I would like to welcome Envy My Cooking as a new sponsor here at All Things Thrifty!

Look at these adorable bloggers!

I think all of us Ladies/Moms/Wives out there can relate to the feeling that all we do is cook the same dinners over and over and over. I know I feel that way. Well, Jenny and Karla needed new dinner ideas, so they decided to start a site where everyone can post their recipe ideas. What a GREAT idea! So, that is how envy.my.cooking came about.

I went to their site and searched for a few minutes, and now I am really hungry! :) Everything looks so delicious.

Here are a few pictures from their site to give you a little rumble in your tummy. I know my kids would eat this first one right up…it is filled with ham and cheese! Finding foods that my kids will eat is always a challenge around here. 

 This Baked Ziti looks delish too!

 And look at this buffalo chicken salad….YUM!

My hubby’s very favorite pizza is Canadian bacon and pineapple, so this scrumptious looking pizza caught my eye.

Hop on over and check out their giveaway that is going on right now! Click the button below.



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