Do you remember my hutch makeover!?! I love it when I get pictures of projects from you that showcase your finished projects! It makes me feel like a proud Mama. Savannah over at Classy Clutter did a great job, and I had to show you her amazing hutch transformation!

This project is a perfect example of being patient for the right piece. She says in her post that she searched for the right hutch for awhile before she found it. Refinishing furniture is sooo much fun! Sometimes it may take a few months of patiently searching before you find the “perfect” piece to refinish.

Here is her self-proclaimed “amazing hubby” helping her out with the initial steps! (I have one of those “amazing” guys myself!) I love that she mentions that when she brought it home, he had no idea that she had a project for him…that sounds familiar!

 Similar to my hutch makeover, the original piece had glass doors that needed to be removed, and then her hubby had to install some moulding around the hutch to make it look finished.

 She glazed her hutch, and then she sanded it to make it look more rustic. I like her variation. Her glaze also looks more brown than black in her photos. I love it. It gives it a more cottage feel. I know how much work these projects take, so I am soooo proud of her!

 She sprayed her hardware an oil rubbed bronze, and it makes it pop right out!

Here is a better picture of her space.

Hop on over to her site and give her some ? and comments! Thank you Savannah for sharing your project with me!


  1. Classy Clutter says

    I am so glad you like the Hutch. Its all thanks to you. Thank you for all the sweet words. Keep up the good work we love your blog!!!

  2. Rieck Family says

    Do you ever do custom orders? I love your kitchen table and was wondering if you ever make stuff for people?

  3. Cindy says

    Please pardon me for using the comment section for a question: I am looking for the link to a decorative board that appeared back in the summer. It had, "Be Smart, Be Clean, Be Thrifty," etc, on a piece of thin plywood with a blue wash. I have looked and looked and cannot find it now that I want to make it. It may have been yours, or you may have linked to it. Does anyone know where I can find it? My e-mail is Thanks!

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