Ok readers….I LOVE how good you are all getting at this “thrifty decorating” stuff!! Isn’t it addicting!?!? Now that you know you can decorate so inexpensively, do you feel proud of yourself!?!? Well, you should. I look back at my past self and crack up at all the “expensive” not-so-cool items I spent money on back then. Now, with a little better perspective and a little creativity, my home looks better and better. Of course it’s a work in progress, but I spend much less mu-la than before, and yet, I get a LOT more decorating done around here when $$ isn’t so much the issue. It feels great to spend less money and do something I LOVE to do MORE OFTEN!! :) Do you feel the same way?

Ok… enough rambling. This week, I got two e-mails that stood out for me right off the bat! The first one comes from Alison. Remember back when I taught you how to create a stencil wall!?!?
Alison has done a fantastic job creating her own rendition in her home! I’m in love with her results! Check out these photos of her project!
Her wall is a neutral pallet! Love her shutters too!

Here is her stencil design that she so freely shares! Remember the post about stencil designs…check it out here if you need other stencil design ideas!

She made her own stencil and did a fab job across the board!

Looking good!

And VOILA! Alison’s wall is a HUGE focal point!

Head over to her post and give her some ? and comments. :)

The next star of the day is Jen…and her dining room table redo!

Ok, she starts with a dining room table and chairs that she found on craigslist! Check out this before picture of her chairs! I love the design. The intricate details at the top are fab! The fabric kind of reminds me of a hotel I’ve stayed at about 10 years ago. 

She does an amazing job reupholstering the chairs…LOVE her choice of fabric. (I’ll try and get where the fabric came from for all you readers out there who are wondering like me). And her mismatched color choices give me cold chills because if you know me…you KNOW I love mismatched!!! Remember my dining room table project!?!?

I know first hand how much time and effort it takes to take on such a large project. I am so proud of Jen and it looks absolutely DARLING!! Great job!

Doesn’t it just SPICE things up!?!? Head over to her blog, and give her some ? and comments!

I feel like a proud Mama who’s chicks are going out on their own! I’m loving all the renditions of your projects. I love all your creativity, and it makes my day! Love em’, love ’em, love ’em!

Do you have a project you have completed? Send it to me at allthingsthrifty at gmail dot com! I want to see!!!


  1. says

    This is "Jen." I just wanted to pop in and say Thank You! Also, the fabric is from fabric.com and it is called Kiki Pinata from Robert Allen. I also did a clear vinyl from Hancock Fabrics over the top of it because I didn't want stains after our first meal. It wipes off like a charm.

  2. The Yoder's Four says

    That wall looks amazing!! I love the orange. I can't believe how straight and even she got it to look. WOW!!

  3. Dave and Natasha says

    I love seeing everyone's awesome projects and knowing that you're such a trend setter! Good job Brooke!

  4. says

    PLEASE see if you can find out where jen got that fabric for the chairs. i have been looking for laminated fabric and can't find anything i like, but i LOVE the one she used!! i'll write on her blog, too, and maybe together we can find out!

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