Today’s Feature Friday is going to be short and sweet! I am smack-dab in the middle of a project so, I paused to show you an amazing project from one of my fantastic readers!

Rachel over at Kids Room Creations e-mailed me a link to this project a few weeks ago.

She bought this bad boy on Craigslist for only $65.00! Nice. I love the style. Love the legs and chair designs. Love it.

 She gave it some love, paint, and glaze…Love the colorful chair choices! :)

 I love the pops of color it adds to her neutral pallet!

 Go check out her entire transformation over at her blog HERE! Don’t forget to give her some ? and comments!

GREAT JOB RACHEL! I know how much work a transformation of this magnitude takes…well done!


  1. Katrina says

    I have wanted to do something like this to my new dining set, and was inspired also by the allthingsthrifty version (ivory table with six colored chairs). But I'm not sure if it will look as good. The table doesn't have curvy or frilly detail and the chairs are called a birdcage style, so not as curvy. They don't have cushions, either. I wonder how I could pull it off to get the same great effect.

  2. Kristi says

    I love love love your blog! It's the first one on my list to check out for fun DIY projects. Thanks for posting so many elegant and thrifty projects! I'll follow you to the ends of the earth!

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