2010 Ulrich Family Pumpkin Extravaganza!

Nov 1st, 2010

Since Thursday of last week, our pumpkin extravaganza was in FULL force. We had family travel to St. George from all over the state to come for the event, and the pumpkin tradition is so much fun for us. We are all sleep deprived, and will be trying to catch up on sleep for a few days.

To those that may not know, prepare yourself…we are kind of nerdy. OK you probably already knew that, but after you see this, you may think we are CRAZY. (It’s ok…crazy is fun, right!?!?)

Dan (my cute hubsters) and his brother Mike are pumpkin carving experts. The rest of us can carve pretty well, but Dan and his bro are the best. They can carve super fast, and they rarely make mistakes. The rest of us keep some toothpicks nearby in case we need to make repairs. :) All in all, we had about 15 carvers that helped carve, but Mike carved 25 pumpkins HIMSELF!!!

The boys stayed up late (3:30AM ish) to carve pumpkins for several nights in a row. This year we ended up with 80 pumpkins! Last year we had 55, so we were blown away with the amount that we were all able to complete this year.

We get a lot of questions on how we carve all these pumpkins, so I will be posting a tutorial for all of you who are curious about the methods that we use here in the near future.

We started carving this type of intricate pumpkin style 5 years ago, so this is our 6th annual Ulrich family pumpkin extravaganza.

Without further jibber jabber….
Here are the pumpkins!
Click on the image to enlarge to see detailed carvings!

This is how we had the pumpkins displayed on our driveway. :) We had hundreds of people come by to see the display.

Pretty fun!

A special thanks to Staheli Family Farm for giving us a deal on our pumpkins! 

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