This Feature Friday is going to be short and sweet. Since I posted some stencil patterns for you yesterday, I figured you’d like to see a finished project using the same technique.

Mandi over at Vintage Revivals created this wall stencil project using my “how to make stencil” post instructions.

She left me a comment that made me literally laugh out loud. :) Comments are my favorite!
“Hey Brooke! You dont know this but we were separated at birth! Weird right? I love your ideas and actually used this tutorial to make my own stencil… you can see my post at: also I live in St. George too! We should be friends I know we would get along so great! Let me know if you want to meet for lunch (my treat if its at Durango’s)
Talk to you later!
ps I’m not a stalker I promise!!”

What a crack up! Ok, so go check out her post and give her some ?. 


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