When decorating a room, correct placement of your furniture is extremely important. You may be similar to me when you deal with moving furniture around. My husband may get a bit frustrated with me because for me, I need to “SEE” the room before I decide on the final resting place of my furniture. After nine years of marriage, he is used to this now, and we move the furniture around the room until I am happy with the final decision. It is not easy to do this most the time because items are HEAVY…especially pianos! But, for me if something bothers me in my furniture placement, I end up moving it in two days anyway. I have learned that it is easier to do it right the first time.

Tip number 1:
Move the furniture around as you are moving it into the room until you are HAPPY with your room layout.

Do you remember my office? Here is a before picture below. I liked it. BUT….since I practically LIVE in this room…it is NEVER as neat and tidy as this picture may suggest. So after the piano refinishing was complete, we decided that that piano is a much better focal point than this IKEA desk that can be cluttered with papers, cameras, and books. So, we moved the desk to the opposite wall. Now, the desk is still perfectly functional, but is not the first thing my visitors see when they enter my home. In my home, my office is directly off the entry way. Visitors come in the front door and the blue wall is always an eye stopper. So, my husband and I decided that the piano would look great on the blue wall. The contrast of the blue and white definitely compliments each item.

Tip number 2: 
Look at it from a visitor’s point of view. 

It may not be easy to figure out how to get your room set up like you want it. Sometimes it may involve moving heavy items. Sometimes it may involve taking furniture apart to move it. Sometimes the cords or cable jacks are not where you want them to be. After you have moved the furniture into the most functional placement for your room, most the time you have to creatively solve some problems.

Moving our desk to the opposite wall was not an easy task. We had to take all the items off the desk, take the desk apart, measure the opposite wall to be sure it would fit, move it, put the desk back together, and then put the items back on the shelves. Yes, it was a pain. In fact, it was a pain in more ways than one.

For example, the cable and phone jacks are on my blue wall in the office. Well, we decided to move the desk to the opposite wall. What did we do? We bought long phone cords and a long cable cord and my hubby (best darn handy man in town, might I add) pulled the edge of the carpet up and ran the cords under the carpet along the baseboard to get the cords around the room where we needed them. He then nailed the carpet back into the tax strip. The piano discretely blocks where the cords go into hiding. :)

Tip number 3:
Go the extra mile to make it look GREAT! Don’t leave your furniture where it is just because it involves some elbow grease to get it into the “right” spot. You will like your home better if your furniture is placed where you want it to be.

Now that the furniture is placed where I want it, the only other question that remains? Do I need something above the piano?!?  I can’t decide. I don’t want to over do it, and I especially don’t want to cover up the leaves. Hmmmmm, my mind never stops when it comes to this stuff. :)

What do you think?


  1. says

    I love the piano! I am dying to get one now and do something similar. Ummmm I am thinking a large framed photo, or a mirror would go great above the piano. It does feel a little blank there in the middle. You could simply rest it ontop of the piano.

  2. says

    Great post, love your ideas. Something else that really has helped me is to take pictures of my rooms as I am rearranging. For some reason it is so much easier for me to see the "flaws" in a pic than to see them in real life.

  3. says

    I wouldn't put something on the wall, but a vase with some long white sticks on top of the piano would be lovely! And you could change the theme for the season if you wanted. :)


  4. says

    As you have the open blue area, a great idea could be framing two or three sheets of piano music, maybe of songs that have special significance in your life. You can hang them in the "dead space" of the blue so that you dont hide the leaves, but it could almost look as though the piano is dreaming it's tunes.

  5. says

    I love what you've done! I would put something simple… like white picture frames with faded photos or something over the piano. But nothing too fancy. I know you'll figure out something great!

  6. says

    Thanks for your tips! I agree you should have something small above the piano. I think it needs some black to tie that wall with the chair and desk. I like the framed sheet music idea!

  7. says

    I love your wall. I don't have a great design eye, but my first thought was maybe some sort of butterfly or bird or something painted between the two sets of leaves. But I don't really know. I love your room just like it is!

  8. The Yoder's Four says

    Love it! I think it looks great the way it is. Something very simple like a mirror above the piano would work, but it doesn't really need it.

