If you have missed Part 1 and Part 2 of What a difference a year makes, check them out! 

Master bedroom!

Here is the before picture!

This room has definitely been one of the most dramatic transformations in the house. This headboard has gotten the most attention out of all the projects on All Things Thrifty. If you missed the post about how I made this bad boy, check it out HERE. I was delighted when this project was featured at Apartment Therapy and Style at Home!

I painted the wall with an oops paint found for $5.00 at Home Depot, and the charcoal gray was perfect to make the headboard stand out.

This is the only before picture I could find of the other wall. This project is the decorative wall art project I posted about HERE.

I made this art out of sheets of MDF. My cute hubby sat and cut for hours with his jigsaw! What a hunk.

I reupholstered the two chairs and the bench at the foot of the bed with fabric from Joann’s.

And painted the wall with the same oops paint as the opposite wall. I love oops paint!

Stay tuned for more pictures from “What a difference a year makes” soon!


  1. Lindsey and Bobby Martinez! says

    I LOVE YOU!! No, really, I LOVE YOU!! your work is amazing and I'm completely obsessed with you blog now! I told all my blogging buddies to come check you out!

  2. Jeralee says

    WOW! I don't know what else to say other than WOW! What a beautiful room and I love how you have put it together… very impressive.

  3. Lois@frugaldecormom says

    I'm drooling all over my computer looking at these pictures. What a GORGEOUS room! My favorite element is the side tables and headboard. It's so cheerful (who knew gray could be cheerful?). Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Chase and McKell says

    oooh, i love LOVE this! my kind of colors & style :) i am in love with those yellow nightstands!! were they a DI find?

  5. kewlchika says

    I LOVE YOU!!! I want this room!!! Just pick everything up and move it my house please…lol. Seriously can you come make-over my house!! I just love it all!


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