happen…you say "no thank you" and be done?

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