    Glad you had a fun birthday! I'm jealous! 😉

  9. Candy (Mama Lion) says

    great placement! it looks much better. i would put something above the piano – def dont cover the leaves. something long and horizontal and whiteish to go with the leaves. maybe something homemade or a quote in a white long frame or a mirror.

  10. Michelle says

    I like the idea of a horizontal mirror in a white frame. Or maybe a horizontal white frame of all of your kids.

  11. Claudie says

    I would find some tall vases or candlesticks (varying heights) in contrasting colors and place them on top of the piano. I would place the tallest on the right side to offset the leaves on the top left of the wall. If it were my room, I'd probably pick vases that were vibrant pink or green (not all opaque).

  12. says

    Love this. I think some sort of all-green plant would look good. Either just one off-centered on the right or a long row of something green and alive on top. Or an oval mirror but that seems much more predictable.

  13. says

    My office is in exactly the same area – off the entry. And my desk is the first thing visitors see. AND it's always a MESS! I have toyed with placing my armoire as the first thing to be seen, with my desk hiding from view, but it WOULD take some elbow grease. Now, you've put me in my place, and I will do the deed. Thanks for the inspration. BTW, did you freehand the leaves? Please say no. If so, could you put your pattern on here so I could copy? would you mind? I LOOOOVE this look!

  14. says

    I know tons have already said it- but I think a mirror would look great! Even a yellow one- like in the Gold you did your end tables in- would be a great contrast. Just a thought. Like everyone says, it doesn't really need it- but it would definitely be fun to give the room some POP in another color!
    You are amazing, by the way. I love looking at your blog for tons of tips- I've recently caught the refinishing bug, and I'm addicted! Thanks for all your tips/101 guides. You're super helpful! I know you're busy and am not really sure if you care, but you can check out my two posts about my projects here:


    and here:


    both projects/posts were inspired by you! thanks again for being willing to share so much with all of us novices out there!


  15. says

    Hmmm!! I do think it needs a little something above the piano. I would put up a collage of picture frames. You could put them up where they don't cover the leaves but flow with them. The piano looks great. I was thinking about selling mine but thought painting it would be a pain. I may reconsider after seeing yours.

  16. Dave and Natasha says

    I think it could be really cute to have a few different frames/pictures just sitting on the piano, leaning against the wall. Fun ideas everyone else has come up with! Loving the piano there! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  17. says

    Love the piano against that wall!!!! I think it could use a little somethin on top. Something cute, maybe in another color, to make that little area on the wall just pop and look finished.

  18. says

    I don't think you should put a mirror up as you put your desk on the opposite wall and it would only reflect what you tried so hard to remove from view as you enter the room! I like the idea of candelsticks in varying colors…I feel something hanging on the wall would distract from the beautiful pattern on the wall

  19. says

    Yes, yes you do need something above the piano. My vote is for some beautifully framed antique sheet music. And…drum roll please…I happen to have boxes and boxes of the stuff! I aquired at an incredible prince from an estate sale. Since you're always giving away free ideas and advice, I'd be more than happy to send you a few. 100+ years old and the art work on the covers are beautiful. If you're interested, email me audrijo at yahoo :)

  20. says

    I think you do need something on the wall, like a B&W; picture of the family? You're going to be seated at the piano looking ahead and so you need a focal point on that beautiful blue wall
    Loved the spraypaint tips. So helpful.

  21. says

    Wow.. you have tons of comments and awesome ones all of them… dont you just love blogging for this reasn only.. :) k here comes mine.. love the room.. love the advice and waaaant that piano.. agree with the rest of them u do need sth.. was thinking mirror but as kpotragic put it right it will end up reflecting what u wanted to hide.. love thg eidea of white chandelier and some candles of varying heights or some pop of contrasting color.. but love the room as it is as well.. so entirely ur decision.. :) AWESOME job..

  22. says

    Wow.. you have tons of comments and awesome ones all of them… dont you just love blogging for this reasn only.. :) k here comes mine.. love the room.. love the advice and waaaant that piano.. agree with the rest of them u do need sth.. was thinking mirror but as kpotragic put it right it will end up reflecting what u wanted to hide.. love thg eidea of white chandelier and some candles of varying heights or some pop of contrasting color.. but love the room as it is as well.. so entirely ur decision.. :) AWESOME job..

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