Hey Hey, It’s my BIRTHDAY!

I am turning 29 this year! Man…next year is a BIG one…but let’s not talk about it, ok? My birthday is this Friday! I love birthdays…in fact, I have already chosen to start the festivities by allowing my husband to do the dishes all week. :)

How do I choose to celebrate my birthday here at All Things Thrifty?? GIVE-AWAYS for you!

Over the next three days, All Things Thrifty will have THREE separate giveaways to celebrate my birthday! Why? Because I love you!

Stay tuned for some GREAT stuff to win!


Susan over at Susan Brown Bohemian Romance (one of my AWESOME SPONSORS) is having an un-believable giveaway over at her blog. She is giving away an ORIGINAL painting! How sweet is that!?!? This week’s theme is definitely FREE STUFF!!

 Here are a few paintings of hers. I LOVE HER STYLE!

Go check out her giveaway by clicking the button below:

Susan Brown


  1. 1

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy !!!!!!!

  2. 2

    happy birthday! last year, when i turned 30, i kept saying i was practically 40. you probably don't want to hear that, but….lol, have fun!

  3. 3

    Happy Birthday!

  4. 4

    Well happy birthday week…29 is great, but 30 isn't too bad either so don't sweat it!!

  5. 5

    Do I get an extra entry because my birthday is the same day as yours? And another one because I AM turning 30 this Friday?

  6. 6

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for this GREAT Blog, it keeps me busy with all the new projects I want to do:-) thanks for sharing, You help ME beautify my home:-)

    ~Cat G

  7. 7

    Happy Birthday!!! This Friday is MY birthday too! I hit the big 3-0 last year. :)

  8. 8

    Happy Birthday!!! I turn 28 on Monday! Woohoo for August birthdays :)

  9. 9

    Happy Birthday! I've turned 29 several times over. In fact, I'll be doing it again in about 3 weeks! :)
    Susan's paintings are very pretty!

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