My first feature goes to Tiffany Nettles! Check out these beauties! She got the first cabinet for $5.00!

She used the glazing technique explained in my glazing 101 post, and I am IN LOVE. Not only am I in love with the furniture…I’m in love with those curtains! :)

She picked up this bad boy on Craigslist. I LOVE the legs!

Doesn’t it look great!?!? I love the added detail and the change in hardware. What a transformation!

She has a blog, so head over and tell her good job HERE. I couldn’t find the project on her blog yet. I’m not sure if she has posted it. :)

The next project comes from Tony and Jana Miramontes.
Do you remember my tutorial on how to make a window valance? This one is one of those projects that involves more effort than most others on this site. I am sooo excited that they made it, and it looks AWESOME! Great job guys!

Head over to their post to leave them some love ? HERE.

And LAST, but not least…my next feature is Mandi Spottsville who made my decorative wall art pieces by painting on the design rather than cutting it out. I think it looks stinking awesome! See, you don’t need a jigsaw to make this project!

Go check out her blog HERE and leave her some ? HERE.


  1. says

    I was so excited to be featured…thanks so much!! I also LOVE the other two peices…I'm still looking for the perfect furniture piece to paint and glaze!

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