Happy Birthday Giveaway Number 1!

One of my favorite things I get to do with All Things Thrifty is introduce my readers to other sites out there. I know how it is to try and “spread the word” about your site, and sometimes it can be challenging. So, I enjoy being able to show my readers about a new site that I think is super fun! 

My first Birthday Giveaway is brought to you by Crystal over at Saucy Stitches!

First of all, I have to tell you that I am in LOVE with her style. I love her whimsical prints, and I am sooo excited to give TWO of you readers, your choice of TWO 8X10s. How FUN!!!

I think the main reason why I love unique art like Saucy Stitches creates is because everyone doesn’t have the same thing hanging in their home. I love that she started creating the art because of sayings that she tells her own four kids.

She said, “I enjoy creating art that has real meaning to me (ex. “I Love You, A Bushel And A Peck”, was a song I sang to all my kids when they were younger, and continue to sing it today, although my teens get quite annoyed with it!)  Many of my prints are actual words of wisdom or encouragement that I give my kids and then they become artwork at some point!  “Expect to get what you give” and “dare to be different” started as just a mom giving advice!”

Here is the Bushel and A Peck print she is referring to.

Here are a few more of her items that I LOVE!!

Why not?…I love cake…especially BIRTHDAY cake!! :)

This print is by far my favorite of hers. I might even go as far to say that this is a motto for me. I think it takes courage to be creative and especially to be different. So, this is the print that I’ll be getting myself. Can’t wait!

My hubby sings this song to my kids, and I absolutely LOVE that he does that.

Loved this one too. I think the saying is darling, and the font…love it!

This one would match my kitchen colors!

 Do you remember what she is giving away? She is giving: TWO of you readers, your choice of TWO 8X10s

How to enter, you ask?

Here’s what you have to do:

Mandatory Entry:

1. The ONLY thing you need to do is to be a public follower of All Things Thrifty. CLICK THE “Follow” BUTTON TO THE RIGHT! Just make sure to leave a comment for this entry to be valid.

For extra entries do the following and leave a comment for each one you do:
1. Add All Things Thrifty’s button to your blog
2. Post about us and link back to us (on your blog)
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I am going to California for a few days, so I will be announcing the winner to all three giveaways on Monday August 23rd!


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