A jewelry giveaway!!

Sep 13th, 2010

Today’s giveaway is up to $100 piece of jewelry – your choice! – from Megan Gibson, Indedpendent Sales Advisor with lia sophia® jewelry.

If you are not familiar with lia sophia® jewelry, here’s how it works:

Select any 2 items at regular price (your least expensive) and select any FOUR items for half price (your most expensive)!

That’s right, YOU decide what’s on sale! Your most expensive pieces are always half price! Think of it like going into a department store, buying two pairs of socks at full price then getting four pairs of designer jeans half off. Crazy, right?

PLUS, every purchase carries a lifetime replacement guarantee. This does not mean that the jewelry is made of steel and is indestructible; it means they understand that life happens and sometimes you’ll need to replace your jewelry. That’s where your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed – on every piece of jewelry, every day.

How do you enter? Here’s what you have to do:

Mandatory Entry:

The ONLY thing you need to do is to be a public follower of All Things Thrifty. CLICK THE “Follow” BUTTON TO THE RIGHT! Just make sure to leave a comment for this entry to be valid.

For extra entries do the following and leave a comment for each one you do:
1. Visit Megan’s website and leave a comment about which piece of jewelry you’d want if you win.
2. Like the lia sophia group on Facebook.
3. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (include a link to the giveaway in your tweet).
4. Post about this giveaway on Facebook (include a link to the giveaway in your post).
5. Post about this giveaway on your blog (include a link to the giveaway in your post).
6. Place an order on Megan’s website and leave a comment on what you bought.

7. Book a show and leave a comment on what day your party is.

Megan is offering $10 off AND a free piece of jewelry on every order placed through the Hostess “All Things Thrifty” until WEDNESDAY 09/15/10!

Visit Megan’s website to snag this deal before it’s gone!


  1. i'm a follower! :)

  2. love the edge of night and flirty bracelet!

  3. Follower! :)

  4. I love the all shook up earrings!

  5. LOVE THIS!!!
    PICK ME :)

  6. I am a follower :)

  7. I like the wisteria necklace!

  8. I'm a follower!!

  9. I love the "Front Row" necklace!

  10. I am a follower!

  11. I follow you and LOVE IT!

  12. I really like the Fringed chain necklace in silver….beautiful!

  13. i did a tweet about the giveaway…..@ambercastro

  14. I "like" lia sophia on facebook…and real life! :)

  15. I'm a follower

    Also, i can't figure out how to type in your hostess name correctly. Can you help?

  16. I really like the greek isle pendant and the Aristo Necklace…that's a pretty great sale!

  17. Love the Herb Garden Necklace. Everything is so beautiful it was hard to choose just one.

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  19. I'm a follower!

  20. I am a follower!!

  21. I am follower!

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  23. they have fabulous jewelry!

    I'm a follower.

  24. I love the Standing Ovation earrings

  25. I'm a follower! Even my husband loves your blog! Way to go

  26. I am a follower!

  27. I love the "Hypnotic Bracelet."

  28. I "like" Lia Sophia on facebook.

  29. Im a follower!

  30. I follow your blog!

  31. i am a follower!


  32. i am a follower!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  33. the jenny earrings are my favorite!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  34. I am a follower! :)

  35. I love the Charm City bracelet! Thanks for the chance.

  36. I love the Eclipse Necklace.

  37. Tweet! twitter.com/pinkrayne

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  39. Im a follower! :)

    amiemendenhall at hotmail dot com!

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  41. I'm a follower! And I would LOVE the black and silver bangle in this pic!

  42. I am a follower! Looooooove lia sophia!

  43. I love the all shook up earrings!!

  44. Follower and I love the Scribble earrings in silver!

  45. Follower right here! Love your blog! :)

  46. I'm a follower!

  47. I'm a follower!

  48. I like the Jody Necklace…it's of course OVER $100! LOL I always pick the expensive stuff!!!

  49. I am a follower! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. I'm a follower :)

  51. I love the dahlia ring! Thanks!

  52. Yay! I love Lia Sophia! Probably because my name is Lia. So I should win! =)
    Oh, and I'm a follower!

  53. I am a follower! Love the jewelry :)

  54. I love the bonfire necklace!

  55. I am a follower wkpanter at yahoo dot com

  56. Whoo-hoo! I am a follower! Love your blog and I love jewelry!!

  57. I'm a follower!

  58. I like lia Sophia on facebook, thanks!

  59. All her stuff is so pretty, but I would want the Menagerie bracelet. OOO la la:)

  60. Love the spectrum necklace! Thanks!

  61. I'm a follower.

  62. Visited the site and there's so much good jewelry. Even though I've heard of lia sophia before, I've never checked it out. So sad I haven't. I really like a few of the necklaces, but I think if I win, I'll start with the fruity pebbles bracelet and/or earrings.

  63. I'm a follower. Thx

  64. "Liked" lia sophia on facebook.

  65. follow!!!

  66. i have narrowed down my favorites to the scribble earrings, nightwatch earrings, and flapper necklace!

  67. i'm a follower :)

  68. Following

  69. I like the Jody necklace

  70. I "like" her on facebook

  71. already a follower…yay!

  72. Already a follower!

  73. The Charm City bracelet would be lovely!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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  76. i'm a follower and I LOVE jewelry! :)

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  78. I'm a follower and I LOVE Lia Sophia! :)

  79. Follow Daily!

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  81. i am a follower :)

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  83. Lovin the Echo Ring.

