Tutorial: How to make Duct Tape Purses!

Sep 7th, 2010

Over Labor Day weekend, I got to go to my Grandparents’ cabin at Fish Lake, Utah, and it was a BLAST! My Mom, who always plans fun activities for the family, brought the materials to make Duct Tape Purses. After I saw the creativity…I just HAD to show you all how to make them. :)

Below is my daughter Oaklyn’s creation:  I thought her purse turned out very cute!

Duct Tape Purse

Materials needed:
* A few rolls of Duct tape. (Wal-Mart has a great selection of colored duct tape…it is “duck” brand duct tape. It costs around $3.50 a roll).
* Scrap fabric to go on the inside of your purse
* Large grommets
* Rope for the strap
* Scissors
* A flat work space

Step 1: Choose what size you want your purse to be and cut a piece of fabric for the inside of your purse. Take note that your purse will be half the size of your fabric.

Step 2: Tape your fabric face down to the table to secure it in place.

How to make a duct tape purse

Step 3: Decide what kind of colors and pattern you would like to do on your purse. Oaklyn chose these colors in this order: green, leopard, hot pink, and tie dye. She also wanted to do her pattern on a diagonal. Sidenote: I have to admit, I was a little scared at how it would turn out…I thought it might be a bit crazy…but when it got done, I loved it. (Plus, it fits my daughter’s personality perfectly!)

Step 4: Start covering your fabric with your colors and pattern. Make sure that your duct tape covers all of your fabric. You will need to go past the fabric an inch or so to do this. You will also need to overlap your duct tape as you go.

We started at one corner and worked our way to the opposite corner. We taped it right to the table.

Step 5: Carefully peel off your tape and turn it over.

Step 6: Cut off the excess tape along the edge

Step 7: Turn over your purse.

Step 8: Pick a color or pattern of duct tape for your seams. Fold your fabric in half to start securing your seams. We found it was easier to lay the duct tape on the table while we taped the sides of the purse together.

Step 9: Tape both sides of your purse shut. (Not the top). :)

This may be a better picture to understand which sides to tape. :) After you have taped the sides, trim the excess tape off with scissors.

Step 10: Here is the tricky part…I tried to take good pictures to illustrate what you do next. Tuck in the botton edges of your purse. It should look like this:

And it should look like this while standing up:

And this is what the inside should look like:

Step 11: Tape across bottom of the INSIDE of your purse

Step 12: Tape up the sides of the INSIDE of your purse, and trim off the excess tape.

Step 12: Tape along the top edge of your purse, all the way around the purse opening. This part is a bit of a challenge, so don’t worry if your duct tape bunches a little.

Step 13: Measure how long you want your strap or straps to be. Cut the rope and cover it with duct tape.

Step 14: Follow the directions on the grommet package to insert grommets into the position of your choice.

Step 14. Insert strap into the grommets and secure the strap. We taped the strap into place or we tied knots to secure them.

VOILA!….Your purse it complete!

Here are a few more examples that my Mom and Sisters made too!

Think of the possibilities!!! We had a few purses with the tape stripes going vertical and horizontal, but I didn’t get any pictures of them. They turned out darling too!  My niece made hers to be big enough to carry her piano books. My Mom even made some wallets for the boys. I wish I would have taken better pictures of the wallets. The duct tape comes in camouflage, so the boys loved it too! What a fun kids’ craft project!

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