Halloween in one of my favorite holidays. I’m pretty sure my obsession may come as surprise to some of you, so I felt like I may need to prepare you for what is to come.

Here are a few facts about Halloween at the Ulrich household:
*We love to carve pumpkins. In fact last year, (with the help of several friends and family) we carved 55 pumpkins.
*We decorate the house for Halloween probably as vigorously as Christmas.
*We have a yearly pumpkin party as a tradition.
*My kids talk about what they want to be for Halloween almost all year long.
*When I see Halloween items in the stores it makes me a bit giddy.
*We have people travel from all over Utah to come to our pumpkin party.
*The neighbors probably think we are CRAZY, but they seem to keep smiling at us anyway.
*I got a huge skull for my birthday from my husband and kiddos. :)

So, prepare yourself for a bit of wild and craziness around here. I actually wanted to start decorating sooner than this week, but the baby in my belly makes me move a bit slower these days.

Here are all the pumpkins we carved last year.

Halloween is in only 43 days!!


  1. says

    OMHeck! I love these pumpkins! I have to know, where did you get those patterns?! My son would DIE for the Lightning McQueen and Mater ones!
    Halloween is by far. My. Favorite. Holiday.

  2. says

    Very neat pumpkins! My mother's favorite holiday is Halloween so needless to say I've grown up around a TON of decorations. Now that I have my own home I am always looking for new ideas to "spook" the house up!

  3. Honey says

    Ahhh… a fellow Halloween lover! I love Halloween SOOO much I tried for a child to be born on Halloween. The monkey came a week early. I missed having a Halloween bday by a few minutes. Shesh…you'd think mom could've pushed a little harder! 😉 Our 3rd who wasn't planned was due on the 31st. Spicy meals,walking and all those other tricks wouldn't work. She was 10 days "late."

    We start decorating September first. (We're not doing it this year since we're trying to sell the house so I'll live vicariously through you if that's alright?…) When we lived in a neighborhood (we're living in the boonies now) people would sit across the street and video tape us. We first off had the house decorated to the 9's but…the screams…and the urine…it was beautiful and what really pulled the onlookers. It wasn't a successful Halloween unless the porch had a hint of ammonia because we scared the crap…er pee out of annoying, snotty teens. (Word to the wise…always take 1 if it says so and NEVER kick what appears to be a dummy….otherwise there will be consequences.) Little ones were never frightened and a "plant" was placed up at the end of the driveway so to keep little ones unafraid and stocked full of candy. I miss it so much. :) Lord, that sounds psychotic but…it was halarious!

    Hope your Halloween is full of giggles, ghouls, and growls!


  4. says

    That's so awesome. I absolutely love Halloween more than any other holiday. I thought we carved a bunch of pumpkins and we only did about 10. That had to be a lot of work. I did a Mario pumpkin last year, it was fun. I wish I knew where you lived so we could come by and see your pumpkins in person. We live in Washington and I love following your blog. You've really inspired me and I have a few projects waiting for me, a kitchen table and chairs and a china cabinet.

  5. Brett And Tiffani says

    Hey! Love the Pumpkins! I need you to come decorate my house for Halloween! I'm terrible. I did not know ya'll were expecting! Congrats! Brett and I were just saying the other day we'd love to come down and hang out with ya'll again! Talk to you soon.

  6. Erin says

    I knew that there was a reason I felt connected to you – I am an Ulrich… granted, that must be your hubbie's line, but none the less – We are family!
    I love everything you do, but I am chicken when it comes to actually doing any of your awesome projects, I just watch in awe. I did pick up a small night stand for 5 bucks and I am going to refinish it …soon.
    Thanks for all the inspiration.

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