  84. I like Lia Sophia on FB

  85. I'm a follower!!!
    -Brittany Fulton

  86. I already follow ATT

  87. pretty much the only thing I dont have that I really want is the Reflections necklace!!

  88. I "like" Lia Sophia on FB

  89. I "like" Lia Sophia on FB

  90. changed FB status

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  92. I'm a follower!

  93. Lois@frugaldecormom says:

    I'm a follower!

  94. I'm a follower!!

  95. I'm a new public follower but have been visiting daily and driving my husband crazy with ideas for weeks now! :) Thank you for your inspiration and thank you for the Lia Sophia giveaway offer!!!!

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  97. (I bet you guys get tired of the extra entry comments! ;)

    I 'liked' lia sophia on facebook!!!!

  98. I'm a follower!! Can't help it! ;)

  99. Posted on my Facebook!!

  100. Liked' the Lia Sophia Facebook group!

  101. love love love the wired necklace – looks just durable enough to withstand my toddler! :) yet still perfectly beautiful to dress up or down!

  102. This is my post for all the things I liked at her site.

    I love the Primrose necklace with matching Primrose earrings, the Bella Donna earrings, the Posh earrings, the Stargazer earrings, the Aegean ring, At Last ring, Greek Isle ring and Greek Isle pendant slide, Lemon Chiffon ring, the Chime earrings and the Lacey earrings! So beautiful!

    So many!!!

  103. I Tweeted about it!!

  104. I love the cotton candy necklace!

  105. I "like" it on facebook! :)

  106. I'm a follower!

  107. I follow the blog!

  108. I never win, but I'm still a follower!

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  112. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your desk redo over at Crafts and Sutch today! Go check it out if you get a chance! :)


    Have a great week!
    Erin :)

  113. I'm a Follower :) ALways.

  114. love your blog and I love lia sophia jewelry

  115. Following!

  116. I'm already a follower!
    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  117. I love so many things there…The fancy that necklace…the notttingham earrings…jenny earrings…caipirinha earrings…

  118. I'm a faithful follower!

  119. I like the Alpine or the Bungalo Necklaces. Everything is beautiful!

  120. I like lia sophia on FB! There isn't a love button so……

  121. I'm a follower!

  122. I'm a follower!


  123. I'm a follower and I LOVE Lia Sophia!!!!

  124. I am a follower.

  125. I'm a follower who wants to win. hehe

  126. I believe my favorite is the azure necklace. I make no promise that my favorite won't change when I look at her site again tomorrow :)

  127. I believe my favorite is the azure necklace. I make no promise that my favorite won't change when I look at her site again tomorrow :)

  128. I'm a follower!

  129. I'm now a followin' & I'm a wishin' and hopin' that I get to be WINNIN"!!!

  130. other-option says:

    I'm a follower.
    - Danielle
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  131. other-option says:

    I like the Finesse necklace.
    - Danielle
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  134. i am a follower of all things thrifty.

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  136. I'm a follower… thanks

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  137. I'm a fan on face book… thanks

  138. WOW I'd love to have either the Pesto ring or the Mahogany Ring. Those are beyond gorgeous! I'm so in love with her jewelry, I'm going to have to order some anyway.

  139. I'm a follower!

  140. I went to Megan's website and absolutely love the Atlantis earrings! Beautiful!

  141. OOoo pick me! I'm a follower!

  142. I just got back from my first Lia Sophia party about an hour ago. LOVE their stuff!!! And, oh yes, I am a follower.

  143. Oh, I love Lia Sophia! I just became a follower, though I've been subscribed through a reader already.

  144. I just "liked" the Lia Sophia Facebook page!

  145. I'm following!

  146. Standout earrings!

  147. I went to Megan's site. I *think* I'd like the Seaside Necklace. It really popped out at me. However, I think I'd need way more time to choose – there are so many great items!

  148. I follow on gfc

  149. I would choose the aquamarine ring!

  150. liked lia sophia on fb

  151. I am a new follower. Like your blog!

  152. I like lia sophia on face book

  153. I like the Flawless earrings, perfect for everyday!

  154. love it all! especially the ring! :)

  155. I'm a follower!

  156. I liked Lia Sophia on facebook!

  157. I posted a link on facebook!

  158. I'm a public follower!

  159. Bungalow necklace. super cute.

  160. So, I'm now a follower, too. Neat site.

    I'm in love with the Seaside necklace and earrings set.

  161. I loooove the Altitude Necklace!!

  162. I am a follower!!

  163. Hello! I posted a link on Facebook!

  164. I am a Follower

    chicstyle at live dot com

  165. Also "liked" on Facebook.

  166. I love the moonstruck necklace!!!

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  168. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/Kimmchich/status/24612664572

    chicstyle at live dot com

  169. Follower!

  170. I'd want the "At Last" ring. It'd look nicer than my old wedding ring that has suffered for a few years and looks so sad.

  171. Just "liked" the Facebook group!

  172. Facebook post

  173. Posted on my blog!!

  174. Yay Megan. I'd follow you anywhere!! I hope I win!

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  176. I'm now a follower! Pick me!

  177. Oh, and I LOVE the Lemon Chiffon ring!

  178. AND I like Lia Sophia on Facebook! Thanks Megan!

  179. I'm a follower!

  180. Megan, I went to your website, and I want it all! :) I've got my fingers crossed.

  181. I'm a follower!

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