Welcome Nosesucker.com as a new sponsor!!

Aug 13th, 2010

Welcome Nosesucker.com as a new sponsor here at All Things Thrifty!

This sponsor is right down my alley…I have to admit, snot is my worst nightmare. I HATE IT. In fact, when I see a child with green boogery lines coming out of their nose, I vomit. That is not an understatement. For some reason, I’m particularly sensitive to snot. In fact, as I sit here writing this post, I’m getting a little queasy. YUCK!

So, when I found out that you can buy the exact nose suckers that doctors use in the hospitals, I was immediately interested. Because I’m a mom of three (almost four…yep I’m having another one!) I feel like I’ve been around the block a bit with kids’ products. I have bought the health kits that have the nose suckers at Target…etc, and they do NOT work. In fact, I saved the one that I got from the hospital when Londyn was born almost three years ago. Of course I don’t know where it is now…because I can’t keep track of anything around here with three hooligans running around. But, now you have the ability to buy them!

So to all of you Moms out there…Check out Nosesucker.com. They are extremely affordable too.
Here are the top ten reasons you should use the Snot Sucker.

  1. The Snot Sucker is used and trusted by doctors and hospitals.
  2. It is inexpensive.
  3. It is long lasting.
  4. It is easy to clean.
  5. It is operated by ones hand keeping mouth away from infected nose.
  6. The Snot Sucker requires no expensive filters or the process of continually buying filters.
  7. It is small but powerful making it easy to transport with you.
  8. It is gentle on infant’s noses.
  9. It is easy to use.
  10. The Snot Sucker Just Gets the Job Done!

Anything to make a Mom’s life easier is worth it in my book! :) Check out their site by clicking the button below:



  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm about to have my first and have always heard that the hospital suckers are the only way to go and all others pale in comparison!

    I hate boogies too!!

  2. You are so right! The hospital ones are by far the best! Congrats on your upcoming #4!!

  3. Thats funny you post this today! I searched two stores today, Walmart included and could not find one of these!!!

  4. I worked Medical Foster Care For 10 years and every preemie came with a snot sucker! They are a must in our house right along with Tylenol!

  5. This brings me back. My kids are older, now. My husband and I called it the "booger-snooger." Where did that come from?!?! Simply the best tool ever!

  6. It's true. The ones in the hospital are the best. Luckily I'm an L&D; RN so I have access to all the nose suckers I want! I actually just brought one home the other night for my 4 months old. I'm glad to hear everyone else has a place to find good nose suckers now!!!

  7. My husband still teases me mercilessly about inflicting that thing on the babies!

  8. The Yoder's Four says:

    So nice to know you can buy one of those. You're totally right–the ones you buy at the store don't work at all compared to the hospital one. Hallelujah!

  9. This totally made me laugh. I thought that my husband was the only person on earth who was so offended by snot. :) He like gags and chokes every time he has to wipe one of our kids noses. We also have 3, almost four. In fact, I've been having contractions for over and hour, so four may be closer than I think. :) Anyway, congrats to you and good luck, and thanks for the laugh tonight!

  10. absolutely THE BEST nose sucker ever!

  11. Abraham + Marci says:

    I teach swim lesons and since have hated snot. When kids go under the water and blow bubbles out their noses and then come up… YUCK! If you have not tried the Graco nose sucker it's great! It's electric and like a little vacume for their nose. We used it on my little guy while he had RSV and it saved us from having to take him to the hospital.

  12. I've never had a baby who LOVED having that thing slurping in their nasal cavity until my baby boy came along. He laughed and giggled every time I had to wield it. Go figure!

    Congrats to you from another mom of four! I love my babies!

  13. lol You definately DONT get given one of these at hospital in australia.. im jealous.. been missing out!!

    I never used one.. now Im curious… as I have just suffered over a week of disrupted sleep as my one year old has a snotty nose and cant breathe at night!

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