Once upon a time, there was a purse that I LOVED…I captured a glimpse of it from a far at a Comedian’s show. A lady was carrying it around, and it instantly caught my eye. I was in love. It was like love at first sight! So, I told my friend about this AMAZING purse with all sorts of colored flowers on it, and how I wanted it really bad. Well, my good friend Jo ran into the purse lady in the restroom. Being the rock star that she is…she asked the lady if she could take a picture of her cute purse. So, I’ve been on the HUNT ever since for this ADORABLE purse.

Well, that was MONTHS ago. We have stopped my MANY purse booths searching for this purse with no luck. Then I had my birthday, and who showed up at my house!??! JO with this very close duplicate of my purse! I have gotten so many compliments on my purse! Love it.

Well, ever since I saw the purse for the first time, I have been inspired to make a pillow similar to the purse with all different colors of flowers covering the pillow. Well, the other day I was blog hopping and came across the most AMAZING flower tutorial conglomeration that I have ever seen. Now I just need to decide what kind of flowers I want to make for my purse inspired pillow!

Thanks to OOPSEY DAISEY for compiling 40, yes 40, different flower tutorials with accompanied links for all the flowers. 

I borrowed just a few of her flower pictures just to give you an idea of a few of the flowers she has organized for us.

Click on over to OOPSEY DAISEY to check out all the cute flowers out there. 

 I LOVE these!

I think my favorites so far are number 26 and number 27.

Number 26 comes from Not Martha.

And number 27 comes from V and Co.

I think I am leaning toward number 26. Don’t you think a pillow like the one I designed on photoshop below would be soooo stinkin’ cute!?!

Hop on over to the flower post and tell me your opinion on which one you like the best!


  1. says

    I LOVE the flowers from Not Martha but aren't they made with hot glue? I am sure that is fine for broaches but will the hot glue hold up on a pillow? Just a thought because they seem pretty time consuming and it would be a total major bummer if the flower(s) fell apart. BUT knowing how super crafty you are I am sure you already have a solution for this :)

  2. says

    i have made three of the flowers from not martha in the last couple days. i highly suggest using a needle and thread to form the petals. she used fabric glue, but i think that would be a total pain.

    if i make another one, i will use hot glue for everything else, but fabric glue will hold up very well. even on a pillow i think. :)

    of course, if you are going to use them on a pillow, you don't need to use a cardboard backing, so you could just sew everything to a felt piece and it will be softer.

    good luck!

  3. says

    Oh I vote 27. But I think it is because I LOVE white and simple. But I do LOVE your passion for color. I LOVE this blog! Thank you for making it seem so easy to make your house a home (on a small budget)!

  4. ** Adrian ** says

    I have had my eye on these felt flowers from Not Martha for a while now. They are AWESOME!!! As for the one from V & Co, that's the tutorial I used to make the flower I wore for our family photos… the flower that you borrowed from me & wore on Studio 5!!! It was kind of a pain to make, but I loved the final result!

  5. says

    I am SO in love with fabric flowers right now! I have made a pillow and a wall hanging so far. I have some purse patterns too that I need to get working on! LOVE PURSES! My husband still hasn't figured that a woman can't have too many purses/bags!

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