GREAT news about Krylon Ocean Breeze

Jul 28th, 2010

Howdy Readers,
I have had a lot of questions lately about Krylon Ocean Breeze. So, yesterday I sent the Krylon people an e-mail asking them about it.

This is what I sent:
I have a website with over 5,000 daily readers, and I have posted about your spray paint a lot. I rant and rave about the nozzle and how great it is compared to other brands. However, it is getting hard to find my favorite color and my readers keep asking me if it is being discontinued. So, could you tell me of the Ocean Breeze color is being discontinued? Thank you in advance for answering this question!
Owner of

Man were they quick in responding! I about jumped out of my chair because I think I was prepared for them to say that it is discontinued. This is their response:

Title: Krylon Ocean Breeze
7/28/2010 12:26:36 PM [Agent Note]


Thanks for taking the time to contact Krylon.

Blue Ocean Breeze product # 51512 is not being discontinued. Leading retailers are Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware and Sherwin-Williams.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,
Product Support


  1. With your excitement, I thought they were gonna give us all a free can or something haha.

  2. I just saw a ton at our Hobby Lobby today. HL also has a coupon you can print out from their website that gives you 30% off Krylon spray paint. I stocked up on dover white for a big chandelier I'm doing. The coupon is good until Saturday (31st).

  3. they have it at my local 'Wally-world' and yeah I was excited to see it there!

  4. They always seem to have it at my Wal-Mart. I did see teh 30% of Krylon for Hobby Lobby this week and I don't know if Kmart has this color but they advertised all Krylon spray paint for $2.99 a can this week! I love this color too, I sprayed some cafe shelves for my daughter's room and her nightstand with this color, so fabulous! Happy hunting everyone.

  5. my walmart always has it in stock-let me know if you need a care package!

  6. I get mine at Fred Meyer… maybe that will help some other West Coasters. :)

  7. I found some at hobby lobby last week! Painted a lamp, and love it! :)

  8. I found some at my Walmart and tried it for the first time on a trash can re-do! : )

  9. Phew! I hate when they discontinue the stuff I love the most!

  10. 5000 daily readers? that's intense!


  11. I think you've made it a popular color :) I definitely fell in love with it because of the blog.

    It's good to know it's not being discontinued!

  12. I guess you don't want to know that my Wal-Mart had about 20 cans on the clearance rack. It wasn't really a color I was interested but now I feel bad for not getting them all and sending them to you. Maybe a Walmart near you will have it in their Oops paint section too!

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