Pillows by Charlie and a Dining Table by Laura!

Nov 5th, 2010

Charlie sent me pictures of her flower pillow that she made after seeing the one from my antique lace pillow post HERE. I LOVE her rendition! Nice work Charlie.

Isn’t it adorable!?!?

Now, go check out her post and give her some love and comments ?. :)

The next feature Friday post goes to Laura McNeilis who created an amazing dining room table transformation! She was inspired by my colorful dining room table post and decided to create her own! I love colors…look how fun her chairs turned out!

 She glazed the table…I LOVE how the details just pop right out! (Random sidenote…I’m pretty sure she has a target rug underneath her table….I love those target rugs too.)

The end result is so much fun! Nice work!!!  I do not think Laura has a blog so leave your comments for her here at All Things Thrifty so she can get some love too. :) ?

Here are her before pictures. :)

Great job Laura and Charlie! I am VERY impressed!


  1. That table and chairs were AWESOME finds!! Love how they turned out!!

  2. they both look amazing! I really love that table and chairs makeover and since I am in the process of painting chairs, let me tell you I know how much work she put in! it looks amazing Laura! and you need a blog too:)

  3. I am still dying to know if it is possible to tint glaze anything other than black (brown, red, pink, greeeeeen….)and what it would look like on a project. I don't have the funds to find out right now (had twins last year), but would love to see some one pull it off. Perhaps a green table with fuscia glaze for a little girls room????

  4. sweet interpretation of the pillow!

    those chairs! way-to-freakin' go!

  5. I love this table and chairs.. amazing! I'm hoping you can help me.. I am looking for a blog that I found awhile back, and now can't remember where. I thought it was on yours.. it's how to transform a coffee table into a ottoman? Can you help me? Thanks!

  6. I love the colored chairs as well. Once the hubs and I have a home, I very well may be doing this! Of course I'll give credit where credit is do! You are an inspiration!

  7. I love this table and chairs. I am thinking of doing a multi color set too. This looks great!

  8. matt and katrina says:

    Jealous! I'm still deciding what to do with our dining set, but the kids keep taking crayons and forks to it. Maybe I'll leave it as is for now. But I LOVE the use of so many colors!! Now you can have all kinds of fun with place settings, glassware, or centerpieces!!!

    • Mindy .. y don’t you make the top of the table into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint if the kids won’t stop coloring on it make it something fun, and different … Just a. Idea popped into my head

  9. That is so beautiful!!!! I love the bright colors and the detail on the table!! So fun!!!!'

  10. Ooooooooooooo Love it

  11. nickys nook says:

    these chairs are so cute i used the same fabric on a chair i painted grey she did a great job

  12. Great transformation on the table and chairs! Good work.

  13. BROOKE! Thank you so much for featuring me on you AMAZING blog! I felt like a celebrity for the day! You rock and I hope you win for Copy Cat!

    Thanks so much for your inspiration…my home wouldn't be the same without you!


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